Prescription Drug Coverage

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Compare Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Keep in mind that just as costs can vary by plan, Medicare plans that include prescription drug coverage may also vary when it comes to the specific prescription drugs they cover. An easy way to make sure that your current medications are covered is to check the plan’s formulary (list of covered medications) before enrolling in a Medicare plan that includes prescription drug coverage. Keep in mind that formularies are subject to change. Your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan will notify you if necessary.

2017 Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans: Overview by State

Choose your State from the list below for an overview of the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans available in 2017. Select your state below or choose from one of these links to other tools available to review 2017 Medicare Part D Plans:

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Make sure the drugs you need are on the plan’s drug list, called its formulary. A drug plan won’t help pay for medicines that aren’t on its list. Check the details carefully. Even if a drug is on the formulary, look closely to make sure it’s covered at the dose and amount you need. Also, look to see if you must get your doctor’s approval before the plan will pay for the medicine.

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