Part B Medicare Forms and Applications

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This page contains Part B Medicare forms. Most forms are in the Portable Document File (PDF) format. If you are unable to read these documents, you may not have the most current version of Adobe Reader. To download a free, current copy of Adobe Reader, click the Adobe icon below.

Medicare Advantage Applications

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NQF: Measure Applications Partnership

Since 2011, HHS has called upon MAP to recommend measures most appropriate for public reporting, performance-based payment, and other uses. One of MAP’s key initiatives is to convene stakeholders for an intensive annual review of the quality measures being considered by HHS for 20-plus federal health programs. More recently, MAP has provided input to HHS on assessing the quality of care for the nearly 10 million Americans enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid due to very low income and complex healthcare needs. Another recent initiative is recommending core measures for assessing the quality of care for adults in Medicaid and ensuring that the measure set evolve over time. In 2014, MAP began work on a core set of measures for children enrolled in Medicaid. HHS is guided by the recommendations from all of these projects as it finalizes measures for programs, which helps to improve care quality for the more than 100 million Americans covered by these federal health programs.

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