Oxford Medicare Advantage

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Medicare Advantage plans are Medicare plans offered by managed care organizations. Oxford Medicare Advantage is a Medicare Advantage plan being offered by Oxford Health Plans. Many Medicare beneficiaries are relying on Medicare Advantage plans for their primary healthcare coverage. The reason is that many healthcare companies have been able to provide members with 100% of their traditional Medicare benefits, plus many other benefits without charging a monthly plan premium. The amount and availability of these benefits will vary by plan, so you will need to compare plan benefits carefully. Click here, to find out about the Oxford Medicare Advantage benefits available in your area.
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Oxford Medicare Insurance Plans

The Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) Plans it provides supplement your Original Medicare benefits. These are the benefits you receive at age 65 from the federal government. Medigap insurance plans help you pay certain expenses, such as Part A and B deductibles that are payable, any coinsurance, and copayment amounts. Its plans fill the gaps in your Medicare coverage, allowing you the freedom to select your doctor, your hospital, or your preferred specialist. It has 10 Medigap plan options to choose from (Plan A-D, F-G, and K-N). Each of the plans provide basic benefits for hospitalization under Medicare Part A. Your Plan A option provides you with support for basic additional costs, and Plan F is the most comprehensive coverage offered. The benefits from Oxford even provide an option to pay for medical expenses incurred while traveling in a foreign country.
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