Older Americans, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act: What's Really In It for Elders?

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Most of the enacted changes are targeted at the components of the plans themselves, but their overall effect reduces the profit potential of operating a Medicare Advantage plan. Thus, the ACA restructures payments to these plans and offers a range of bonuses to encourage quality enhancement. At the same time, the ACA mandates certain minimum levels of expenditures for patients’ medical care via stipulated “medical loss ratios.” Thus, the plans are limited in terms of what they pay for non-medical expenses, such as marketing, profits, salaries, administrative costs, and agent commissions (HHS, 2010). Because Medicare Advantage plans may not discontinue any “guaranteed Medicare benefits,” they are likely to scale back or eliminate many of the extra benefits they provide, such as vision and dental care. Some Medicare Advantage plans may raise premiums for their enrollees, while other plans may cease participating in the Medicare program.
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2017 MLC Preconference Seminars

Healthcare is undergoing a seismic change; hospice is right at the epicenter. But no one – except a wet baby – likes change. In this participatory seminar, we will demonstrate how every hospice clinical leader and hospice executive needs to ensure that hospice maintains its missional heart while, at the same time, changing and reinventing itself in response to a myriad of external and internal pressures. How? By developing transformational leaders. Learn the secret sauces of transformational leadership: storytelling, leading together and negotiation. Whether your hospice is large or small, for‐profit or non‐profit, rural or urban, this is a “must attend” session for every executive, leader and manager in hospice.
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APPRISE Medicare Counseling

Remember that Medicare covers a number of preventive screening and tests to help you achieve that goal and live a healthy lifestyle. Preventive tests include the flu shot, colonoscopy, mammogram, prostate cancer screening, yearly wellness visit, bone mass measurement and screenings for depression, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, glaucoma, obesity, and STD. Self-management for diabetes training is available as well counseling for obesity. Don’t forget your pneumococcal shot. Make this your best year yet and take better care of yourself!
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