Obama is gutting Medicare

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The president’s Medicare reforms make it harder for seniors to get joint replacements. His new payment rules shortchange doctors, discouraging them from accepting Medicare in the first place. New ER rules clobber seniors with bills for “observation care.” Under ObamaCare, hospitals get bonuses for spending less per senior, despite having higher death rates and infection rates.
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Globe Life Insurance Company of New York

When you purchase life insurance, you do it for your family, not for yourself. It’s never easy to think about what life would be like for your family after you’re gone. But planning now can help your loved ones focus on the life you lived, and less on your final expenses.
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New York Chiropractic College

Our online M.S. in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction Program serves a different healthcare need — meeting the demand for qualified anatomy and physiology instructors. We draw upon NYCC’s deep pool of faculty expertise to give working professionals with strong graduate level knowledge of anatomy and physiology state-of-the-art instructional skills.
Source: nycc.edu

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