Medicare Supplement Leads

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The fact that these prospects are available in 48 states allows for agents to choose the desired territory from a list of counties. This will also allow for the agent to choose the time and day to contact these potential Medicare supplement prospects. With no long term or short term contract to sign, this eliminates a financial burden on the agency.

Direct Mail Leads for Medicare Supplement, Final Expense and More

Send a mailer to the names available on our accurate and qualified lists using our turn key lead services. Names to mail with age and income selection, forms, printing, bulk rate outgoing shipping, response postage and handling, scanning, uploading and data entry into TLLM are all included in the price you are given. If you would like to select additional demographics or duplicate lists we can add those options to your order. All leads returned are EXCLUSIVE to you and your order. The households (not just the names) you mail are also protected for at least 90 days giving you plenty of time to receive and work your leads.

Precision Senior Marketing

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Medicare as a Secondary Insurance Customer

Often policies have a tendency to overlap or duplicate each other. Take young person’s Medicare health care plans for instance:  often these can reduce the amount paid out by a percentage via a ‘reduction in benefits’ clause, particularly if they are protected under their parent or guardian’s plan. Should this be the case, a secondary insurance policy will pay the balance that is not paid by the primary insurance policy.

A Guide to Medicare Supplemental Companies

Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company was established in 1954 and specializes in Phoenix, AZ providing life and health insurance coverage to the senior citizens. The company is located in and functions as a subsidiary of Oxford Life Insurance Organization. Christian Fidelity Life is actually a superb quality Final Expense Life Insurance and Medicare Supplement dispensing insurance company with excellent sales workforce, outstanding service and highly competitive premiums. Presently, about 30,000 insured persons being offered individual Supplemental Medicare insurance products. The company owns assets worth $90,802,891, a capital equaling $3,630,000 and a net surplus amounting to $41,934,621. Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company has been graded with B++ (GOOD) rating. The two main insurance products provided by Christian Fidelity Life are Medicare Supplement and Life Insurance. The Supplemental Medicare plans offered by the company helps in covering the expenses left behind by Medicare, for example: Medicare Part A deductibles & co-payments, doctor services, outpatient services & supplies, emergency health care (outside U.S.), ambulance services, skilled nursing facility, speech therapy and extended hospital care. The other main type of insurance, provided by Christian Life is Life Insurance with a special whole life insurance plan known as Assurance Final Expense. This whole life policy is offered to the individuals aged from 50 to 85 years. The policy gives coverage for the funeral costs and other expenses when the insured person passes away.

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