Medicare Nursing Home Compare Results

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Reading the Stars: Nursing Home Quality Star Ratings, Nationally and by State

The nursing home population includes some of the oldest, frailest, more medically compromised and cognitively impaired people covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Nursing home residents—both short-term and longer term residents—are particularly at risk because they are often unable to care for themselves, and dependent on others to get by on a day-to-day basis. Medicare and Medicaid, which together account for more than half of all nursing home revenue, require facilities to meet minimum federal standards to help safeguard the health and safety of nursing home residents. Further, CMS has developed and improved the Nursing Home Compare website to provide consumers with both detailed and summary information on nursing home quality. Nonetheless, researchers, reporters and advocates have continued to identify serious quality concerns among some of the nation’s nursing homes, including those that relate to inadequate staffing, high rates of preventable conditions, such as pressure ulcers (bedsores), and fire safety hazards. A recent study, for example, found that almost one in five nursing homes had deficiencies that caused harm or immediate jeopardy to residents.

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