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In most situations people start to think about Medicare enrollment at the end of the year. This is a really good time to think about Medigap coverage and that is when you have to make changes. We are faced with a plan coverage that will always be the same but rates are going to change annually. Different companies will change the rates on a fixed date of the year while others will do so when the policy anniversary date is due. No matter when it happens, when the rate changes there is a really strong chance that you can choose to another plan that is equal in coverage but is cheaper and offered by another company. This is done in order to save money.

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Annual Enrollment Period Ends… What If You Missed It? 

[1]For a more detailed discussion of these enrollment periods, see, e.g., previous Weekly Alerts, including: “Annual Enrollment Starts October 15 and Ends December 7 for Medicare Part D and Part D Plans” (September 22, 2011) available at:; “Medicare Advantage and Part D Enrollment Updates”(October 6, 2011) available at:; “45 Day Disenrollment Period for Medicare Advantage Members”(January 6, 2011), available at:; “When a Medicare Advantage Plan Does Not Renew Its Contract” (November 4, 2010 ), available at: /10_11.04.NonRenewal.htm. Also see, e.g., the Center’s website at: [2] Chapter 2 of the Medicare Managed Care Manual (CMS Pub. 100-16, updated August 19, 2011, revised November 16, 2011): Chapter 3 of the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Manual (CMS Pub. 100-18, updated August 19, 2011, revised November 16, 2011):

Medicare Disenrollment Period For 2012

[…] […] If you are enrolled into a Medicare Advantage Plan, you are allowed to drop your Medicare Advantage Plan and go back to original Medicare.  If you do this, you will also want to enroll into a Medicare Part D Prescription drug plan.  Original Medicare is the Part A and Part B that is on your paper Medicare card that you received when you first joined Medicare.  It does not include drug coverage which is why you would want to enroll into a Part D drug plan.  You have until February 14th to enroll into a Part D drug plan.  The coverage starts the first day of the month after you enroll.  For example, if you enroll into the drug plan on January 20th, your coverage would start on February 1st.  If you wait until February 14th to enroll, then your coverage starts on March 1st.Source: […]Source: […]

Medicare Special Enrollment Period Means Good News for Seniors

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Earlier Medicare Enrollment Period Brings New Round Of Ads

Politico Pro: Medicare Ads Sell Health Reform Benefits This year’s Medicare open enrollment television ads include mentions of the benefits of the health reform law — a point that’s likely to raise the ire of opponents of health reform. The ads are running to remind seniors about Medicare’ open enrollment period, which runs through Dec. 7. Last year, Republicans and opponents of the health reform law accused the Obama administration of using Medicare commercials with actor Andy Griffith to advertise the benefits of the law. This year’ ads feature three male seniors discussing the open enrollment period. When one man asks another if he can stick with his old Medicare plan, the other says, “Sure, or find a new plan with better coverage, less cost or both” (Haberkorn, 10/21).

Baby Boomers U. S. (The Blog)

Ask about Medicare Supplement (MediGap) open enrollment periods: If your MediGap plans I isn’t working for you any longer, and you can’t enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan outside of AEP, you may be able to change your MediGap plan during select MediGap open enrollment periods. MediGap plans are usually medically underwritten, which means the insurance companies don’t have to accept your application if you’ve been on Medicare Part B for more than three months. AEP is the best time to drop a MediGap plan and switch to a Medicare Advantage plan. But, some states and insurance companies have created open enrollment periods for MediGap plans as well. These open enrollments allow you to update or change your MediGap health coverage without medical underwriting. But the rules change from state to state, so, if you want or need to make a change outside of AEP, investigate the MediGap open enrollment rules in your state by contacting a licensed agent.

what you should do if you miss medicare’s 2012 annual enrollment period / eHealth

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Medicare Supplemental Insurance: What It is and Why You May Need It

In order to acquire Medicare Supplemental Plans advantages, you have to be enrolled in Portion A or Portion B of Medicare currently. For the duration of the open enrollment period, a person can acquire a Medigap strategy on a assured concern basis, in which no medical screening is needed. This open enrollment period starts inside of 6 months of turning 65 or enrolling in Medicare Portion B at 65 or older. Outside of the open enrollment period, the insurance coverage organization that is issuing the Medigap Insurance might demand that you acquire an attending physician’s statement or a medical screening in order to get a strategy. If you are underneath the age of 65 but are still getting Medicare, it may well be a tiny a lot more difficult to get North Carolina Medicare Supplements. A slight majority of states demand that insurers offer at least one particular type of Medigap insurance coverage to every person, and 25 of them demand that Medigap policies be supplied to all Medicare recipients, even though, so it is crucial to look into the rules for your state if you fall into this category.

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