Medicare Eligibility and Enrollment

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good as Medicare’s or better, you shouldn’t be charged a late penalty as long as you sign up within the deadlines. After insurance from an employer ends, you must sign up for Part B within 8 months and for Part D within 63 days. Keep in mind that an insurance policy from an employer with fewer than 20 employees works differently with Medicare. If you work for a company of that size, you should sign up for Medicare when you are first eligible. You will not incur penalties if you don’t, but without Medicare Part B coverage, you could be without coverage for outpatient services.
Source: the official U.S. government site for Medicare

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Medicare Eligibility Information and Enrollment Help

Outpatient hospital services Oxygen equipment & accessoriesPancreas transplants (adults) Patient lifts Physical therapy/occupational therapy/speech-language pathology services Pneumococcal shots Prescription drugs (outpatient) Preventive & screening services Preventive visit & yearly wellness exams Prostate cancer screenings Prosthetic devices Pulmonary rehabilitation program Radiation therapy Religious non-medical health care institution (RNHCI) items & services Rural health clinic services Second surgical opinions Sexually transmitted infections (STI) screening & counseling Shingles shot Shots (vaccinations) Skilled nursing facility (SNF) care Sleep apnea & Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices & accessories Sleep study Smoking & tobacco use cessation (counseling to stop smoking or using tobacco products) Substance-related disorders Suction pumps Supplies (you use at home) Surgery (estimating costs) Surgical dressing services Tdap shot (tetanus, diphtheria, & pertussis shot) Telehealth Therapeutic shoes or inserts Traction equipment Transplants (adults) Transportation Travel (when you need health care outside the U.S.) Urgently needed care Walkers X-rays Yearly eye exam

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