Medicare Coverage of Vision Assistive Equipment for Low Vision Patients

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Additionally, in the market for equipment for the visually impaired, the greatest numbers of new product innovations over the past decade have been introduced by the manufacturers that occupy higher-tiered price positions.  Price pressure on low vision equipment would limit the margin earned by manufacturers, driving market volume to low cost manufacturers and harming those producers that have invested in new products and technology for the end-user.  This will eventually result in poorer patient outcomes and declines in consumer satisfaction with the low vision care received.   Low vision device manufacturers enjoy lower rates of return on research & development expenditures than most other industries even when new products are successful due to the small size of the market being served.  Speaking for a leading manufacturer of equipment for the visually impaired, I know first-hand that decreased future manufacturing margins on low vision equipment would be compensated for in reduced service levels for low vision care providers and a reduction in research and development into better and more effective devices.

Aetna Medicare: Medicare Coverage & Medicare Plans

Aetna is a private insurance company contracted with Medicare to provide Medicare beneficiaries with other types of Medicare coverage. This includes Medicare Advantage plans, stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D), and Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans.

Medicare/Medicaid Vision Benefits

Cataract surgery. Medicare covers many of the costs associated with cataract surgery, including the cost of a standard intraocular lens (IOL) implant.   If you choose a premium intraocular lens, such as an accommodating IOL or a multifocal IOL to reduce your need for reading glasses after surgery, you must pay the additional cost of the premium IOL (above the cost of a standard IOL) out-of-pocket.

Dental Coverage Under Medicare

For complete dental coverage, you can shop online at to learn about and buy an individual dental insurance plan that fits your personal needs. You may also have group dental insurance available, if either you or your spouse is employed. Be sure to read the plans carefully. Some dental plans require you to stay within a network of dental care providers. The premiums may be a bit higher for this type of plan, but the costs are offset by lower out-of-pocket fees, like copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles, mainly because network dentists usually agree to charge discounted rates to members of the dental plan. Other plans let you go to any licensed dental professional, but you may have to pay more at the time of service.

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