Medicare 2017 costs at a glance

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The standard Part B premium amount in 2017 is $134 (or higher depending on your income). However, most people who get Social Security benefits pay less than this amount. This is because the Part B premium increased more than the cost-of-living increase for 2017 Social Security benefits. If you pay your Part B premium through your monthly Social Security benefit, you’ll pay less ($109 on average). Social Security will tell you the exact amount you’ll pay for Part B in 2017. You’ll pay the standard premium amount if:


Part A premiums are decreasing because spending in 2010 was lower than expected and the Affordable Care Act implemented policies that lower Part A spending due to payment efficiencies and efforts related to waste, fraud and abuse.  Part B premiums are increasing because of growth in the use of services like outpatient hospital care, home health and physician-administered drugs.  In addition, the premium accounts for a likely Congressional action to avert a precipitous decrease in physician payments, which the Administration supports, and has occurred every year since 2003.  The Administration is committed to permanent reform of the physician payment formula. By law, the standard premium is set to cover one-fourth of the average cost of Part B services incurred by beneficiaries aged 65 and over, plus a contingency margin. The contingency margin is an amount appropriate to (i) cover incurred-but-unpaid claims costs, (ii) provide for possible variation between actual and projected costs, and (iii) amortize any surplus assets or unfunded liabilities.  The remaining Part B costs are financed by Federal general revenues.  (In 2011, $2.5 billion in Part B expenditures will be financed by the new fees on manufacturers and importers of brand-name prescription drugs under the Affordable Care Act.  The revenue from these fees reduces the standard Part B premium by $0.90.)

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