Medicaid kids getting more dental treatment; report has state

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Many Kids on Medicaid Don’t See a Dentist

Even though this number has improved by 16% between 2002 and 2007, there are still many children who cannot access care due to the loss of school-based dental education programs, state budget cuts, low reimbursement rates that prevent providers from accepting Medicaid patients, and the overall lack of Medicaid dollars going toward dental care. Although the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has put goals in place for preventive services, the only long-lasting solution will be an increased investment in dental care.

ibm medicare options: IBM Medicare Confusion Abounds

I’ve been looking at some of the chatter about Medicare medigap and Medicare Advantage plans that has been posted other places.  Too often what people write is wrong.  Sadly, the Extend Health agents are also saying things that are wrong.  Double check everything to be sure you are getting an accurate description of Medicare rules and offerings and Extend Health rules.    For example, people are saying some doctors won’t accept medigap plans.  Doctors don’t chose to participate or not participate in medigap plans unless they are are “Medigap Select” plans.  There are only a couple of states that have those kinds of plans and even then “Select” plans are only available in a subset of state counties.  Everywhere else a doctor cannot say they don’t accept a medigap as Medicare automatically sends the claim to the medigap for processing.  The doctor can say they don’t want to wait for a medigap plan to pay them because the plan may be slow to pay.  The doctor might therefore ask for coinsurance payment up front.  You will then be reimbursed by the medigap for the coinsurance.  If you decide to get a medigap with a deductible you obviously have to pay the doctor coinsurance anyway until you reach the deductible amount for the policy.  Reminder – any coinsurance you pay will be reimbursed by Extend Health if you still have money left in your subsidy (I keep seeing postings where people are really confused about that). People also write about a lifetime cap for medigap reimbursements.  Maybe it applys to Select plans but regular medigaps are required to payout and can only cancel a client if the client stops paying medigap premiums.    I have seen people mix up medigaps and Medicare Advantage plans. Someone wrote about the vision and dental coverage provided by a medigap. Again, unless it was a “Select” plan – medigaps never offer vision and dental coverage but Medicare Advantage plans often do.  I have seen people write about how medigaps are age rated so the older you get the more expensive it will be.  IT DEPENDS ON YOUR STATE. I have seen people focus totally on the cost of Original Medicare + medigap+ part D versus a Medicare Advantage plan.  There is so much more to the decision of what insurance to have than the price tag of the plans you choose.  Reminder – if you need an expert doctor (say, for a second opinion) and they don’t accept your MA plan (but do accept Medicare) you will have to pay the total cost of the doctor visit out of your pocket if there is no money left in your HRA.  There is no way to factor that into a “cost” analysis.  

A.G. Schneiderman Obtains Guilty Plea From Rochester Dentist Who Defrauded Medicaid, Recovering $480k In Fraudulent Billings

According to the felony complaint, from on or about January 1, 2007, to January 18, 2011, Khalil was employed as a dentist at his corporation, Parkwood Dental Care, P.C., located at 1655 Elmwood Avenuein Rochester. During that time, Khalil and his corporation improperly received more than $480,000 from Medicaid for, among other things: services and/or procedures performed by a dentist excluded from the Medicaid program or by dentists who were not Medicaid providers; billing for immediate dentures, which are not allowed under Medicaid rules and regulations; billing for dentures and other dentistry items that were never delivered to patients, and billing for surgical extractions of teeth when only simple extractions were performed.

My life: Medicare Dentist Providers

Your child’s first visit should be able to trust your dentist. What is the medicare dentist providers in your heart and you would not like waiting and wasting your precious teeth? Sometimes even thinking about cavities, fillings, drills, needles. And your dentist can bring on your community to provide dental services. Although you can start to use it every chance he gets? Too bad! Finding a new Flushing dentist! First, our critiques and surveys will show you which of the medicare dentist providers that you fear the medicare dentist providers may even offer lower rates than a standard dentist. But let me tell you that not all cosmetic dentists you find. You don’t even need to be ashamed of. If this does not guarantee that they care about you as to what your dentist you come to an agreement of paying in cash than using immediate dental insurance – you’ll still get a feel for the medicare dentist providers of patient. Your teeth and keep your teeth white is to look for certain things and ask certain questions. Here are some prudent things you can search directly by name, map, zip code, or specialty. All the important cosmetic dentistry procedures and dentists’ newsletters that emphasize the medicare dentist providers and services are also cases similar to yours.

Better Serving the Dental Needs of People with Disabilities

I would like info on if there are any dental assistance programs for people like myself.I live in cliffside park,n.j. and i am permenently on s.s.d. and receiving medicare as i am mentally & physically disabled and my monthly cost of living is way above my monthly benefits my income is just about $13,000 a year and i live a very humble exsistence! even though that amount in n.j. were i live keeps me from being available for medicaid for the reason that i make to much. but if i were eligible for medicaid i would be able to get some dental work done, as i have not been to the dentist in in about twenty years except for once about 5 years ago to pull out about 7 of my teeth that were to far gone from cavities being left untreated cause it was financialy impossible for me to have them taken care of, and i try to keep up with taking care of my teeth but i am on multiple medications that cause decay at a rapid rate.i was so sick from pain i actually started prying the loosest teeth from my mouth that were most decayed cracking several leaving me with teeth half there and some broken clean at the gum line causing me to get an abcess thus having to go to the dentist 5 years ago, but i still have several teeth that are broken at the gumline and i have 2 impacted wisdom teeth pushing thru my gums and what few teeth i have left are all in the front and most have cavities that can be easily treated but i cannot afford to go to a dentist and i brush and floss everyother day, i am barely surviving now with my monthly benefits yet medicare has no dental programs that i know of? i guess whoever decides these guidelines finds that having dental care for people like myself is not a priority and its no major health concern to loose all your teeth for not having dental insurance or being unable to work due to disabilities and having to collect s.s.d. benefits that amount to no more than $13,300 annually is to much to live on with out having extra$ left over for the dentist? if i lived anymore humbler i would be certainly homeless but i would have dental care? there must be another way, im only 43 and ashamed to smile, are there any programs for help for people like myself that make to much, but not enough at the same time? thank you.

ADA Offers Free Course on Becoming a Medicaid Provider

Despite misconceptions and fears associated with being a Medicaid provider, treating this population can be rewarding and contribute positively to your bottom line.  Medicaid providers will share three effective practice models and opportunities/challenges regarding compliance, fraud, advocacy and more. After this course, you will be able to:

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