Massachusetts MassHealth (Medicaid)

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Massachusetts Medicaid (MassHealth) pays for health care for certain low and medium income people living in Massachusetts. MassHealth offers health-care benefits directly or by paying part or all of your health-insurance premiums. MassHealth offers different types of coverage based on your age, whether you are a parent, pregnant, disabled HIV positive or have breast or cervical cancer, and whether you work for a small employer. MassHealth will decide if you are eligible and give you the most complete coverage that you qualify for.

Massachusetts Medicaid Eligibility & Benefits Guide

Have you ever checked to see if you and your family are eligible for Medicaid? It seems like a simple question, but there are many individuals and families in America who are unaware that they actually qualify for Medicaid either because their state expanded it under the Affordable Care Act or because they only make a certain amount of money each year in the states that did not.

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