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Our customer service team is extensively trained on numerous incontinence products that range from diapers to catheter supplies to many other items. J&B Medical Supply will help you decide which of our high-quality incontinence supplies will best fit you or your loved one’s needs by asking you the right questions.

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Stress Incontinence Stress incontinence occurs with physical movement, usually sudden activity such as coughing, sneezing or heavy lifting. Despite its name, stress incontinence is not related to mental stress, or psychological anxiety. Such physical activity puts pressure, physical stress on your bladder where the bladder muscles may be weak and cannot properly react or compensate and allow urine to escape through the urethra. Stress incontinence differs from urge incontinence, which is the unintentional loss of urine caused by the bladder muscle contracting, usually associated with a sense of urgency. Stress incontinence is much more common in women than men. Because its sudden occurrence, those that have stress incontinence my isolate themselves, worrying about when it might occur and if it happens in social situations. The good news is that it is often manageable and can be treated. Light or moderate pads will give the assurance needed and Vitality Medical has a broad selection from a number of brands to choose from.

Incontinence Products & Supplies

Because our price on this item is lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, the manufacturer does not allow us to show you our price until you place the item in your shopping cart. Retailers like Allegro Medical have the legal right to sell products at prices we set. However, adding the item to your cart allows us to show you our lower price consistent with our promise of always offering you the lowest possible prices on the widest selection of medical supplies, medical equipment and life enhancing products.

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Since 1986 HDIS has specialized in providing quality care to those who experience loss of bladder control. Today, more people buy incontinent supplies directly from HDIS than from anyone else in the nation.

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