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The Medicare Program rates all health and prescription drug plans each year, based on a plan’s quality and performance. Medicare Plan Ratings help you to know how good a job our plan is doing. You can use this Plan Rating to compare our plan’s performance to other plans. View our Star Ratings in English or Español. Plan performance summary star ratings are assessed each year and may change from one year to the next.

Which insurance pays first

Once you become eligible for Medicare because of permanent kidney failure (usually the fourth month of dialysis), there will still be a period of time called a “coordination period.” During this time (30 months), your employer or union group health plan will continue to pay first on your health care bills, and Medicare will pay second. If you take a course in home-dialysis training or get a kidney transplant during the 3-month waiting period, the 30-month coordination period will start earlier.

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We provide accurate, unbiased information about Medicare benefits and long-term care for Californians. Learn how Medicare works, ways to supplement your coverage, about low-income programs, prescription drugs and your long-term care options.

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