Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

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Even though Medigap plans are run by private companies such as Blue Cross, United Healthcare, or Humana, every Medigap policy must be standardized and must follow Federal and state laws.There are multiple “F” plans offered by multiple companies, but they’re all exactly the same plan by Medicare rule. This makes it easy to compare “F” plans between two companies, since they are the exact same coverage but not necessarily the same price. To clarify further still, that means that each private company that offers a certain plan has to offer the exact same benefits as their competition. The same can be said for the “N” plans, the “C” plans, and so on.

Health Financial Systems Medicare Cost Report Software (MCR)

History: Since 1981, Health Financial Systems (HFS) has been developing and marketing CMS approved Medicare cost reporting software to assist health care facilities meet their governmental reporting requirements. HFS Medicare Cost Report software is used to prepare more cost reports than any other cost report system, making HFS the largest automated cost report vendor in the United States. [more…]

How to Avoid the Two Words that Cost Thousands in Medicare Bills

Brenda Kelley-Nelum was driving her husband Al ‘Doc’ Nelum to an appointment when he started having symptoms of a stroke. An ambulance took him to the nearest hospital with a stroke clinic. Hours later they were still there, waiting on test results, when someone mentioned her husband had been put on observation status. As an advocate for seniors in Virginia, Kelley-Nelum had a vague recollection that she’d heard that term before. And it wasn’t good.

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