Cigna Medicare Insurance Plans

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The Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policies offered provide a way for you to supplement your Original Medicare benefits. While Medicare Part A and B pay for certain hospital stay and physician services provided, Medigap can help you cover your costs associated with Part A and B deductibles, coinsurance, and copayment requirements. It offers seven supplemental Medicare plans with basic to comprehensive coverage for everything from deductibles to copayments, excess charge coverage, and skilled nursing facility care coinsurance costs.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans F, G & N Review

Plan F is the most popular Medicare supplement plan but it is not the best plan. I will explain why here shortly. Plan F is simple, it covers everything that Medicare does not pay in full. As you can see the chart below F covers 100% of what Medicare does not pay in full.  However, the F plan tends to have the most rate increases when compared to G and N plans. The reason is there are many more people on plan F and they use the plan more often, creating more claims for the carriers to pay. This results in more rate increases. On average plan F increases at about 7%-10% per year.  Rates for plan F with Cigna will vary by location and several other factors. Contact us for a free quote to compare.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Insurance

Although any of these Cigna Medicare supplement plans will provide great protection, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F covers the fullest range of coinsurance, deductibles, and excess charges that otherwise would have to be paid out of pocket. It covers the blood that basic Medicare does not cover, and provides a full extra year of hospitalization coverage. Plan F also covers skilled nursing service and approved health care costs you incur while traveling outside the United States. It even allows you to choose any doctor who accepts Medicare. With fixed premiums and generally no unexpected out-of-pocket costs, Plan F is the Medigap plan chosen by nearly half of Americans who purchase Medicare supplement insurance plans.

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