Beware Medicare Advantage Plans

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The problem, according to the report from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, is that the size and composition of hospital networks varies greatly among plans, yet that isn’t always apparent to those shopping for coverage. Plan directories contain incorrect, confusing or outdated information about which hospitals and specialty institutes are included in networks, the study found, and the directories can be difficult to navigate. One directory featured 600 pages without a table of contents or index, it said.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Michigan

Medicare Advantage plans are a lot like the health insurance you may have had before becoming eligible for Medicare. You can choose a complete insurance package with the convenience of one ID card for all services.

What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

If you have health coverage from your union or current or former employer when you become eligible for Medicare, you may automatically be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan that they sponsor. You have the choice to stay with this plan, switch to Original Medicare, or enroll in a different Medicare Advantage Plan. Be aware that if you switch to Original Medicare or enroll in a different Medicare Advantage Plan, your employer or union could terminate or reduce your health benefits, the health benefits of your dependents, and any other benefits you get from your company. Talk to your employer/union and your plan before making changes to find out how your health benefits and other benefits may be affected.

Health Insurance, Medicare Insurance and Dental Insurance

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