BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans

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This insuranceĀ carrier understands the importance of Medicare, and they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure its continued success among beneficiaries. This is vital, as research suggests that the country’s senior citizen population of number of senior citizens will grow to 90 million by 2050, adding to the demand for healthcare services. In addition, over a 20-year period, a 65-year-old couple’s average total medical expenses will be $218,000, in addition to what Medicare already covers. As such, in April 2015, the carrier announced the launch of a private health insurance exchange, designed to assist Medicare-eligible retirees with the switch from group health benefits to individual Medicare Advantage coverage, including MA, Part D and Medigap plans.
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Medicare Select Plans from BCBS of Kansas City

You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. Please note that enrollment in a Blue-Advantage Plus of Kansas City, Inc. plan is limited to specific times of the year. This information is not a complete description of benefits. Contact the plan for more information. Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply. Benefits, premium and/or copayments/coinsurance may change on January 1 of each year. All Blue Medicare Advantage individual plans include Part D drug coverage. Members must use plan providers except in emergency or urgent care situations. If a member obtains routine care from an out-of-network provider without prior approval from Blue KC, neither Medicare nor Blue KC will be responsible for the costs. Medicare evaluates plans on a 5-star rating system. Star Ratings are calculated each year and may change from one year to the next.
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Medicare Plans & Coverage in New York

Prescription drug coverage will save you money when filling your prescriptions. Even if you don’t take medications now, having a good prescription drug plan can cover medications you need in the future. We don’t currently offer standalone Medicare Part D plans in New York, but you can get the prescription drug coverage you need included in our Medicare Advantage Plans . You’ll get medical and drug coverage in one convenient plan.
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Michigan Medicare Health Insurance Plans

Also called Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans work the most like the health insurance you had before Medicare. When you need care, you have just one ID card for all services. We handle your claims. Most of our Medicare Advantage plans include benefits you don’t get with Original Medicare, like Part D prescription drugs and routine dental, vision and hearing care. So they’re a complete insurance package.
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