American Hospital Association (AHA) Sues U.S. Government for Denied Medicare Payments by RACs, ZPICs and Other Auditors

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The Anatomy of Obamacare (What's not to like?) by Third Wayadministrative action administrative complaint attorney audit controlled substances dea DEA investigation defense attorney defense lawyer department of health Department of Health (DOH) doctor doh DOH investigation drug enforcement administration emergency suspension order false claims act florida fraud prevention health care fraud health law hipaa investigation legal representation licensing and regulatory medicaid medical license medicare medicare audit Medicare fraud Medicare investigation Medicare overbilling nurse nurses overbilling overprescribing pain clinics pain management pharmacies pharmacist pharmacists pharmacy physician physicians prescription drug trafficking

Video: Boston: Medicare Fraud Summit Law Enforcement Panel

OB/GYNs And ER Docs Excluded From Health Law’s Medicaid Pay Hike

Instead, the higher Medicaid rates, which will be in effect for two years, are reserved for family doctors, internists and pediatricians, because those specialties are specifically listed in the 2010 law, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said. The OB/GYNs and ER doctors sought to be included after regulators released preliminary rules in May saying that internal medicine and pediatric sub-specialists, such as pediatric cardiologists, would be eligible for the higher pay when providing primary care.

5 tax law changes in 2013 that will shake up your bank account

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CMS officials issue reminder on Medicare secondary payer laws

Participating Medicare providers, physicians, and other suppliers must not accept from beneficiaries any co-payments, coinsurance payments, or other payments, for services rendered when the primary payer is an employer-managed care organization (MCO) insurance plan, or any other type of primary insurance such as an employer group health plan, U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS) officials warned in a new Medicare Learning Network (MLN) Matters® article last month.

That Puzzle They Call Medicare Law

The first part of Medicare kicks in to cover hospital expenses in case there is need for that level of care. Medicare covers a wide range of services that you might need during hospitalization including room and meals, nursing and other hospital services that are needed during your time in the hospital. But the hospitalization benefit doesnt end when you drive away from the building. Medicare also covers home health services you might need during recuperation as well as equipment such as wheelchairs and in home needs of the disabled and hospice services for care during end of life situations. Millions have benefited from this part of Medicares coverage so by itself it may justify the existence of Medicare.

Don’t Let Obama Cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security

This is before the Tea Party swept into Congress, so there was no pressure on Obama to appease the right. By adopting Tea Party talking points on spending and comparing government to a family – what family do you know that has 8,100 tons of gold reserves, a space program and embassies in some 200 countries? – Obama legitimized debt as a major concern going into the 2010 election.

A little more history. Obama ran in 2008 on repealing the Bush tax cuts. But he reneged on his promise just one month into his presidency even though he was gushing with political capital, the right was in disarray and the Democratic-controlled Congress was ready to pass it. (After campaigning in 2012 on abolishing tax cuts for households earning more than $250,000, Obama indicated he was willing to renege once more days after being re-elected.)

After The Election: A Consumer's Guide To The Health Law

Mary Agnes Carey has covered health reform and federal health policy for more than 15 years as an editor at CQ HealthBeat, as Capitol Hill Bureau Chief for Congressional Quarterly and at Dow Jones Newswires. A frequent radio and television commentator, recently featured on the Nightly Business Report, the PBS NewsHour and on NPR affiliates nationwide, Mary Agnes has a thorough understanding of both the policy and politics of health reform. She worked for newspapers in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Daily Kos: Tell Congress: No Benefit Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

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Elder Law Demystified: Your Questions Answered

Brandon Fields: A legal guardian is appointed by a court to make decisions for another person, generally referred to as the ward or protected person. In some states the guardianship is divided into a guardian of the person and guardian of the property, or the person in charge of health care may be referred to as guardian and the person in charge of property may be referred to as the conservator. Regardless of the nomenclature used, the person appointed by the court as guardian or conservator is not responsible for the debts of the ward or protected person, absent some type of misconduct or fraud on their part regarding the handling of the assets of the protected person or ward. However, such liability can be created by signing a contract, such as a facility admissions contract, where you specifically agree to be responsible for the bills in the event the ward or protected person does not pay, a so-called “responsible party” or “guarantor.” The federal Nursing Home Reform Law prohibits a facility that accepts Medicaid or Medicare from requiring another person to guarantee payment for the resident as a condition of admissions. However, they may need the person handling the finances to sign to agree to make the payments, and so any signature should say “as guardian for X, and not individually” or “as agent under power of attorney, but not individually.” Courts have held that where a person “voluntarily” signs such an agreement in their own name, but it is not required as a condition of admission, they can be held liable for payment, so you must be careful what you sign and how you sign.

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