A Closer Look at the Ryan Budget

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Old people read alone... by Ed YourdonAnalyzing a slightly different version of Mr. Ryan’s proposal last year, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said that “most elderly people would pay more for their health care.” The additional costs, averaging perhaps $6,400 for a typical beneficiary in 2022, would require older Americans to “reduce their use of health care services, spend less on other goods and services, or save more in advance of retirement,” the report said.
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Video: Shields, Brooks on Patriot Act, NY Race Upset, Medicare Politics, Palin Tour

Democratic Congressional Candidates Feast on Paul Ryan

“Mitt Romney’s selection of Tea Party favorite Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate is proof that the Tea Party agenda has taken hold in Washington. Congressman Chris Gibson’s embrace of that agenda – including supporting Ryan’s budget plan to end Medicare as we know it and turn it into an under-funded coupon program while pushing for massive tax breaks for the super wealthy – has been a key part of Congress’ failure to address the concerns of working men and women in places like upstate New York. Romney’s VP choice clearly signals that gambling with the health care of our seniors while forcing middle class tax payers to bear an even greater burden would be a priority for Congressman Gibson and his Republican allies in Congress next year.
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Daily Kos: ATTACK! Medicare resonates! Show no mercy!

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What the Supreme Court Health Care Ruling Means for Older Adults

Thanks to the marvels of medical science, our parents are living longer than ever before. Adults over age 80 are the fastest growing segment of the population; most will spend years dependent on others for the most basic needs. That burden falls to their baby boomer children. In The New Old Age, Paula Span and other contributors explore this unprecedented intergenerational challenge. You can reach the editors at newoldage@nytimes.com.
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Using Medicaid to Get Needed Home Care

“But that could be three months or more. He might lose his apartment. And then what would he do?” George said. The social worker remembered that she had the name of a geriatric care manager who knew a lot about Medicaid. Perhaps they should give him a call. George called the geriatric care manager and arranged for him to come to the hospital to meet with him and Tom. The geriatric care manager told them that Tom did have assets and income over the Medicaid limits, but that he could still become eligible to apply for and receive full Medicaid benefits. With the help of the geriatric care manager, Tom:
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The Republicans’ Medicaid Cruelty by Jeff Madrick

And there is a further cruelty in rejecting the Medicaid program. Under the ACA, subsidies for premiums don’t begin until people make 100 percent of the poverty line. Those who earn less, yet still don’t qualify for traditional Medicaid, will simply have to pay unaffordable market prices if they want insurance. One hint about the true motives of these states is that the governors who are either rejecting or leaning towards rejecting the federal program are overwhelmingly Republican. It has become clear that they are driven by political grandstanding about big government. Indeed, had it not been part of the bigger ACA package, such a piece of remarkable legislation as the Medicaid expansion would likely never have passed, because it is a social program aimed at the poor—a form of government activism that many conservatives are ideologically opposed to. The states that have indicated their opposition to the expansion, as noted, are already typically ungenerous to the poor, and have very low eligibility rates for Medicaid. The calculation of the governors is that a war on the poor is good politics these days in about half of America.
Source: nybooks.com

Report: Medicaid Paid Health Care Providers Who Owed Back Taxes

The senators wrote, “Institutionalizing relationships through establishing a (command center) may be useful, but if huge sums of money have indeed been spent … while other common-sense recommendations may have not been implemented due to ‘resource concerns,’ this seems to be a case of misplaced priorities” (Kennedy/Alonso-Zaldivar, AP/Washington Times, 8/1).
Source: californiahealthline.org

Law needs refining on Medicaid

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