What is Medicare? What is Medicaid?

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Medicare Part A, or Hospital Insurance (HI), helps pay for hospital stays, which includes meals, supplies, testing, and a semi-private room. This part also pays for home health care such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy that is provided on a part-time basis and deemed medically necessary. Care in a skilled nursing facility as well as certain medical equipment for the aged and disabled such as walkers and wheelchairs are also covered by Part A. Part A is generally available without having to pay a monthly premium since payroll taxes are used to cover these costs.
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Medicare.gov: the official U.S. government site for Medicare

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My Medicare Medicaid Supplemental Insurance Part A, B, C, and D Coverage

Though the two have similar names and provide assistance with medical bills, Medicare and Medicaid are two different types of insurance. Medicaid is run at the state level and provides medical coverage for certain individuals who have a low income and little or no resources. Eligibility and coverage rules for Medicaid are made at the state level. It’s possible to qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid.
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What Does Medicare Cover?

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Time that you spend in a hospital as an outpatient before you’re admitted doesn’t count toward the 3 inpatient days you need to have a qualifying hospital stay for SNF benefi t purposes. You must enter the SNF within a short time (generally 30 days) of leaving the hospital and require skilled services related to your hospital stay. See item 5. Aft er you leave the SNF, if you re-enter the same or another SNF within 30 days, you don’t need another 3-day qualifying hospital stay to get additional SNF benefi ts. Th is is also true if you stop getting skilled care while in the SNF and then start getting skilled care again within 30 days.3. Your doctor has decided that you need daily skilled care. It must be given by, or under the direct supervision of, skilled nursing or rehabilitation staff . If you’re in the SNF for skilled rehabilitation services only, your care is considered daily care even if these therapy services are off ered just 5 or 6 days a week, as long as you need and get the therapy services each day they’re off ered.4. You get these skilled services in a SNF that is certifi ed by Medicare.5. You need these skilled services for a medical condition that was either of the following: – A hospital-related medical condition (any condition that was treated during your qualifying 3-day hospital stay, even if it wasn’t the reason you were admitted to the hospital). – A condition that started while you were getting care in the SNF for a hospital-related medical condition. For example, if while you’re getting SNF care for a stroke that was also treated during your qualifying 3-day hospital stay, you develop an infection that requires IV antibiotics, Medicare will cover your SNF care for treating the infection (as long as you also meet the conditions listed in items 1–4).
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What is covered by Medicare?

Medicare is the basis of Australia’s health care system and covers many health care costs. You can choose whether to have Medicare cover only, or a combination of Medicare and private health insurance. Citizens and most permanent Australian residents are eligible for Medicare.
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What Services Medicare Part B Will Cover

Until mid-2004, Medicare had refused to recognize obesity as a disease and therefore had failed to cover any treatments for it. Now, however, Medicare has reversed its position and will cover various scientifically proven weight-loss therapies and treatments. These range from stomach surgeries to diet programs to psychological and behavior-modification counseling. Not all treatments are covered, and not all patients will be eligible for all covered treatments. But if you are undergoing care from a physician for obesity, the physician can recommend a specific treatment for you and submit it to Medicare for coverage approval.
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2015 Medicare Advantage Plans Available to Residents of Kansas

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Kansas Insurance Department, Compare MedSupp Rates

Follow These Simple Instructions: Complete the following information and click "Submit." You will then receive a list of estimated yearly premiums customized to your demographic information. You may click on the company name to receive other important aspects of the policy.
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2015 Kansas Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Highlights www.Q1Medicare.com

Coverage Gap the Donut Hole: In the CMS Standard Plan, the beneficiary must pay the next $3720 in drug costs (the Donut Hole). The Healthcare Reform provides that for Plan Year 2015, ALL formulary generics will have at least a 35% discount and ALL brand drugs will have at least a 55% discount in the coverage gap. The Gap Coverage Types discussed in this section are in addition to the Healthcare Reform mandated discounts. In our chart, you will see one of the following:
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Coventry Medicare: KS, MO, AR, OK Plans

Whether you are an employer, health care provider, interested in enrolling, or already a member, our goal is to provide you with valuable and convenient online resources and information. Come explore the ways in which we can help you take charge of your Medicare Advantage coverage.
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Medicare.gov: the official U.S. government site for Medicare

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Medicaid and the Medicare Savings Programs 2014

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Applications for these programs may be obtained from the Medicaid office at the local (county) Department of Social Services. Or, you may print the application form from the link below. All applications for the Medicare Savings Program must be mailed to the local Department of Social Services where you live. The phone number and address for the local Department of Social Services may be found in the government pages of the telephone book.
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Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes

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Every Medicare supplemental insurance plan must follow federal and state laws designed to protect you. Medicare supplement plan insurance companies can only sell you a “modernized” Medicare supplemental insurance plan identified by letters A through N. Each modernized Medicare supplemental insurance plan must offer the same basic benefits, no matter which insurance company sells it.
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Compare Medicare Advantage & Supplemental Plans

Medicare Advantage insurance is offered by private insurance companies with a Medicare contract, and replaces Original Medicare Part A and Part B. You must continue to pay your Part B premiums. Medicare Advantage plans typically offer additional benefit options and have less cost-sharing than Original Medicare, and you may have to pay a monthly premium in return for the extra benefits. Medicare Advantage plans come in a variety of formats, such as HMO, PPO and PFFS plans, as well as special needs plans. Medicare beneficiaries can enroll in Medicare Advantage plans if they have Medicare Part A and Part B, but only during designated enrollment periods. These enrollment periods change from time-to-time, so please call us to get the most-up-to-date information.
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Compare Medicare Supplement Rates In Your Area

Brandon Todd has been helping people on Medicare to access quality healthcare since 1997. His undying belief is that all seniors and those with disabilities should have complete access to our healthcare system without restriction and without insurance companies standing between them and their doctors.
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Compare Medicare Supplement Plans 2015Compare Medicare Supplement Plans 2015

With ever increasing numbers of people turning 65 and needing Medicare health care benefits, the choices are numerous. Is a Medicare Supplement plan the best option, or perhaps a Medicare advantage plan? Several people have turned to supplemental insurance for Medicare Part A and Part B and have been extremely happy with their coverage. We’ll help you to compare Medicare Supplement Plans in 2015 so you can choose the best coverage to fit your needs, as well as not overpay for it.
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Affordable Arizona Medicare Plans

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Arizonamedicare.org makes it easy to save time and reduce your premiums by letting you compare all Medicare plans from providers like BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, United Healthcare, CIGNA, and more, in one place.
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Help with Paying Medicare Costs Only

You are invited to participate in a survey regarding your experience using the AHCCCS website. This survey will take approximately two minutes. Your responses will help us ensure that you have a high quality experience.
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Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans

- A – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “A”. Aguila, AZ Ajo, AZ Alpine, AZ Amado, AZ Anthem, AZ Apache Junction, AZ Arivaca, AZ Arizona City, AZ Arlington, AZ Ash Fork, AZ Avondale, AZ – B – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “B”. Bagdad, AZ Bapchule, AZ Bellemont, AZ Benson, AZ Big Park, AZ Bisbee, AZ Black Canyon City, AZ Blue, AZ Blue Gap, AZ Bouse, AZ Bowie, AZ Buckeye, AZ Bullhead City, AZ Bylas, AZ – C – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “C”. Cameron, AZ Camp Verde, AZ Carefree, AZ Casa Grande, AZ Cashion, AZ Catalina, AZ Cave Creek, AZ Central, AZ Chambers, AZ Chandler, AZ Chandler Heights, AZ Chinle, AZ Chino Valley, AZ Chloride, AZ Cibecue, AZ Cibola, AZ Clarkdale, AZ Clay Springs, AZ Claypool, AZ Clifton, AZ Cochise, AZ Colorado City, AZ Concho, AZ Congress, AZ Coolidge, AZ Cornville, AZ Cortaro, AZ Cottonwood, AZ Crown King, AZ – D – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “D”. Dateland, AZ Dennehotso, AZ Dewey, AZ Dolan Springs, AZ Douglas, AZ Dragoon, AZ Duncan, AZ – E – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “E”. Eagar, AZ Eden, AZ Ehrenberg, AZ El Mirage, AZ Elfrida, AZ Elgin, AZ Eloy, AZ – F – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “F”. Flagstaff, AZ Florence, AZ Forest Lakes, AZ Fort Apache, AZ Fort Defiance, AZ Fort Huachuca, AZ Fort Mcdowell, AZ Fort Mohave, AZ Fort Thomas, AZ Fountain Hills, AZ Fredonia, AZ – G – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “G”. Gadsden, AZ Ganado, AZ Gila Bend, AZ Gilbert, AZ Glendale, AZ Globe, AZ Gold Camp, AZ Golden Valley, AZ Goodyear, AZ Grand Canyon, AZ Gray Mountain, AZ Green Valley, AZ Greer, AZ – H – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “H”. Hackberry, AZ Happy Jack, AZ Hayden, AZ Heber, AZ Hereford, AZ Higley, AZ Holbrook, AZ Hotevilla, AZ Houck, AZ Huachuca City, AZ Hualapai, AZ Humboldt, AZ – I – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “I”. Indian Wells, AZ Iron Springs, AZ – J – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “J”. Jerome, AZ Joseph City, AZ – K – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “K”. Kaibito, AZ Kayenta, AZ Keams Canyon, AZ Kearny, AZ Kingman, AZ Kirkland, AZ Kykotsmovi Village, AZ – L – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “L”. Lake Havasu City, AZ Lake Montezuma, AZ Lakeside, AZ Laveen, AZ Leupp, AZ Litchfield Park, AZ Littlefield, AZ Lukachukai, AZ Luke AFB, AZ Lukeville, AZ Lupton, AZ – M – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “M”. Mammoth, AZ Many Farms, AZ Marana, AZ Marble Canyon, AZ Maricopa, AZ Mayer, AZ Mcnary, AZ McNeal, AZ Meadview, AZ Mesa, AZ Mesquite, AZ Miami, AZ Mohave Valley, AZ Monument Valley, AZ Morenci, AZ Mormon Lake, AZ Morristown, AZ Mount Lemmon, AZ Munds Park, AZ – N – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “N”. Naco, AZ Navajo, AZ Nazlini, AZ New River, AZ Nogales, AZ North Rim, AZ Nutrioso, AZ – O – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “O”. Oatman, AZ Oracle, AZ Overgaard, AZ – P – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “P”. Page, AZ Palo Verde, AZ Paradise Valley, AZ Parker, AZ Parks, AZ Patagonia, AZ Paulden, AZ Payson, AZ Peach Springs, AZ Pearce, AZ Peoria, AZ Peridot, AZ Petrified Forest Natl Pk, AZ Phoenix, AZ Picacho, AZ Pima, AZ Pine, AZ Pinedale, AZ Pinetop, AZ Pinon, AZ Pirtleville, AZ Polacca, AZ Pomerene, AZ Poston, AZ Prescott, AZ Prescott Valley, AZ – Q – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “Q”. Quartzsite, AZ Queen Creek, AZ – R – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “R”. Red Rock, AZ Red Valley, AZ Rillito, AZ Rimrock, AZ Rio Rico, AZ Rio Verde, AZ Rock Point, AZ Roll, AZ Roosevelt, AZ Round Rock, AZ – S – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “S”. Sacaton, AZ Safford, AZ Sahuarita, AZ Saint David, AZ Saint Johns, AZ Saint Michaels, AZ Salome, AZ San Carlos, AZ San Luis, AZ San Manuel, AZ San Simon, AZ Sanders, AZ Sasabe, AZ Sawmill, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Second Mesa, AZ Sedona, AZ Seligman, AZ Sells, AZ Shonto, AZ Show Low, AZ Sierra Vista, AZ Skull Valley, AZ Snowflake, AZ Solomon, AZ Somerton, AZ Sonoita, AZ Springerville, AZ Stanfield, AZ Sun City, AZ Sun City West, AZ Sun Valley, AZ Supai, AZ Superior, AZ Surprise, AZ – T – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “T”. Tacna, AZ Taylor, AZ Teec Nos Pos, AZ Tempe, AZ Temple Bar Marina, AZ Thatcher, AZ Tolleson, AZ Tombstone, AZ Tonalea, AZ Tonopah, AZ Tonto Basin, AZ Topawa, AZ Topock, AZ Tortilla Flat, AZ Tsaile, AZ Tuba City, AZ Tubac, AZ Tucson, AZ Tumacacori, AZ – V – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “V”. Vail, AZ Valentine, AZ Valley Farms, AZ Vernon, AZ – W – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “W”. Waddell, AZ Wellton, AZ Wenden, AZ White Mountain Lake, AZ Whiteriver, AZ Wickenburg, AZ Wikieup, AZ Willcox, AZ Williams, AZ Willow Beach, AZ Window Rock, AZ Winkelman, AZ Winslow, AZ Wittmann, AZ Woodruff, AZ – Y – Cities in Arizona that begin with the letter “Y”. Yarnell, AZ Young, AZ Youngtown, AZ Yucca, AZ Yuma, AZ
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BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona Medicare Plans

Part D is a Medicare prescription drug plan and is available to everyone with Medicare. Medicare prescription drug plans (PDPs) are offered through private companies and not subsidized by Medicare Coverage. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is one of the leading providers of these plans. What sets Blue apart from the other insurers is that their Prescription Drug Coverage plans do not have an annual deductible, and only require you to only pay a monthly premium and copay for the drugs you need. Specifically, over 2,500 generic medications are available to plan holders. And because you should always have access to your medication, even while traveling, your plan allows for prescription pick-up from over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide. Take note that Prescription drug coverage may also be included in Medicare Part C as part of a Medicare Advantage plan. If it is not included you are eligible to add this additional coverage at a reduced rate to the Medigap part A, B, or D plan which you enroll for. The cost of the premium varies depending on what Medigap plan you purchase, but carriers work hard to make it affordable to you. Get a quote above and see if Prescription Drug Coverage is right for you.
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Original Medicare appeals

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Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA)

Please note that the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals is responsible only for the Level 3 claims appeals and certain Medicare eligibility and Part B premium appeals. OMHA is not responsible for levels 1, 2, 4, and 5 of the appeals process. OMHA provides additional information on other levels of appeals to help you understand the appeals process in a broad context.
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Medicare Part C Appeals > Home

Attention Medicare Health Plans- Updated Medicare Advantage Process Manual, Appendix, Reconsideration Background Data Form, and Dismissal Case File Data Form are now available under the ‘Health Plans’ section. Plans should begin using the new Reconsideration Background Data Form for appeals submitted to MAXIMUS Federal Services effective 1/1/2015. For dismissal review cases files submitted to MAXIMUS upon request after 1/1/14, health plans must use the Dismissal Case File Data Form.
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Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA)

* In each part of the Medicare program, the Medicare contractor administering the program (usually an insurance company) makes a decision about your Medicare benefits.  In most cases, the decision is whether or not a medical service or item is covered and how much the Medicare program will pay for the service or item.  There are different names for these decisions depending on the part of the Medicare program covering the benefits. 
Source: hhs.gov

Medicare Advantage Leads, Medicare Supplement Leads, Turning 65 Leads

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Medicare advantage leads (Medicare insurance leads) generating service with Senior Sales®, Texas based telemarketing firm is the right choice. We are producing Medicare leads prospects in the form of scheduled appointments and telemarketing leads. Company offers a streamline of Marketing services such as: Medicare Advantage leads, Medicare Supplement Leads, Special Need, Dual Eligible leads, Turning 65 Leads (Seniors 64 and 65 with Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B), Medicare leads list and other types of senior prospects.
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Medicare Advantage Leads That You Can Close

For the last few years, since the passage of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, more and more seniors have begun shopping for Medicare Advantage plans from private insurers. Precise Leads can provide you with access to this rapidly growing segment of new consumers.
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Medicare Supplement Leads

Closing Ratio Up to 80% Over the last decade Senior Sales® created a strong standing reputation as the number One Medicare Supplement leads generation company for Medicare Supplement marketing organizations by offering exclusive Medicare preset appointments and phone leads that are precisely filtered based on market specific criteria. Each ap […]
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Health Insurance Leads, Medicare Leads, Medicare Supplement and Advantage, Life Insurance Leads, Auto Insurance Leads

If you are looking to generate new business Precise Leads can help! We provide the best insurance leads in the business. Our real-time system and verification technology give you the edge. Join us and find out what countless agents and insurance companies have known for years

Highmark Blue Shield of Pennsylvania Medicare Plans

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FreedomBlue PPO is a Medicare Advantage Preferred-Provider Organization that gives you coverage for every need – health, prescription drugs, routine dental, vision, hearing and preventive care. FreedomBlue PPO lets you choose where you receive your care, throughout the FreedomBlue PPO network and the combined Blue Plan Medicare Advantage PPO networks that span counties in 29 states and Puerto Rico, or out of the network anywhere you may travel. FreedomBlue PPO is available to individuals who are entitled to Medicare Part A and enrolled in Medicare Part B who live in one of 62 Pennsylvania counties. FreedomBlue PPO covers all Medicare-covered benefits, including preventive care, doctor visits, hospital stays and more. Plus, you get added benefits, such as vision, hearing, and dental care. All FreedomBlue PPO plans come with Part D Prescription Drug coverage, giving you access to all drugs allowed by Medicare. With FreedomBlue PPO, you get the freedom to see any doctor – along with the strength and stability of one of the largest provider networks in the state, plus you never need a referral to see a specialist. Deductibles, coinsurance and limitations apply to out-of-network services except for urgent and emergency care.
Source: online-health-insurance.com

Highmark Medicare Resources

Below, you will find a collection of tip-sheets that will help you get a good understanding of how Medicare works. All you have to do is click on the arrows to instantly download the information. Remember to check back, as we’ll be updating the information periodically.
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Highmark Direct :: Medicare Information

A Medicare Supplement policy is different from a Medicare Advantage Plan.  MA plans offer ways to get Medicare benefits, while a Medicare Supplement policy only supplements your Original Medicare benefits.  You can purchase a Medicare Supplement insurance plan from a private company to help pay for costs and services that your Original Medicare doesn’t cover.  In addition to helping offset Original Medicare’s high cost-sharing (copayment, coinsurance and deductible costs). Medicare Supplement policies may cover other services such as medical care during travel outside of the U.S.
Source: highmarkdirect.com

Highmark Medicare Services is now Novitas Solutions

Physicians and medical billing companies should not face many disruptions as a result of this transition. According to Novitas Solutions, the current Highmark Medicare website will be fully transitioned to the new Novitas site by March 30, 2012. During the transition, visitors to the old website (https://www.highmarkmedicareservices.com) will be automatically re-directed to the new Novitas Solutions website (https://www.novitas-solutions.com), where a new header and page logo can be seen. Bookmarks that users may already have for the Highmark website will purportedly still work with the new page. The Electronic Payer ID has not appeared to change, so claims submission and processing should remain unaffected by the transition. For more information, see the Informational Alert here: https://www.novitas-solutions.com/partb/info-alerts.html.
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Georgia Medicare Supplements

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Georgia Medicare Supplements provides an added bonus as well as competitive rates: a staff that is dedicated to helping you complete your application and answer any questions you may have before or after you receive coverage. This includes discussing health conditions, the six-month waiting period, rate guarantees, and premium changes that might matter to you while getting your coverage. Finding an agent that specializes in this area is important so that no mistakes are made.
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Medicare Information for Retirees

Annuitants and certain individuals on subsidized extended coverage age 65 or older who wish to pay subsidized rates for health insurance premiums must enroll in the Medicare Advantage (MA) PPO Standard or Premium option offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGa).  See Plan Documents for rate resolutions and annuitant subsidy policies.
Source: georgia.gov

Georgia Medicare Plans Insurance Enrollment Forms Premium Rates Toll Free Helpline For 2010 2011

Medicare And Insurance Plans Welcome to Georgia Medicare Plans. This site has been designed to assist Georgia Residents in understanding Medicare and Insurance in simple, basic terms. Our goal is to help guide Georgia residents through the complex world of Medicare and Medicare insurance plans. You may call our toll free number or contact us online We have compiled an assortment of helpful videos, general information, and documents to help the consumer. You may browse our site for free and call our toll-free helpline as needed. Our services are 100% free to the consumer. Our staff is available to assist you in all areas of Medicare insurance plan enrollment. If you are eligible for any extra help programs we will be happy to guide you through the process and assist you with any type of enrollment materials that you may require. Our knowledgeable advisors will walk you through the complex wotld of Medicare and simplify the process. Please feel free to call our toll free number at any time for assistance. Below Is A Short Video Compliments Of Humana    
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Medicare.gov: the official U.S. government site for Medicare

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Source: medicare.gov