How Will the Uninsured in Nevada Fare Under the Affordable Care Act?

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The ACA will help many currently uninsured Nevadans gain health coverage by providing coverage options across the income spectrum for low and moderate-income people. While almost all of the uninsured in Nevada are eligible for some type of coverage under the ACA, the impact of the ACA will depend on take-up of coverage among the eligible uninsured, and outreach and enrollment efforts will be an important factor in decreasing the uninsured rate. The ACA includes a requirement that most individuals obtain health coverage, but some people (such as the lowest income or those without an affordable option) are exempt and others may still remain uninsured. There is no deadline for enrolling in Medicaid coverage under the ACA, and open enrollment in the Marketplaces continues through March 2014. Continued attention to who gains coverage as the ACA is fully implemented and who is excluded from its reach—as well as whether and how their health needs are being met—can help inform decisions about the future of health coverage in Nevada.

Video: Nevada Medigap aka Medicare Supplementary Insurance

State Neglected Medicare Payments Since 1986

The Nevada Appeal reports the federal government began requiring state and local governments to pay into Medicare in 1986. Budget Director Jeff Mohlenkamp says judges and members of boards and commissions fell through the cracks, and neither the employee nor state share was paid.

Medicare Contractor Changes in California, Nevada, and Hawaii – September, 16, 2013

The good news for our clients is that they do not need to make ANY changes in their Payer Setup to accommodate this change. Our clearinghouse, Capario, is managing this transition. They have done all appropriate testing, and all the necessary changes will be made at the clearinghouse. Nothing needs to be done within OfficeEMR. This should be a seamless transition for our clients.

Counselors available at Carson City Library Saturday to address Medicare Part D Deadline

Day R. Williams scored top of his law school class in Evidence and Constitutional Law, and he wrote for the Law Review. He is known as a fine legal writer. Day has practiced solo for more than 20 years in Carson City. He has handled contract disputes, personal injuries, bad faith by insurance companies, probate, estates and trusts, appeals, and a murder case. Day has tried cases and appeared in court in Carson City, Reno, Minden, Yerington, Ely, Fallon, Pahrump, and Las Vegas, and he has argued before the Nevada Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He was a driving force in the first citizen-initiated grand jury in Nevada’s history.

On eve of Medicare anniversary, seniors in Nevada save $41 million on drugs

People with Medicare in the donut hole now receive discounts and some coverage when they purchase prescription drugs at a pharmacy or order them through the mail, until they reach the catastrophic coverage phase. The Affordable Care Act gave those who reached the donut hole in 2010 a one-time $250 check, then began phasing in discounts and coverage for brand-name and generic prescription drugs beginning in 2011. The law will provide additional savings each year until the coverage gap is closed in 2020.

Where are the New Medicare ACOs? A Regional Breakdown

1. ACMG (Florida, Georgia) 2. ACO Providers (Texas) 3. Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Houston (Texas) 4. Accountable Care Coalition of Maryland Primary Care (District of Columbia, Maryland) 5. Accountable Care Coalition of Mississippi (Mississippi) 6. Accountable Health Care 4U (Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia) 7. Accountable Physicians of North Mississippi (Mississippi) 8. Arkansas Accountable Care (Arkansas) 9. Arkansas Health Network (Arkansas) 10. Augusta Care Partners (Virginia) 11. Baroma Health Partners (Florida) 12. Baroma Health Partners (Louisiana) 13. Bayview Physicians (North Carolina, Virginia) 14. Broward Guardian (Florida) 15. Buena Vida y Salud (Texas) 16. Care Coordination Services (Virginia, West Virginia) 17. Carolinas ACO (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia) 18. CaroMont (North Carolina, South Carolina) 19. Central Virginia Accountable Care Collaborative (North Carolina, Virginia) 20. Colonial ACO (South Carolina) 21. Covenant Health Partners (New Mexico, Texas) 22. Delmarva Health Network (Delaware) 23. Duke Connected Care (North Carolina) 24. First Coast Health Alliance (Florida) 25. Genesis Accountable Physician Network (Texas) 26. Georgia Physicians for Accountable Care (Georgia) 27. Health Choice Care (Florida, Missouri, Rhode Island) 28. Health Connect ACO (Virginia) 29. Health Point ACO (Florida) 30. Johns Hopkins Medicine Alliance for Patients (District of Columbia, Maryland) 31. Loudoun Medical Group ACO (Virginia, West Virginia) 32. Louisiana Physicians ACO (Louisiana) 33. MD Valuecare (Virginia) 34. Medical Clinic of North Texas (Texas) 35. Mid-Atlantic Primary Care ACO (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) 36. North Georgia HealthCare Partnership (Alabama, Georgia) 37. Northeast Alabama Primary Health Care (Alabama) 38. Northwest Florida Health Partners (Alabama, Florida, Mississippi) 39. Oklahoma Health Initiatives (Kansas, Oklahoma) 40. Orange Accountable Care of South Florida (Florida) 41. Physician First ACO (Florida) 42. Premier Patient Healthcare (Oklahoma, Texas) 43. PremierMD ACO (Florida) 44. Privia Quality Network (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) 45. Seton Health Alliance (Texas) 46. St. Joseph Health Partners ACO (Texas) 47. St. Vincent’s Accountable Care Organization (Florida) 48. Sunshine ACO (Texas) 49. SW Provider Partners (Texas) 50. THP-Meritus ACO (Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) 51. Tidewater Accountable Care Organization (Virginia) 52. University Radiology Development Corporation (Virginia) 53. UPSA ACO (Texas) 54. UR Care (District of Columbia, Maryland) 55. UT Southwestern Accountable Care Network (Texas) 56. VPI ACO (Virginia) 57. WakeMed Key Community Care (North Carolina)

MedicareBob’s Blog: Carson City County Nevada Medicare Supplement Quotes

The three most comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plans are: Medicare Supplement Plan F: Full Coverage Medicare Supplement Plan G: Small Deductible ($147.00) Medicare Supplement N: Small Deductible & Copays (Part B Excess

Second Nevada psych hospital under investigation by Medicaid

An investigation by The Sacramento Bee earlier this year found the Las Vegas hospital had bused nearly 1,500 patients out of state over five years, with roughly 500 sent to California. That investigation was triggered after James F. Brown, who suffered from schizophrenia and depression, was given a one-way bus ticket in February to Sacramento, Calif., where he knew no one. The American Civil Liberties Union and a Sacramento attorney have since filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on his behalf.