A Look at the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work Program

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The purpose of Ticket to Work is to help injured workers adjust to a new line of work, so they can return to a new employment position if they desire. As a result, people with disabilities don’t have to choose between health care coverage and work. At the same time, it gives more Americans with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the workplace, while lessening their dependence on public benefits. When someone participates in the Ticket to Work program, the Social Security Administration doesn’t review his or her medical condition as he or she progresses.
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Video: Hawaii News Now – Senator Hirono helps expand Social Security services to West Hawaii residents


Recent indications suggest the feds are becoming increasingly concerned over Social Security buildings becoming a target for irate Americans. The DHS ran a controversial drill in January 2012 dubbed “Operation Shield,” during which FPS agents armed with semiautomatic guns were posted outside a Social Security office in Florida accompanied by sniffer dogs as they checked the ID’s of visitors. The exercise centered around “detecting the presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities.” DHS officials refused to speak to the media when asked about the drill.
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Three win $65M BPA to support Social Security Administration

Join Washington Technology’s Editor-in-Chief Nick Wakeman as he analyzes the annual Top 100 list and reveals critical insights into how market trends have impacted its composition. You’ll learn what movements of individual companies means and how the market overall is being impacted by the current budget environment, how the Top 100 rankings reflect the major trends in the market today and how the biggest companies in the market are adapting to today’s competitive environment.
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Changes in the Social Security Administration

As of February 2014, the Social Security Administration will no longer offer Social Security number (SSN) printouts and benefit verification information in our field offices.  However, to ensure a smooth transition, we will continue providing these services if requested until April 2014.  We are making these changes to meet the increasing demands for our services at the same time that our agency budget has been significantly cut by over $1B in each of the last three years.  During this same time period we have invested in technology that offers more convenient, cost-effective, and secure options for our customers to obtain certain services without visiting a local office.
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Report Social Security Economic Engine for Michigan / Public News Service

LANSING, Mich. – As the stalemate over the federal budget continues in Washington, supporters of Social Security in Michigan say there is good reason to leave this program out of the debate. Social Security is not just a benefit older adults in Michigan receive. It’s also an economic engine, according to a new report from AARP Public Policy Institute. The study found that every $1 paid out to Social Security beneficiaries generates $2 for Michigan’s economy, to the tune of $55 billion. “People who get Social Security checks are using that money to invest in the local economy,” said Mark Hornbeck, communications director for AARP Michigan… That economic investment also helped Michigan workers find or keep 381,000 jobs last year, according to the study. While some lawmakers have proposed drastic cuts as part of the current budget negotiations, Hornbeck said cuts to Social Security would not just impact the bottom line for beneficiaries but would have a devastating effect on people of all ages, on businesses, and on job growth because the program has such a powerful multiplier effect. “Folks who get Social Security checks are out there buying goods and services,” he said, “and as a result we need people employed to provide those goods and services.” Roughly 1.4 million Michiganders receive Social Security benefits. The full report, “Social Security’s Impact on the National Economy,” is online at aarp.org.
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Cherry Hill NJ Social Security Lawyer Elizabeth Patterson Helps Clients Complete Disability Reports

Elizabeth A. Patterson, one of the leading South Jersey social security disability lawyers, recently announced her decision to add a new service to her portfolio. Patterson now helps clients complete their Social Security Disability benefits application. Although the Supplemental Security Income Application must be completed in a Social Security Administration’s District Office, Attorney Patterson can also help those applying for either SSD or SSI complete the Disability Report, which must accompany all applications.  According to an article available on the lawyer’s website, the two Social Security Administration programs can offer great benefits to people who cannot work due to disabilities. However, the only people who can qualify for these programs are those who have a disability and meet certain medical and non-medical criteria. Each application must include a description of the conditions or diseases that the applicant is claiming has caused them to be disabled, detailed information concerning the doctors they have seen for treatment, the hospitals where they have been treated, the medical tests they have been given, and their current medications.  Additionally, the application and disability report ask non-medical questions concerning educational background, work history, and other personal data. Attorney Patterson can help guide clients in choosing a beginning date of disability that best meets the Social Security Administration’s requirements for disability. She understands that the claims process can be extremely frustrating, especially because the paperwork required is very detailed and the requirements for being awarded benefits are very strict.  Since 1992, Attorney Patterson has provided excellent advice to her clients in regards to matters of Social Security disability. Patterson is committed to offering affordable individualized attention to each client and ensuring that each person gets his or her questions answered. The disability lawyer only charges clients if they win benefits.  Many people who have used Patterson’s services were extremely pleased with her work.  “I tried to help my mother with her claim for Social Security Disability benefits, but nothing I did worked,” said M. Reyes, a former client of the Gloucester County social security lawyer. “She was denied and I suggested that she hire you. Without your knowledge about how to fight for Social Security benefits, she never would have won the case and received her benefits.” Individuals interested in learning more about Elizabeth A. Patterson and her social security services can visit the SSI benefits Camden County NJ lawyer’s website for more information.  About Elizabeth Patterson: Since 2002, the Law Offices of Elizabeth A. Patterson, LLC has offered her services as a disability attorney to people seeking to apply for disability and to people seeking to appeal the denial of their application for Social Security disability benefits. Concentrating her practice within South Jersey – Camden, Burlington, Gloucester County, Atlantic, Cape May, Salem, Mercer, and Cumberland Counties – social security lawyer Elizabeth A. Patterson provides personalized attention as she helps individuals apply for Social Security Disability Benefits and Social Security Disability appeals. Every initial consultation with social security lawyer Elizabeth Patterson is available at no cost, and each client will personally speak with her—never with a paralegal or a staff person. For more information, please visit http://socialsecuritydisabilityappeals.com  ### Company: Elizabeth Patterson Contact: Karl Delgado Phone: (949) 555-2861 Email: admin[@]rocketfactor.com
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IOD Incorporated Partners with the Social Security Administration Using the Michigan Health Information Network Gateway

“Social Security handles a large volume of paperwork received from providers responding to requests of medical records for SSA disability claims determinations,” said George Abatjoglou, Chief Executive Officer of IOD. “Working closely with MiHIN, IOD is proactively solving the growing labor and paper intensive problem. MiHIN’s advanced approach has already been integrated and tested with IOD’s eDetermine™ platform and we have hospital systems ready to start testing as soon as possible. Each successful exchange of medical records is a fully automated process leveraging the same industry standards behind the Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements, providing significant benefits for providers, payers, but most importantly, for patients.” Social Security has one of the largest disability programs in the world, requesting about 15 million medical records annually from approximately 500,000 providers to make decisions on around 3 million initial disability claims.
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