Nearly 1,500 Hospitals Penalized Under Medicare Program Rating Quality

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This program is one of several Medicare has launched to make hospitals and doctors pay more attention to how their treatments compare with other hospitals, and to be more careful with public money. Medicare gives bonuses to the private Medicare Advantage insurance plans that score well on quality metrics. In 2015, the health law calls for the government to begin a quality payment program for physician groups of 100 professionals or more, and that is to be expanded to all doctors by 2017. The goal of all these programs is to replace the current financial incentive in Medicare, in which the only way for a hospital to get paid more is to perform more procedures and take on more patients.

Video: How To Compare Medicare Part D Plans For 2014

UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH): UnitedHealth drops doctors from Medicare Advantage Plans

“Finally, like good dna deficient republicans that they are their rationale will be "Obama made me do it" What an interesting comment. The health insurance industry has spent billions, if not tens or hundreds of billions lobbying for the ACA while Republicans have been trying to repeal it. CEO’s throughout the health insurance industry personally contributed millions of $$ to Obama’s reelection campaign while Republicans have (again) tried to repeal it. How much money did the health care industry contribute to the Republicans? I don’t see any connection between Republicans and the ACA; perhaps you could elaborate on the ‘DNA’ connection. I don’t understand how any part of the ACA can fail considering it was written (but not read) by the illuminati of the Democratic Party. Obamacare was to be our salvation from those greedy insurance companies. Does this mean it isn’t working? (That was rhetorical) With health insurance companies kicking far more people off their rolls than they are signing up, I was salivating while preparing my list of companies to short, but it appears those DNA deficient Republicans (joined by some equally DNA deficient Democrats) are trying to prevent not only millions of Americans from losing their health insurance, but the collapse of the insurance industry, deserved or not. It’s unfortunate that some people seem to be unable or unwilling to assign blame squarely on those who crafted this legislation, not those who have been trying to get rid of it.

Medicare and Affordable Care Act

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Q1Group Analysis Shows Fewer 5

About the Website is one of the largest independent online resources for Medicare Part D prescription drug plan and Medicare Advantage plan information. Q1Medicare offers a large selection of Frequently Asked Questions, online tools, and a free Medicare Part D Newsletter all designed to help Medicare beneficiaries, healthcare professionals, advocates, advisers, caregivers, and insurance agents better understand both the Medicare Part D prescription drug and Medicare Advantage programs. is operated by Q1Group LLC (Saint Augustine, Florida).

Medicare Advantage Showcased as the Model for Medicare Reform

The National Coalition on Health Care (a nonprofit organization representing 80 organizations who support comprehensive health system change) and the Partnership for the Future of Medicare (a bipartisan organization supporting the long-term security of Medicare) have a new lobbying message – don’t kill the golden goose.  Recognizing the upcoming budget battles this year and next, these organizations presented their lobbying strategy which will feature Medicare Advantage plans as the model for a sustainable Medicare program.  John Rother from the National Coalition, Lanhee Chen from Stanford University, and Ken Thorpe from Emory University highlighted the innovations in Medicare Advantage plans that should serve as the model for reforming Medicare fee-for-service.  These innovative programs focus on beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions that drive Medicare costs and include care coordination, disease management, team-based care, transitional care, medication management, prevention, health coaching, and evidence based lifestyle programs.  They argued that Medicare Advantage plans are already facing a 6.7 percent payment reduction in 2014 and that any further cuts will lead to threats to these innovative initiatives that should be encouraged and not penalized.  They discussed research studies showing that MA plans had higher quality scores in 9 of 11 HEDIS measures compared to FFS, 13 – 20 percent lower readmission rates, lower hospital costs including a spillover effect to the overall health system in areas with high MA enrollment, and lower mortality rates.

Golden Triangle Senior Medical Info: How do Medicare Advantage Plans Work? by EPO

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Medicare 101: Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plans

Medicare Advantage is an alternative to Original Medicare. It is also called Part C or a MA Plan. These plans are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, the plan will provide all of your Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance) coverage.