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Video: Medicare Part C Overview

Medicare and the Affordable Care Act: Separating Rumor from Reality

The Health Insurance Marketplace may be a good option for people under age 65 who are disabled and waiting for Medicare eligibility. If someone is receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and waiting out the 24-month Medicare eligibility period, they can potentially source health insurance coverage through the Marketplace during that time, and take advantage of any subsidies and assistance they may qualify for to pay for the coverage they find. However, once eligible for Medicare, the SSDI recipient must enroll in Medicare on time (or face late enrollment penalties), and should strongly consider disenrolling in their Marketplace plan because they will lose any Marketplace subsidies (most likely making their previous coverage very expensive). Unfortunately, there are still very few affordable choices in terms of Medicare supplement plans for this younger population of Medicare beneficiaries – Medicaid maybe the only practical “supplement” to Medicare for them.

Should You Change Medicare Part D?

• Does the Part D plan cover all the medications I’m taking? • Does the Part D plan require me to follow certain rules, before I can get my drugs? • Does the Part D plan work with the pharmacy I go to or have a mail-order option? (You pay the least if you get your drugs from a preferred, in-network pharmacy. You may also pay less for drugs if you use mail-order options.) • How much is the Part D plan’s monthly premium and annual deductible? • How much will I pay for each drug that I need? • What is this Part D plan’s star rating?

Medicare Open Enrollment is from now until December 7

Medicare has four categories: Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C (Medicare Advantage Plan), and Part D. Each part provides different coverage. It may be to your advantage to consult a Benefits Specialist if you need assistance in determining which plan is right for you. Visit to review and compare your coverage options.

Golden Triangle Senior Medical Info: How do Medicare Advantage Plans Work? by EPO

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Bridging the Gap in Your Medicare Policy

Medicare Supplemental Plan: Also known as Medigap, this plan supplements the coverage gaps by covering the cost of co-payments and deductibles. This plan has a higher premium since it covers more out-of-pocket costs, but it results in medical treatment at little to no cost for policyholders. Medigap policies may also cover circumstances that original Medicare will not cover, such as medical treatment while traveling outside of the country.

Humana Medicare Part C In Health Content Articles

If there are a number medical insurance employers out there, you will need to be careful picking the right selection for your needs. Depending on this exact needs, undertake it ! go through important Medicare supplement offers know what each of the is there available to buy and what could be chosen. Discovering which class many medical insurance coverages solutions out there, you might grow to be confused on generate the decision. This is the best places to check out many types of Medicare supplemental insurance rates and assess buying solution for the public.

APPRISE counsels seniors on Medicare options

“It’s an opportunity for citizens to look at their healthcare needs and look at their current coverage and perhaps what they’re paying for that coverage and determine if they need to make a change,” Duke says.  An example would be if a person has a chronic disease, it may advance as they age and they may have a change in mediation or change in regimen of care.  He says:

The Additional Medicare Tax, Part 4

While these two taxes are calculated on the same base of income, there are significant differences. The self-employed person takes a deduction for half the self-employment tax as an adjustment to income on page 1 of the Form 1040. That’s because the regular Social Security and Medicare taxes are imposed equally on the employer and on the employee. And the employer gets to deduct the employer’s share of this tax as a business deduction. The employee portion of the tax, however, isn’t tax-deductible. What about the additional Medicare tax? The additional Medicare tax is imposed only on the individual. There’s no employer matching portion. Self-employed persons do not get to deduct half the additional Medicare tax.

How and when to sign up for Medicare

If you are eligible, you have the choice of accepting or rejecting Part B coverage. If you want Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, then you should sign your Medicare card and keep it in your wallet. If you don’t want Part B, you put an “X” in the refusal box on the back of the Medicare card form, and send the form to the address shown right below where your signature goes. About four weeks later, you will get a new Medicare card indicating that you only have Part A coverage.3