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A. Either you misheard or you were misinformed. Because you are a CSRS Offset retiree, at age 62, your CSRS annuity will be reduced (offset) by the amount of Social Security benefit you earned while a CSRS Offset employee. You’ll still receive the same amount, but part of it will come from the Office of Personnel Management and the rest from the Social Security Administration. At age 65, you’ll be entitled to Medicare Part A coverage because you already paid for it through payroll deductions while working. Whether you apply for Medicare Part B is up to you. Medicare Part A will be primary and your Federal Employees Health Benefits plan secondary. If you don’t enroll in Part B, your FEHB plan will be your only coverage; however, the benefits will conform to the payment rules for Medicare Part B.

Video: Obama To Cut Social Security And Medicare?

Tea Party Patron Saint Ayn Rand Applied for Social Security, Medicare Benefits

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Daily Kos: Paul Ryan is still coming for your Social Security and Medicare

but it is a Republican argument and the argument becomes more compelling with the middle class if they see endless years of paying taxes without any return.  And while as good Democrats we know we want this program to be solid for the senior who has to live on nothing but Social Security, the only way we make that happen is if the middle class is willing to pay the payroll tax so it has to be a good deal for them.  This is why I think the 3rd Way types are so insidious because the cuts they keep wanting to make hit the middle class without harming the wealthy which makes me wonder if we’re just seeing a two pronged attack to make privatization inevitable.  And once young people like you believe that’s going to happen, then again we lose the support for the program.

Social Security and Medicare taxes and benefits: Things change, but we’re still going broke

Gene Steurle and Caleb Quackenbush of the Urban Institute have updated their figures showing the lifetime Social Security and Medicare taxes people pay, based on when they’re born, and the lifetime benefits they can expect to receive (I’ve produced similar figures in analyzing whether America’s retirees have truly “paid” for their Medicare benefits).

Seniors lose insurance AND doctors under Obamacare

The company is asking elected officials to avoid further cuts to the program, “We’ve been lobbying Congress to help insure that Medicare Advantage is appropriately funded to avoid further increases in premiums and changes in the product,” Vincz told TheDC. “We are hoping to make this a one time experience.”