Kaiser: Medicare Reform Ideas

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Kaiser Family Foundation Medicare options

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Kaiser: Medicare Reform Ideas

“”Beyond that though, your concept should fit with the thoughts and values of its users and that couldn’t be simpler in healthcare.”To me, and apologies if I missed it, there’s a gap in this list of five and that is the NEEDS of the users. And I think gross assumptions tend to be made about what user needs are in healthcare, largely because it follows a pattern of “I’ve got a great idea – Let’s …”
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Kaiser Family Foundation holds forum on Medicare, Healthcare Reform and People with Disabilities

On Wednesday September 8, the Kaiser Family Foundation held a forum examining the health care issues facing people with disabilities and the opportunities and challenges presented by the new health care reform law enacted earlier this year.  The discussion explored the changes in health reform that could affect access to affordable health care for people with disabilities as well as the current and future role of the Medicare program in serving this population.
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beSpacific: Kaiser Report

“With Medicare expected to be a key part of Washington

CrummeyService.com Accepts Equity Investment

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In order for a gift to a trust to qualify for the annual gift tax exclusion, currently $13,000 per beneficiary, the IRS requires trust beneficiaries to be given formal written notice of their right to withdraw the gifted amount if they choose to do so (Crummey v Commissioner, 397 F.2d 82 (9th cir 1968)). CrummeyService.com technology reminds the grantor to make the gift to the trust, notifies the beneficiaries of their right to withdraw the gifted amounts, and provides an independent third-party record of the entire process.
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The Inside Straight: Socialized Medicine: a Preview ?

For instance, when my wife was hospitalized in 2005, there was an unexplained balance left unpaid to the hospital. We explored this issue with the hospital and with Horizon for several months, and were told by the latter all invoices presented had been paid in full. In 2007, while my wife was in intensive care fighting for her life, I received a notice from a collection agency. The hospital had NOT been paid the balance, had given up trying to collect it from Horizon, and had finally invoked the little clause on the Admission documents that says the patient is responsible if the insurance carrier refuses to pay.
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Horizon BCBSNJ launches AskBlue and AskBlue Medicare

Medicare, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s interactive online tools. If your clients and their employees are experiencing layoffs or a loss of group coverage, your clients can direct their employees to AskBlue and AskBlue Medicare. These tools can help lead your clients and their employees to information about the individual health coverage that best matches their needs.
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Great Places to Work: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, Be…

Additional Policies and Practices: Workplace Culture/Continued Opportunities: Employees working 15 or more hours per week are eligible for a tuition reimbursement benefit. Full- and part-time employees are offered in-house classroom training, online training and certification classes.   Long-service anniversaries are celebrated with announcements, parties and awards. Horizon developed an online employee news center entitled ‘Connections’ because of requests from employees for more timely and consistent company and industry news. Employees can work in temporary assignments in other departments, on team projects, and on cross-divisional task forces to gain new experiences and develop new skills.   Benefits/Health: Employees working 20 or more hours per week receive individual and family medical coverage, individual and family prescription drug coverage, individual and family vision and dental insurance, individual and family long-term care insurance, as well as short- and long-term disability. Health benefits for retirees include individual and spouse medical and prescription drug coverage, as well as individual life insurance or other death benefit coverage. New hires are eligible for all of the above benefits upon retirement. Flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs) and health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) are available to assist in covering out-of-pocket health care costs.
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Despite Potential Benefits, Medicare Slow to Utilize Telehealth

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Video: EHR: Medicare Incentive Program Attestation Webinar for Eligible Professionals

Medicare Program Exclusion Can have Devastating and Far

I am not a physician, but I was an aide. Another woman and myself shared a client and while I worked through an agency she had an IP number which meant many hoops for her anytime there were changes to the schedule. This being the case she and I would swap hours on occasion if one of us needed to, but still bill what was scheduled. For instance if I was working 8-12 and she 12-4 and she had an afternoon appointment we would swap. Same number of hours, just at a different time on the same day. I understand now that this wasn’t good practice, but when she went to Florida on vacation with her family and continued to bill, my life ended upside down. I spent a weekend in jail, plead quilty to a misdemeanor and lost my job. I am ashamed and embarassed and do my best to make sure no one knows about what has happened. I only made 10 per hour but it was a job and it kept a single mother of 3 off welfare. I never took anything from anyone and I feel the weight of this everyday! I only w
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OIG Exclusion List Updated : New Jersey Healthcare Blog

Under federal law, if an individual becomes excluded under any federal program, including Medicare and Medicaid, then the federal government will not pay reimbursement to anyone for services provided by the excluded individual.  The government has previously indicated that this title applies not only to clinical services but also to administrative services provided by excluded individuals, including billing and claims processing.  Since the government will not pay for any services where an excluded individual provided services, and the government has imposed an affirmative duty on providers to check the exclusion status of their employees, it is important to take the steps necessary to confirm that none of your employees or contractors are on the LEIE.
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Texas Nursing Jurisprudence: Medicare/Medicaid Exclusion:Texas Nursing Board Attorney, BON Lawyer, Texas Board of Nurse Examiners, Nurse License Defense, TPAPN

You decided that you can’t fight the Nursing Board any longer or something has come up that affects your ability to fight the Nursing Board, so you decide to voluntarily surrender your nursing license or perhaps the Board suspends or revokes your license, so you decide that you will work as a nurse’s aide or maybe a tech in a hospital or clinic. However, if the cause of the suspension or revocation is one designated by the Social Security Act as a practice violation that merits action, you may find yourself unable to even work as an aide or tech. The specific law is: Pursuant to section 1128(b)(4) of the Social Security Act, the Office of the Inspector General may exclude an individual or entity- (A) whose license to provide health care has been revoked or suspended by any State licensing authority, or who otherwise lost such a license or the right to apply for or renew such a license, for reasons bearing on the individual’s or entity’s professional competence, professional performance, or financial integrity, or (B) who surrendered such a license while a formal disciplinary proceeding was pending before such an authority and the proceeding concerned the individual’s or entity’s professional competence, professional performance, or financial integrity. Pursuant to section 1128(c)(3)(E) of the Act, the length of an exclusion under section 1128(b)(4) – shall not be less than the period during which the individual’s or entity’s license to provide health care is revoked, suspended, or surrendered, or the individual or entity is excluded or suspended from a Federal or State health care program. So, what this means is that you are not allowed to work for any entity, no matter what your role, that receives Medicare/Medicaid funding. Also, when the exclusion period is over, you have to make a formal request to be removed from the excluded list; your name is not automatically removed when the time is up. There are many more caveats to this law, but this is just a quick glance in order to warn nurses that may be looking at voluntary surrender.
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Rebel Doctor Web Log: Medicare Benzodiazepine Exclusion

Last month APA praised Reps. Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.) and Jim Ramstad (R-Minn.) for co-sponsoring legislation that would reverse the exclusion of benzodiazepine medications from reimbursement under the new Medicare Part D drug benefit. The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) contained language that required that benzodiazepines be excluded from coverage by the new drug benefit, which begins January 1, 2006 (Psychiatric News, February 4). Psychiatrist Stevan Gressitt, M.D., founder of the Maine Benzodiazepine Study Group, told Psychiatric News during an interview for a previous article,
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Healthcare Fraud Shield’s “The Buzz”: What You Should Know about the OIG Exclusion (LEIE) List!

Permissive exclusions: OIG has discretion to exclude individuals and entities on a number of grounds, including misdemeanor convictions related to health care fraud other than Medicare or a State health program, fraud in a program (other than a health care program) funded by any Federal, State or local government agency; misdemeanor convictions relating to the unlawful manufacture, distribution, prescription, or dispensing of controlled substances; suspension, revocation, or surrender of a license to provide health care for reasons bearing on professional competence, professional performance, or financial integrity; provision of unnecessary or substandard services; submission of false or fraudulent claims to a Federal health care program;  engaging in unlawful kickback arrangements; and defaulting on health education loan or scholarship obligations; and controlling a sanctioned entity as an owner, officer, or managing employee.
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Medicare Targets Health Plans With Low Ratings

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Record shop Ithaca, NY by exaktaMedicare officials are encouraging 525,000 beneficiaries to switch out of these 26 Medicare Advantage and drug plans that have received low ratings for three consecutive years and enroll in better plans for next year. The poor performing plans will have this warning symbol next to their names on Medicare’s plan finder website to steer shoppers to other plans.
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Health First Health Plans’ “Choosing the Right Medicare Advantage Plan”

“We have complex case managers who help members with cancer or high-risk diseases navigate the health care system,” explains Dr. Brady, who’s an internal medicine physician who originally joined the Health First Physicians Group team in 2003 and has treated many Medicare beneficiaries. “In addition to our hospital transition program, we have a physician home visiting program that allows homebound members to receive care. We have a 24-hour-a-day nurse line that allows members to speak to a nurse any time of day, as well as many online wellness and disease management tools, including online and telephone-based health coaching. And, members with certain diseases qualify for state-of-the-art telemonitoring of their blood pressure, weight, and blood sugar levels to help their physician manage their condition.”
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PRESS RELEASE: Clarence Cooper, Illegal Marketer of Medicare Information Admits Role in Detroit

The fellow that can only see a week ahead is always the popular fellow, for he is looking with the crowd. But the one that can see years ahead, he has a telescope but he can’t make anybody believe that he has it. ~~~~Will Rogers __The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.~ Albert Einstein _________________________________________I’m a Citizen that takes Politics seriously. I Research and try to Blog or Post things you don’t normally hear. Do we want Politics involving Smoke and Mirrors or the Truth? fredericacade@gmail.com_______________________________________________ ~”I never work better than when I am inspired by anger; for when I am angry, I can write, pray, and preach well, for then my whole temperament is quickened, my understandingsharpen​ed, and all mundane vexations and temptations depart.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. _________________________________________________________________________________________ ~”The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment”.~___________________________________ George Washington, Address to the Members of the Volunteer Association of Ireland, December 2, 1783
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Health Subcommittee Outlines 2013 Agenda, Panel Announces First Hearing will be on Medicare Physician Payment

WASHINGTON, DC – The Health Subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA), today outlined a number of the panel’s priorities for the 113th Congress. In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of our nation’s health care system, Pitts announced the subcommittee will continue to monitor the implementation of the health care law, examine ways to provide states with more flexibility to manage Medicaid programs, continue efforts to ensure America remains the leader in medical innovation, and modernize and strengthen Medicare for future generations. The subcommittee will launch the 113th Congress with a hearing on Medicare physician payment on Thursday, February 14, 2013, at 10:15 a.m. in 2123 Rayburn House Office Building.
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Bundled payments, DMEPOS, regulatory reform, and ESRD

We also announced a major expansion of the Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) Competitive Bidding Program.  In its first year of operation, competitive bidding, where prices are based on suppliers’ bids, saved the Medicare program, and taxpayers, over $202 million, while maintaining access to quality products for Medicare beneficiaries in the nine areas of the country where the program launched.   It’s a great example of the Administration’s determination to put the brakes on runaway healthcare costs.  With this expansion in the program, Medicare beneficiaries in 91 major metropolitan areas will save an average of 45 percent on certain DMEPOS items beginning in July.  Between 2013 and 2022, we estimate that the expansion of the DMEPOS program will save Medicare $25.7 billion, while saving beneficiaries, who pay a percentage for medical equipment and supplies, $17.1 billion through lower prices.
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Health First Health Plans Offers Medicare Advantage Plans …

At Health First Health Plans, eligible beneficiaries can choose from a suite of Medicare options, including four Medicare Advantage plans with Part D Prescription Drug coverage (MA-PD), one Medicare Advantage Plan without Part D prescription drug coverage (MA), two stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans (PDP), and Supplemental Plans (Medigap). ?Typically, you may enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan only during the annual enrollment period from October 15 through December 7 of each year. ?There are exceptions that may allow you to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan outside of this period (otherwise known as Special Election Periods).
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Community Health Plan: Fallon Community Health Plan Medicare Advantage

Excellus (upstate NY) SecureHorizons (national Medicare Advantage plan acquired by United Healthcare) Rhode Island Medicaid Fallon Community Health Plan (MA) Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee Cardiac Imaging No separate entity or program; cardiac imaging is part of overall program
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Obama’s Proposals For Medicare — Do They Go Far Enough? Will They Become Law?

Why has Medicare been overpaying Advantage insurers? Under the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) of 2003 Congress agreed to pay Advantage Insurers 13% more than it would cost traditional Medicare to cover the same seniors.  Since then research has shown that seniors themselves didn’t believe that Advantage is worth the premium.  A 2009 study published in the International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics reveals that, when Advantage beneficiaries were asked how much they would pay, out of their own pocket, for the benefits provided by their insurer, they estimated the value of those benefits at just 14 cents for every extra dollar that Medicare was paying. The Incidental Economist’s Austin Frakt, a coauthor of the report, concluded: “This relatively poor return of value on taxpayer dollars is why I support reductions in Advantage payments.”
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Health First Medicare Supplements Address Coverage Gaps

Plus, as an added service not covered by Medicare, all policy holders are entitled to a free fitness membership at the Health First Pro-Health & Fitness Centers in Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay and Viera, and Parrish Health & Fitness Center in Titusville.
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Daily Kos: GOP’s health care agenda: Crippling Obamacare and Medicare vouchers

On Monday, Franken again expressed his opposition to the tax he voted for.  “I want to repeal the medical device tax altogether,” the senator and former comedian said in a statement.  “But I am concerned that we are running out of time before this job-killing tax goes into effect. So, for now, the best thing to do to ensure that this important industry continues to create jobs and producing life-saving devices is to delay this unwise tax.”  Franken and other want Reid to include a provision to delay the tax in the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations.
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Know a good dentist/veneers in the OC, CA area for patients on medicare/medi

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1pic1thoughtinAug 16 spinach for brains by KatieTTFrankly, I can’t understand what the writer is saying in most of the write-up. I assume that the writer fractured his/her incisor(s) in the fall. A veneer would likely be the incorrect treatment for this type of injury, as this is just a cosmetic covering. Veneers and cosmetic services are typically not covered by insurances, especially Medicare or Medicaid. However, CA may be different. The more appropriate treatment would likely be a crown or resin build-up, as these are more often used to fix broken teeth. The crown would be more likely to last over time. The resin build-up would be initially cheaper.
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Video: Medicare Blues

Save on Dental Care: Dental Tourism Facts to Consider

You can forward this plan to the dentist you have chosen abroad, and also don’ forget to get a copy of your dental records as this will have to be analyzed by the dentist abroad. Depending on the dental treatment plan you get at home, the dentist abroad will be able to give you an opinion regarding whether you need less or more dental work than specified in the plan.
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What Medicare doesn’t cover

Medicaid, a government program which provides some health care services to low-income Americans, provides dental care in some cases, but not all. The coverage rules vary, depending on the age of the individual, and the state in which he or she resides. Several proposals to reform the Medicaid policies surrounding dental care have been presented, including a push for more complete coverage. Proper dental equipment can be critically important. Oral pain cause extreme pain and suffering, along with lost productivity and missed days of work. Certain oral problems can also cause complications such as systemic infections which may turn deadly if not treated. In states which provide more extensive dental compressors, the focus is often on routine preventative care, as this saves money in the long term by addressing dental problems early or preventing them from emerging.All individuals under 21 who are on Medicaid have their dental supplies covered. Individuals over 21 can access varying levels of coverage, depending on the policies in their state. Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Caroline, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming provide care primarily in emergency situations. Some of these states cover emergency dental surgery, while others only cover basic critical care. Residents of California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Washington can access more extended dental services. Each state on this list has some specific restrictions, such as the number of visits in a year, or a copay requirement, but these states generally offer preventative care, such as regular dental exams and cleanings. Some states exclude emergency care, under the argument that dental emergencies should not occur with routine maintenance. Source: wordpress.com
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Health Products for Members: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Fitness

AARP Health is a collection of health related products, services and insurance programs made available by AARP. Neither AARP nor its affiliate is the insurer. AARP contracts with insurers to make coverage available to AARP members.
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Calif. Telehealth Project Aims To Boost Dental Care for Thousands

you know, all these articles I read about dental care for children. I never had dental care when I was a kid. I went through all the many teeth that came out when I was a kid in Chicago. The teeth that became my permanent teeth served me until I was 17 when I went in to the air force. All my teeth were fine except a wisdom tooth that was pulled. Now, at 76, 11 years after I retired and no longer have dental insurance., I can’t go to a dentist because I can’t afford it. WHAT ABOUT US! WHAT ABOUT OLDER AMERICANS WHO DON’T HAVE DENTAL INSURANCE. ? We just don’t count. No dentist will help us. There are dentists here in the U.S. that will volunteer to go to other countries to help adults with dental problems but not here in the U.S. WHY???? I live on Social Security and a very small pension. I can barely scrape enough together to pay my bills, GASOLINE(tell the govt to nationalize the oil companies).and my health care. Yes I have MEDICARE, but there is no coverage for DENTAL CARE.
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Dentist Insurance Options For a MediCare Patient??!!!!! 10 pts?!?

I am in Calif and I checked on the individual dental insurance like Delta and Blue Cross but most of the dentists in my county did not accept the individual plans and my dentist said they cover about 25% of costs and the monthly premiums would be better used paying the dentist directly. Dental insurance does not do much because people wait until they have a problem to buy it, then it doesnt work because there are waiting periods up to 1 1/2 years for serious work. It is better to pay cash for dental if you have a problem rather than let it get worse while you wait. I was in Kaiser Senior Advantage which covered some outside dental. I dont know if it still does cover dental because I am not in Kaiser right now. If your Mom wants to switch to Kaiser she can do it now because Kaiser is 5-star rated. Most dental plans (as opposed to insurance) are with foreign dentists and those of little experience so I would rather pay cash and keep the one I have. He allows me to pay off monthly. Your choices are a dental school for a student at lower cost or a county medical clinic with dental services which costs even less. I dont know where in Calif you are so I cannot recommend much. I am in the bay area.
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Medicare and the Healthcare Reform Act

One drawback to the impending change is that doctors will stop being overpaid for Medicare patients that they see. In an attempt to make Medicare a feasible program, the government must cut costs. Because of this, doctors have indicated that they will see fewer Medicare patients than they currently do, including not taking on new patients. Coverage is also likely to drop in rural areas, where 1 out of 4 Medicare patients live. This means that, while seniors in urban areas will have access to the full range of medical care, their counterparts living in the countryside might not.
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How choice and competition are slowing the rise in US health care costs

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20090418jb_EFCAcanvassingPA_30 by SEIU InternationalAnd this is occurring in a program run entirely through private insurance plans competing with each other for enrollment among Medicare beneficiaries. Naysayers continue to argue that this cost experience has nothing to do with consumer pressure—it’s all supposedly due to the transition from branded drugs to generics. But what’s driving seniors out of branded drugs? It’s the design of the drug benefit being offered by the private plans. Those plans are offering seniors low-premium products with strong incentives for generic substitution, and—surprise, surprise—seniors are readily taking them up on the offer. It turns out that Medicare beneficiaries are just as eager to save on their monthly insurance premiums as everyone else in America. It’s just that this is the first time in the history of Medicare that they have been given the opportunity to cut their expenses by signing up with lower-cost options.
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Video: Shields and Lowry on GOP Veep Choice Paul Ryan, Medicare

Does Medicare provide too many choices for seniors?

Research, more scientific than mine, confirms my belief. Once seniors pick a plan—based on coverage, customer service, friendly salespeople, price, or whatever—they tend to stick with it even though they might be able to find a cheaper one if they went shopping. Medicare beneficiaries, it seems, are like bank customers. Once people pick a bank, they tend to stay put despite the heavy bank advertising enticing them to switch. A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, a private, nonprofit research organization, found that if seniors with Medicare drug plans stayed in a plan too long, they could end up paying premiums that were ten percent higher than had they had switched to a new plan.
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Thanks to the Supreme Court, Seniors Still "Trapped in Medicare"

The Supreme Court’s failure to deal with the administrative state is a painful setback for the freedom of seniors from government-run health care, but we can continue the fight. In the last term of Congress, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) sponsored S. 1317, the Retirement Freedom Act. With Senator DeMint’s retirement, it’s time for a new Congressman to take his place and to sponsor legislation removing the link between Medicare and Social Security benefits, thereby rolling back the administrative state, protecting seniors, and restoring liberty. After all, if the Supreme Court refuses to act, we must take action to secure our freedom through our elected representatives.
Source: freedomworks.org

DoJ investigation in Detroit shows high value of health data

Cooper and others conspired to defraud Medicare through purported home health care companies operating in the Detroit area, including now-defunct First Choice Home Health Care Services Inc. and Reliance Home Care, LLC. Cooper admitted that he sold Medicare information he obtained from Detroit-area Medicare beneficiaries to other conspirators at these and other health care companies, knowing that it was to be used to submit claims to Medicare for home health services that were not medically necessary and/or not provided.  According to court documents, from 2008 through May 2012, Cooper sold co-conspirators the Medicare information of hundreds of Medicare beneficiaries, at $200 to $300 per beneficiary, and this Medicare information was used at these companies to bill Medicare for nearly $1 million in home health care services.
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Aveta Completes Acquisition of PMC Medicare Choice in Puerto Rico

Aveta’s integration team has already begun planning how to best combine the operations and unique strengths of the two companies. Daniel E. Straus, Chief Executive Officer of Aveta, commented: “Our aim is to be the leading Medicare Advantage company in Puerto Rico, and to further improve healthcare delivery by partnering with providers to enhance the quality of life of Medicare beneficiaries, particularly the chronically ill. MMM was the first company in Puerto Rico to offer a Medicare Advantage chronic special needs plan and we will continue building on that expertise.”
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Who Relies On Medicare+Choice?

These new Medicare Advantage provision plans tend to provide rebates from 75% to 100% of the average per capital savings. These new provisions require that bid information which Medicare Advantage and Medicare Choice are required to submit to the Secretary be certified by a member of the government actuaries and meet actuarial guidelines and rules established by the Secretary for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Choice. These provisions direct the Secretary, acting through the CMMS Chief Actuary, to establish actuarial guidelines for the submission of bid information and bidding rules that are appropriate to ensure accurate bids and fair competition among Medicare Advantage and Medicare Choice plans.
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Put it on your fall checklist: Medicare Open Enrollment

If your parents want to go online and sort through the details, they can get an early start, and you can help them navigate the process if needed. We’ve already made sure that the Medicare Plan Finder is fully updated with all new 2013 cost and benefit information for health and drug plans and is ready right now. All your parents need to do is start by entering the drugs and checking on the doctors and pharmacies they want to use. A few more steps will get them a personalized list of their plan choices and help them compare.
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Daily Kos: New Hampshire voters have a choice: Social Security and Medicare or private accounts and vouchercare

In New Hampshire’s first district, Republican Rep. Frank Guinta received that same RetireSafe backing. Like Bass, Guinta voted for the Ryan budget, but Guinta first supported the even more extreme Republican Study Committee proposal. When it comes to Social Security, this year, Guinta is all about preserving it. This year, he says that in 25 years he hopes to be able to tell his children, “Because Americans acted responsibly back in 2012, you will be able to count on Social Security and Medicare being there for you when you reach retirement age.” But in 2010, arguing that “future generations should seek different private-sector solutions” he said that  “my kids are six and five. They shouldn’t know what Social Security is.”
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Medicare Open Enrollment: The Tools Are There to Help Your Loved Ones Make Good Plan Choices

A recent study found that seniors (often with the help of their support systems like you and me) are learning from their experience with Part D over time and switching plans when they can save money, or when a different plan better fits their individual health needs. The study, which we have highlighted in our Rx Minute newsletter this month, shows that seniors are adapting to get the best drug coverage for their money. Research PhRMA sponsored found that even in 2006, Part D’s first year, seniors disproportionately chose plans with lower premiums and deductibles and broader choice of medicines. In sum, choice works, benefiting seniors.
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The Choice on Medicare (Infographic)

Who do you want making decisions for 50 million seniors? Mitt Romney says seniors should make their own decision, President Obama wants 15 unelected bureaucrats to make the decisions for them. Seniors deserve choice, not rationed care.
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Medicarecomplete united healthcare pre autorization forms

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United Healthcare Health Insurance. UnitedHealthcare Online The family of UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions plans includes Medicare Advantage plans featuring UnitedHealthcare or AARP brand names. Find affordable AARP Medicare Advantage plans and AARP Medicare Complete health insurance plans and pricing by state and zip code. Find health insurance rates and Find Medicare Supplement Insurance plans. Learn how Medicare Supplement Insurance plans can be combined with a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.
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Video: UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions Portfolio 2013

Helloadvantage.com UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions

HTTP/1.1 302 Found Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 21:50:30 GMT Server: Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) X-Powered-By: PHP/5.3.13 Location: https://ma.uhcmedicaresolutions.com/ntm/24-lp-070?WT.mc_id=830023 Connection: close Content-Type: text/html Set-Cookie: Coyote-2-a0084e2=a0084c2:0; path=/
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Uhcmedicaresolutions.com UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions

Uhcmedicaresolutions.com has 4 years old, it is ranked #258,263 in the world, a low rank means that this website gets lots of visitors. This site is worth $45,643 USD and advertising revenue is $22 USD per day. The average pages load time is 1.486 seconds, it is very good. This site has a very good Pagernk(5/10), it has 1,386 visitors and 5,821 pageviews per day. Currently, this site needs more than 319.02 MB bandwidth per day, this month will needs more than 8.72 GB bandwidth. Its seo score is 67.1%. IP address is, and its server is hosted at Cypress, United States. Last updated on Sat, 23 Feb 2013 01:27:49 GMT.
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United Healthcare Medicare Solutions

Jobs in Portland OR: Due to market expansion, we have immediate openings in our Senior Health Insurance Products Division. This is a career agent position, and requires a State Health Insurance License. United Healthcare is a 55 Billion Dollar company, with over 73,000 employees, and over 70 million customers. Named by Fortune Magazine as the most admired Health Insurance Company in the World, United Healthcare truly has a lot to offer. We provide year round marketing and training support, specific to your market. We provide personalized lead support, dedicated training, and ongoing coaching. We also offer a full agent contract, no assignment of commissions, no separate contract to sign, you would be directly appointed with United Healthcare. This means that you own your own book of business. Our exclusive and proprietary marketing campaign is ongoing, and generates leads throughout the year. We do not charge for leads, and we do not charge for supplies. We are exclusive to United Healthcare for Medicare Products. In order to receive our leads, you would need to be exclusive to United Healthcare for these products also. If you are contracted with a competitor, we can still work with you, but we cannot provide leads to you. We are looking for either career agents, who are interested in a year round career opportunity, with leads and ongoing support and resources, or those who are interested in helping their current clients, on a very part time/occasional basis, and who would not want/need lead support as a result. We are open to any reasonable combination of these opportunities as well. Full training is provided, as well as personalized coaching, individual strategy planning, etc. If you don’t currently have e&o insurance, ask us about our complimentary e&o program (no cost). Here are some highlights of the products we offer: – 0 Premium Product – $400 average first year commissions per sale – 12 month advance – 10 year payment cycle (1st year + 9 yr renewals) – No cost lead support – Local training and resources – Local & National Support – Direct Company Appointment – Commissions paid twice weekly – Year Round Opportunity – Ongoing Marketing Support – No Assignment of Commissions – You Own Your Own Book – Agency Opportunities – General Agent Opportunities – Ask us about our Complimentary E&O program This means that if you average 5 sales per week, you can earn up to $100,000 first year in commissions, and $48,000 per year in renewals. At 7 sales per week, you can earn up to $140,000 first year commissions, and $70,000 per year in renewals. After a few years, your renewals could easily exceed your first year commissions, and the good news is that there is no time frame requirement to become vested, and you own your own book of business. We are in the midst of a major marketing campaign, including a variety of ongoing strategic efforts. This is an exciting time for us, and the good news is that if you would like to be part of our success, there is still time to contract. This contract would include AARP Medicare Complete, AARP RX Saver, Secure Horizons, and Evercare Products, as well as the AARP Medicare Supplement Products (including the new modernized plans). This is for a direct appointment, with a full agent contract, and is intended as a career opportunity. Please let us know if you are interested, by email, and we can discuss the opportunity further. Time is of the essence, since contracting and becoming certified to offer these great products takes approximately two weeks, and the busiest season of the year is fast approaching. We are busy year round as well, but we are currently in immediate need of dedicated agents to help us service opportunities during this exceptionally busy time. We are filing limited slots. For immediate consideration, reply to this posting and please include your phone number, and a summary of your experience. We will respond to qualified candidates promptly. If you are primarily interested in marketing to your current clients, and/or professional networking, we can provide ongoing support for your efforts as well. For highly qualified candidates, General Agent opportunities may be available in specific markets. Thank you for your interest in United Healthcare Medicare Solutions, and Secure Horizons. Location: Statewide Compensation: 50,000 to 130,000 First Year Commissions + Renewals Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster. Please, no phone calls about this job! Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
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United Healthcare Medicare Solutions

/url?q=http://www.health-care-articles.info/&sa=U&ei=fDVdT5CDGuLq2AXU4MSYBQ&ved=0CN8BEBYwRzgB&usg=AFQjCNHZYgJSAiW7iKpvkZBie63dC1I_hA /url?q=http://health.coolishgroup.com/&sa=U&ei=fDVdT5CDGuLq2AXU4MSYBQ&ved=0CPkBEBYwUDgB&usg=AFQjCNF4nrQHL4etT3RvHdKDzVoEX_BCJg /url?q=http://www.healtharticlesonline.com/&sa=U&ei=fDVdT5CDGuLq2AXU4MSYBQ&ved=0CLICEBYwYjgB&usg=AFQjCNFMR_gb1WV7UA_pNC5CO4eDFSjULw /url?q=http://www.healthhype.com/&sa=U&ei=fTVdT8XzBeKG2gWI3oHzDg&ved=0CJIBEBYwKThl&usg=AFQjCNEuMsmmRYRKWRZ1O7GR4BWFSiYDIQ /url?q=http://www.thedailybeast.com/topics/health.html&sa=U&ei=fTVdT8XzBeKG2gWI3oHzDg&ved=0CL4BEBYwOThl&usg=AFQjCNFJ2KAhuQBYkkIVUz_K4_bZj6MDlw /url?q=http://lisakifttherapy.com/&sa=U&ei=fTVdT-T4K6Pa2AW25pzyDg&ved=0CN8BEBYwRjjJAQ&usg=AFQjCNGNTDIRZVbZCLXAy-2mYGFpJNTAVw /url?q=http://www.tucsonlifestyle.com/index.php%3Fsrc%3Dgendocs%26ref%3DInhealtharticles%26category%3DHealth&sa=U&ei=fTVdT-T4K6Pa2AW25pzyDg&ved=0CIECEBYwUjjJAQ&usg=AFQjCNH_et1ggG-vFMWqgkG8dpOFTs-Ruw /url?q=http://www.talktothevet.com/ARTICLES/index.html&sa=U&ei=fTVdT-T4K6Pa2AW25pzyDg&ved=0CJgCEBYwWzjJAQ&usg=AFQjCNHHAcPjpKhpf01ydtMmhHepsgQosA
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VIDEO: Nationally Recognized TV Personality, Maria Antonieta Collins, Explains Medicare Benefits in First of Its Kind Spanish

MINNETONKA, Minn., Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning journalist Maria Antonieta Collins has partnered with UnitedHealthcare to create the first-ever Spanish-language Medicare educational DVD for seniors and their caregivers. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to: http://www.prnewswire.com/mnr/unitedhealthcare/35269/ (Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20081211/NY51614 ) With more than 2.3 million Hispanic seniors over the age of 65 eligible for Medicare in the U.S., UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions has produced a 45-minute step-by-step educational DVD version of its Medicare Made Clear guide (Medicare Explicado). The first-of-its-kind video, narrated by Collins in Spanish, will serve as a roadmap to help Spanish speaking Americans unravel the confusion behind Medicare eligibility requirements, benefits and plan options. Through her work as a national television personality on both Univision and Telemundo networks and an author of six published books, Collins brings a trusted presence to the complex and unfamiliar Medicare system to the Hispanic senior and caregiver community. "UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions understands the difficulty many encounter when they navigate the Medicare system. Medicare Explicado is intended to be an easy-to-understand tool," said Lina Gallardo, vice president, Ovations Marketing, a division of UnitedHealthcare. "Maria Antonieta Collins’ explanations on the educational DVD simplify the layers of Medicare to the Spanish-speaking community empowering Spanish-speaking seniors and their families to make informed health care decisions." "This project gives me a great opportunity to be with the people and to say, here we are, we are speaking Spanish to answer any doubts that you may have about Medicare in this DVD," stated Collins. "As a reporter I believe we must advocate for our community, and this project is a good example." The Spanish-language DVD is available free of charge by calling 1-800-678-4281. In addition, consumers can download an easy-to-read Spanish language Medicare guide at http://www.medicare-explicado.com/. About UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions UnitedHealthcare is a diversified health and well-being company that provides a full range of Medicare coverage options for individuals and group retirees through its affiliates. The family of UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions plans includes Part D Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans featuring the UnitedHealth(R), AARP(R), SecureHorizons(R), SecureHorizons(R) MedicareDirect(TM), Evercare(R) or AmeriChoice(R) brand name. Plans are insured or covered by an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare, a Medicare Advantage organization and a Prescription Drug Plans sponsor with a Medicare contract. Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20081211/NY51614PRN Photo Desk, photodesk@prnewswire.comVideo: http://www.prnewswire.com/mnr/unitedhealthcare/35269/UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions Web Site: http://www.medicare-explicado.com/
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Free Agent Document Whiteal

Medicare Supplement 2010 Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans – Due to industry-wide modifications to Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions has made certification requirement changes for the upcoming selling season. Good news! By confirming that you have completed all appropriate modules, you will be able to sell Medicare Supplement Plans through May 2010 effective dates. Take these modules: 2010 Medicare Basics 2010 Ethics and Consumer Sensitivity 2010 Before the Sale: Educating the Consumer 2010 AARP® 101 2009 AARP® Medicare Supplement Plans 2009 Medicare Supplement Plans Medicare Solutions You are a newly contracted agent or not currently certified to offer Medicare Supplement and want to sell: You are already 2009 Medicare Supplement certified and want to sell: AARP® Medicare Supplement Plans with effective dates through May 2010 SecureHorizons® Medicare Supplement Plans with effective dates through May 2010 AARP® Medicare Supplement with effective dates through May 2010 SecureHorizons® Medicare Supplement with effective dates through May 2010 Additional information regarding certification procedures for Medicare Supplement plans with an effective date of 6/1/2010 or later will be released early in 2010. Reminder: Agent commissions are payable only if all of the above conditions are met prior to the Medicare Supplement application’s signature date. Stay tuned for more information! August 4, 2009. Confidential and proprietary. For agent use only. Do not distribute. Certification for federal health programs is a requirement of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as well as the agent contract. The completion of these certifications is strictly for UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions products only. It is the responsibility of the sales agent to comply with all applicable federal regulations. Commissions are payable only to contracted agents when they are fully certified for the plan’s effective date…
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Hispanic journalist new UnitedHealthcare face among elderly Spanish speakers

UnitedHealthcare is a diversified health well-being company that provides Medicare coverage options for individuals and group retirees through its affiliates. The family of UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions plans includes Part D Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans featuring the UnitedHealth, AARP, SecureHorizons, SecureHorizons MedicareDirect, Evercare or AmeriChoice brand name. Plans are insured or covered by an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare, a Medicare Advantage organization and a Prescription Drug Plans sponsor with a Medicare contract.
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Medicare Explained In Enfield

It will also look at ConnPace and the Medicare Savings Program, which provide those who qualify with additional financial assistance to cover prescription drugs and Part B premiums. Nancy Petronio, of United Healthcare Medicare Solutions, will present the overview and will also be available for questions.
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Maximizing Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare beneficiaries take an average of 29 prescriptions per year, spending approximately $1,300 on medications annually.[1] Individuals with chronic conditions such as heart failure often pay more than double that amount.[2]   Fortunately, there is a voluntary program called Medicare Part D that helps beneficiaries pay for their prescription drugs. Beneficiaries can access prescription drug coverage either from a stand-alone Part D prescription drug plan or from a Medicare Advantage plan that bundles coverage of medical, hospital and prescription drug benefits in one plan.   Enrolling in Part D prescription drug coverage is one way beneficiaries can help manage their prescription drug costs, but they should be aware that all Part D plans include a coverage gap, which is often called the “donut hole.” In the coverage gap, beneficiaries’ out-of-pocket costs on their prescription drugs increase significantly.   Summer is the time of year when many beneficiaries enter the coverage gap, making this an opportune time for beneficiaries with Medicare Part D to remind themselves of the following tips that may help them save money on their prescription drugs and make the most of their benefits.    1. Get Help with Managing Multiple Medications Beneficiaries who have a chronic condition that requires them to take multiple medications every day should consider enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Chronic Special Needs Plan. These specialized Medicare Advantage plans combine Medicare coverage with additional support services, some of which are designed to help ensure that members are able to afford their medications and understand how to take them as directed. Many Special Needs Plans also offer personalized pharmacist counseling and drug formularies designed for Medicare beneficiaries with complex health care needs.    2. Understand How the “Donut Hole” Works All Part D plans include a coverage gap. After spending $2,930 in out-of-pocket costs on their drug coverage, beneficiaries will reach the coverage gap. Currently, beneficiaries in the gap pay 50 percent of the cost of their brand-name prescriptions and 86 percent of the cost of generic drugs. In an effort to prepare for the increased expenses while in the gap, beneficiaries should monitor their plan’s Evidence of Coverage statement to get a clear sense of their drug expenditures and see how close they are to reaching the gap.   3. Apply for “Extra Help” with Drug Costs  For beneficiaries with limited income and resources, Extra Help is a federal program that provides an average of $4,000 of additional assistance with prescription costs. According to the Social Security Administration, many beneficiaries who qualify for this program don’t know they are eligible. Medicare beneficiaries must apply for this program, and the amount of assistance is based on annual income and assets. For more information about the Extra Help program, contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.   4. Take advantage of cost-savings on prescription drugs. Beneficiaries enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan that includes drug coverage should check their plan details to see if they could save money on their prescriptions, such as by using mail-order pharmacy benefits, switching to generic or lower-tier drugs, or taking advantage of special programs available with some plans.   5. Explore “PAP” Programs Several pharmaceutical manufacturers sponsor Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) that may reduce prescription drug expenses. Some companies offer financial assistance or free products, but all manufacturers have their own rules and grant assistance on a case-by-case basis. For more information, contact the Partnership for Prescription Assistance program at 1-888-477-2669.   For more information about Medicare Part D, contact 1-800-MEDICARE (TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048), 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Arkansas State Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) provides free counseling and support to help beneficiaries understand their Medicare coverage options, including prescription drug coverage. To contact the SHIP office in Arkansas, call 1-800-224-6330.    Ray Morris is the community outreach manager for Care Improvement Plus in Arkansas. Care Improvement Plus is a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solution providing specialized Medicare Advantage coverage for underserved and chronically ill beneficiaries throughout Arkansas.  
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UnitedHealth Group Wins Six 2008 World Wide Web Health Awards for Superior Online Consumer Content

“Our innovative and creative teams have been recognized for their effectiveness in helping our customers make choices that can lead to living healthier lives,” said Reed Tuckson, M.D., UnitedHealth Group’s executive vice president and chief of medical affairs. “It is encouraging to all of us at UnitedHealth Group that our commitment to providing personally relevant health information and decision-making support is being recognized in such a prestigious manner.”
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I’m Being Investigated……

the annual way….by UHC….another annual background investigation…. "RE: Notice of Annual Background Investigation Dear Insurance Agent: UnitedHealthcare, on behalf of itself and its affiliates (collectively referred to as the "Company"), is committed to compliance. As part of the Company’s compliance efforts, we conduct an annual background review of agent’s who are authorized to sell products within the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions portfolio. This review consists of the Company obtaining an investigative consumer report and/or consumer report, which contains information regarding an agent’s license, credit, and criminal history. We also include a check for any regulatory actions from financial administrations like FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and hundreds of other similar sanctioned repositories. This annual review is required of agents in order to remain appointed with the Company. This communication serves as notice that the Company will be conducting your annual background review in thirty (30) days. In the event that you do not want the Company to conduct an annual background review, you must notify the Company that you are terminating your Agreement and/or appointment within thirty (30) days following the date of this communication, in which case your Agreement and/or appointment shall be immediately terminated, not for cause. Notwithstanding such termination, the Company will conduct your annual background review. Should you wish to terminate your agreement and/or appointment, please submit your request via email to uhpcred@uhc.com or fax to (888) 205-7375. We recognize and appreciate your efforts in supporting UnitedHealthcare’s high compliance standards, and thank you for your continued loyalty and support. If you have any questions regarding this notice please contact the Producer Help Desk (PHD) via email at phd@uhc.com. Sincerely, Agent On-Boarding UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions"…… I don’t have any criminal record and my credit is better than it was a year ago.
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What is Medicare Supplemental Insurance Open Enrollment, And Why Is It Important For Me?

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MORE DIRTY TRICKS FROM YOUR SOCIALIST/MARXIST   PRESIDENT AND HIS NASTY LITTLE ADMINISTRATION HACKS by SS&SSDuring open enrollment, your right to purchase a Medicare supplement policy is guaranteed, no matter your health condition or past medical history. Insurers cannot refuse to offer you a policy. You also cannot be asked to pay a higher premium because of insurance risks you may bring to the table. For example, a smoker will pay the same premiums as a non-smoker. There is no medical screening for applicants during the open enrollment.
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Video: The Medicare Supplement Plans (Medicare Supplement Insurance Series)

Is it too late to change my Medigap/Medicare Supplement for 2013?

If you are 65 or older and have been on Medicare Part B for longer than 6 months, you will most likely have to answer some health questions as part of the application process for a new Medicare Supplement/Medigap policy.  The majority of people have no trouble qualifying for a new policy, and usually an agent or broker can tell in the first conversation whether or not you will qualify.  Illinois also has a few companies that have guaranteed issue Medicare Supplements.  These companies never ask health questions of any applicants and will issue a policy to everyone who applies.
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15% Medicare Supplement Rate Increase is Outrageous!!! » Toni Says

Cindy, one Medicare rule that you should be aware of since you are not happy with your rate increase from your current Medicare Supplement company is…if you had a Medicare Supplement policy before you joined a Medicare Advantage Plan for the first time, and you aren’t happy with the Medicare Advantage Plan, you will have special rights to buy a Medicare Supplement policy if you return back to “Original Medicare” within 12 months of first joining a Medicare Advantage plan.  If you had a Medicare Supplement policy before you joined, you may be able to get the same plan back if the company still sells it.  If it isn’t available, you can buy another Medicare Supplement policy. (Please see page 66 of the
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A Guide to Medicare Supplement Insurance

Policies intended to cover gaps in Medicare coverage all offer standardized sets of benefits. These are grouped into Plans A-L and each plan provides a different level of coverage. No matter which insurance company you buy supplemental insurance from, Plans A-L will be consistent throughout. This means that the benefits from Plan A purchased through one company will be exactly the same as the benefits from Plan A purchased through a different company.
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Do I Need A Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policy?

The cost of each plan will be based on the age, gender, overall health, and location of the individual to be insured. Anyone just turning 65 or going on Medicare Part B for the first time can enter into a plan during the Open Enrollment. Open enrollment means that for 6 months, individuals have the opportunity to enroll in a Medicare supplemental insurance plan without having to go through a health examination. Anyone with a serious health condition or lifestyle that normally would result in an increased premium for their health insurance, for example smokers, can enroll during this period and pay the exact same rates that any other insured individual would pay.
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Plans Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement

is when politicians Medicare supplement Medicare supplement policy to go to fill the gaps in the traditional cover Medicare. There are many different types of Medicare supplement policies. Currently, they are designated by the letters L, although M through P will be introduced in the coming years. Each of these programs has different Medicare supplement combination of benefits, including services, premiums, deductibles, etc. Therefore, it is important that consumers shop around carefully to find out what Medicare supplement policy will best meet their needs. Many of these strategies Medicare supplement and help cover the cost of the recipe, which is part of the traditional D Medicare.
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Are Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies A Must

If you are switching over from a private insurance plan, or an employer group plan, then you have probably been used to having little if any out-of-pocket expenses. Adding a supplemental insurance plan to your basic Medicare coverage is a good idea. For those people taking monthly medications, Medicare Plan D is almost a must, as some medications run into the hundreds of dollars every month. Think about your overall health when deciding on additional coverage, and the ultimate cost involved.
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How To Know If You Need Medicare Supplemental Insurance

If you require a lot of medical attention, getting the most coverage you can afford makes sense. Whether you have cancer, chronic illnesses, a major health condition, or regular visits to hospitals and specialists, supplemental insurance will help ensure that everything you need is covered and affordable. Getting Medicare supplemental insurance is also a good idea if your regular Medicare policy does not cover something specific that you need, such as a prescription medication, a certain type of service, or additional medical care that you need. Talk to your doctors and healthcare providers about your current health and the steps you will need to take in order to stay healthy. This will give you a good idea of what you need, and whether Medicare will cover it. If not, seek out a supplemental insurance plan.
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Medicare Plan Finder for Health, Prescription Drug and Medigap plans

The page could not be loaded. The Medicare.gov Home page currently does not fully support browsers with "JavaScript" disabled. Please note that if you choose to continue without enabling "JavaScript" certain functionalities on this website may not be available.
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Navigating Through The Challenging Maze Of Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies

Choosing a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan is one of the many decisions that need to be made upon turning sixty-five or qualifying for Medicare.  The problem is that without ever having Medicare coverage before you probably are having a difficult time determining where the gap will be for your needs.  Medicare Part A and Part B cover only basic physician and hospital coverage.  The rest is up to you to obtain at a premium from individual insurance companies. The best option is to shop around and research the options available to you within Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.
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What Medigap Insurance Has That Medicare Advantage Doesn’t

Compare this to Medicare Advantage plans. Plans are not standardized and vary from company to company. The same named plan may even include different benefits depending on the County where it is offered. Because of the moving parts, shopping for and comparing Medicare Advantage plans is much more difficult and can result in less certainty that you have actually chosen the best plan for your circumstances.
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Maine wins $33 million to test health care innovations — Health — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

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KNOW WHO YOUR CZARS ARE --ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU SICK ---ONLY OBAMA COULD CREATE POSITIONS FOR THESE INCOMPENTENT COMMUNISTS AND SOCIALISTS by SS&SSThe site will still be viewable but certain elements might display incorrectly. In order to enjoy all the features of our site, we recommended you upgrade to a newer, more secure browser. Read more ». If you don’t have administrator privileges for your computer, you can still take action. Google has developed a free plugin for Internet Explorer called Google Chrome Frame. You can install it on any computer, even if you can’t install applications, and it will ensure your computer stays secure and that you can still visit our website. Enable Google Chrome Frame now »
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Video: Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Maine by Medicare Pathways

Federal government grants $33 Million to Maine to test health care changes

The federal government has granted Maine up to $33 million to implement and study health-care system improvements over the next three and a half years. Maine was on of six states to be awarded the funds from a $250 million pool of funds available to states under the Affordable Care Act. Maine will receive the funding under the model testing portion of the State Innovation Models Initiative.
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Maine AG Warns of Medicare Scam

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Maine Seeks To Cut Medicaid Eligibility

LePage argues that that the Affordable Care Act’s so-called “maintenance of effort” requirement went out the window with June’s Supreme Court decision. The provision prevented states from changing Medicaid eligibility levels before the Medicaid expansion occurred in 2014. (The concern was that states would remove beneficiaries from the Medicaid rolls knowing that when expansion occurred, those people would be allowed back on but the federal government would pay a much larger share of their expenses under the new law.) Now that the court has made that Medicaid expansion optional, LePage argues, Maine is no longer locked into the state’s Medicaid eligibility levels that were in effect when the federal health law was passed in 2010.
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AG warns Maine Medicare recipients about scam

Medicare consumers who provide this information are advised to review their Medicare statements carefully for the next year and contact 1-800-MEDICARE immediately if anything questionable appears on their statements. Consumers should also notify their financial institution if their account information has been compromised.
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Are you on Medicare in Portland Maine? You may qualify for a free health club membership

I am a mom of three teenage boys. Our family has struggled with multiple chronic health issues for many years. It was for this reason that I became interested in Xocai healthy chocolate. Our entire family eats healthy chocolate every day as a supplement and I am currently losing weight with the Xocai X-protein meal shake. I have struggled with Fibromyalgia for over 10 years. If you are struggling with your health, you owe it to yourself to check this out. This is the best way I have found to incorporate significant antioxidants into our diet. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Congress should keep promise, protect Medicare, Social Security

How many 55-year-old gasmen, drywall hangers, construction workers, farmers and fisherman do you know who are hanging on until they can call it a day and hopefully have a few good years to enjoy retirement, spend time with their grandkids, fish a little or just tinker around the house?
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Using FSA funds for Medicare premiums

Yes, you can pay your Medicare Part B or Part D premiums using funds from your Flexible Spending Account (FSA).   Yours is an unusual situation.  Most people who have an FSA would not need Medicare Part B and Part D, since the employer plan covers hospital services and prescription drugs. Nevertheless, it is an allowable expense.  See IRS Publication 502 for a complete list of expenses that an FSA can pay.
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Expanding Medicaid Could Backfire On the Hospitals

The numbers tell the story. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2002 some 66 percent of Maine residents had insurance, either through their employers or other means, 12 percent were uninsured, and 16 percent were on Medicaid. By 2011, the uninsured rate remained at 12 percent but the share of those who had insurance had dropped to 61 percent while the share on Medicaid had risen to 23 percent. (These percentages do not add up to 100 percent as it does not include other public programs such as Medicare and the Military.)
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Rocky Coast News: Fed Approve Maine’s Plans to Reduce Some Medicaid Benefits

Augusta, Maine – Maine Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew learned today that some of the legislatively approved reductions to the Medicaid program have received Federal approval. In a letter from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) dated January 7, Mayhew was notified that Maine’s State Plan Amendment to eliminate benefits for parents from 133 percent to 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) was approved, as was a 10 percent reduction to eligibility categories in the Medicare Savings Programs. Maine’s additional request to reduce coverage for parents to 100 percent of FPL and elimination of eligibility for 19 & 20 year olds remains was not approved by CMS, citing that the changes do not comply with certain requirements in the Social Security Act, as amended by the Affordable Care Act. These changes when implemented will save the state $4 million. “We are disappointed that some of the changes approved by the Maine Legislature were not approved but pleased that we have gained some flexibility to manage the Medicaid program. We must continue to move toward a sustainable program that is much more in line with other states and Federal requirements,” Mayhew said. “The loss of federal stimulus funds has created an additional burden on state budgets. In Maine, while the overall Medicaid budget grew by less $16 million in State Fiscal Year 2012, the amount of State funding required grew from $526 million to $776 million or roughly 48 percent.” The reduction to 133 percent of the FPL for parents will impact 12,592 recipients, though about half may be eligible for transitional Medicaid benefits for up to 12 months. With implementation of the reductions slated for March 1, the State will save more than $3.2 million. All current cases will be reviewed to assure that no other Medicaid eligibility exists and members will receive letters notifying them of the change in benefits. All questions related to these reductions will be answered by the Member Services staff (800-977-6740, TTY 711). The changes in the Medicare Savings Plan (MSP) will affect 8,250 people. Roughly 2,600 of these individuals will no longer be eligible for any benefits under MSP or Drugs for the Elderly. These reductions will save nearly $800,000. More than 80,000 Mainers will continue to receive coverage under MSP. Maine’s generosity in the MSP program had been unmatched nationally, with just one state and the District of Columbia offering to pay premiums and other costs beyond the federal minimum. “Clearly, these changes will be difficult for those who are impacted,” the Commissioner said. “I commend the legislature for having the courage to make needed changes in the structure of Maine’s Medicaid program to help establish firmer financial footing that will protect the state’s safety net.” Mayhew recognized that these changes are confusing and said it is important for people to know that the reductions will not begin until March 1. “We are increasing staffing to be able to answer questions regarding the MSP because each person’s case is different,” Mayhew said. “In addition to our toll-free number (800-442-6003), the Office of Aging and Disability Services has a program that offers individual assessment and counseling free of charge. Maine’s Area Agencies on Aging is a valuable resource that can help seniors find out what other services may be available in their region and community that may offer additional support.” Documents provided to DHHS by the regional office of CMS: http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/Maine-SPA-Approval-January-7-2013.pdf http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/Maine-SPA-Approval-attachment-January-8-2013.pdf http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/Maine-SPA-Disapproval-12-010.pdf
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Medicaid News: Minn. Effort To Expand Program Praised

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SAM_2063 by TakeDownCravaackCalifornia Healthline: Access Denied? Implications Of Medi-Cal Pay Cut In 2014, about 1.5 million adults in California are expected to gain access to Medi-Cal under the Affordable Care Act. However, insurance coverage could be all they get, as some observers say there might not be enough doctors willing to treat them. The fiscal year 2013-2014 budget proposal that Gov. Jerry Brown (D) released this month could be read as contradictory. On one hand, he makes it clear that California will pursue a full expansion of Medi-Cal, offering coverage to individuals with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. At the same time, however, the governor’s budget plan also counts on $488.4 million in savings from a 10 percent cut to Medi-Cal reimbursements. Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid program. State officials maintain that the provider pay cut should not hurt access to care during the expansion, but others fear the reduction could be implemented at the worst possible time (Wayt, 1/30).
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Video: Medicare vs Medicaid 612-309-9184 Minnesota Medical Assistance Minneapolis Elder Law Attorney

PoliGraph: DFL falsely links state lawmakers to Medicare

The flier states that Wiener “will be just another Republican vote against closing the Medicare prescription drug donut hole.” The DFL is referring to a kink in the Medicare Part D program, which covers drug benefits for seniors. Once Medicare beneficiaries reach a certain coverage threshold, they have to pay for their prescriptions until they reach the catastrophic coverage threshold.
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Out & Equal’s LGBTCareerLink: jobs, Minnetonka jobs, Minnesota jobs, Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager – Medicare and Retirement – 509898 Bring your marketing bravado, and help change the world one bold idea at a time. You can help drive the change that improves the health care system for the benefit of millions. Assesses and interprets customer needs and Requirements:.- Identifies solutions to non-standard requests and problems.- Solves moderately complex problems and/or conducts moderately complex analyses.- Works with minimal guidance; seeks guidance on only the most complex tasks.- Translates concepts into practice.- Provides explanations and information to others on difficult issues.- Coaches, provides feedback, and guides others.- Acts as a resource for others with less experience. Description: We are in search of a confident, organized professional to develop marketing strategies to support Medicare products and drive membership and sales growth. This position is responsible for the design and execution of a variety of direct marketing programs with specific emphasis in Direct Mail campaigns. In this role you will also be expected to develop marketing forecasts, estimate costs, manage program/project budgets and analyze marketing campaign results. -Develop direct mail campaigns and test plans -Work successfully with internal marketing advertising and production to implement direct marketing campaigns ?Interact with Data Analytics team to complete complex requests for mailing lists and to test marketing formats for effectiveness -Ensure compliance by working with compliance and legal teams while adhering to governmental guidelines -Design strategy and initiate telesales outbound and inbound campaigns -Determine email and Web landing page initiatives -Collaborate with cross-functional teams to exceed sales goals and improve campaign effectiveness Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree preferred 5 + years of direct to consumer marketing experience with in a matrix organization is required Must be comfortable and have experience with developing strategy as well asimplementing tactical plans Experience working in a highly regulated field highly desired Budget management experience ideal 5 years experience in a deadline driven environment 5 years proficiency in Microsoft office suite including Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint. Proven experience analyzing data and building creative 5 years experience demonstrating organization skills. 5 years experience managing and prioritizing several deliverables 5 years experience in meeting or exceeding sales promotion/marketing targets. 5 years experience influencing and collaborating with others Ability to be flexible and work with ambiguity UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement is part of the family of companies that make UnitedHealth Group one of the leaders across most major segments of the US health care system. Imagine joining a group of professionals and clinicians who are working to improve health care for people over 50. Consider the influence you can have on the quality of care for millions of people. Now, enhance that success with enthusiasm you can really feel. That’s how it is at UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement. Everyday, we’re collaborating to improve the health and well being of the fastest growing segment of our nation’s population. And we’re doing it with an intense amount of dedication. Here, you will discover a culture that grows through challenge. That evolves by being flexible. That succeeds by staying true to our mission to make health care work effectively and efficiently for seniors. Put your best to work for us, and discover extraordinary opportunities for growth. Diversity creates a healthier atmosphere: equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V UnitedHealth Group is a drug-free workplace. Candidates are required to pass a drug test before beginning employment. In addition, employees in certain positions are subject to random drug testing. Job Details Contest Number: 509898 Job Title: Marketing Manager – Medicare and Retirement Job Family: Marketing and Advertising Business Segment: Medicare and Retirement Job Location Information: Region: North America Country: United States City: Minnetonka State – Province: Minnesota Other States where Job(s) is Located: ,,,, Other Cities where job(s) is Located: ,,,, Additional Job Detail Information: Employee Status: Regular Schedule: Full-time Job Level: Individual Contributor Shift: Day Job Travel: No Telecommuter Position: No Overtime Status: Exempt Job Family: Marketing and Advertising Business Segment: Medicare and Retirement Shift: Day Job Travel: No Overtime Status: Exempt
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Privately Run Medicare Plans are Really Expensive

Austin Frakt draws my attention today to a new article about the administrative costs of Medicare. Exciting stuff! Long story short, Kip Sullivan of the Minnesota chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program wants everyone to understand just what’s involved in figuring out the true administrative costs of Medicare. The cost of collecting payroll taxes is one frequently overlooked element, for example. More interestingly, though, there’s a large and growing gap between the overhead calculations of the Medicare Trustees and those of the National Health Expenditure Accounts. Why is that?
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PoliGraph: GOP claim on Obama Medicare cuts misleads

Rather, the law slows the future growth of the program by reducing payments to Medicare Advantage, a private insurance alternative to the traditional Medicare program, and ties reimbursement to performance. Additionally, the law slows future growth in payments to hospitals and other providers, according to a joint reporting project by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Kaiser Health News.
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LeadingAge: Adult Day: Opportunities to Contract with Certain Medicare Advantage Plans

We are pleased that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) concurred with LeadingAge’s position that Medicare should allow Fully Integrated Dual Eligible Special Needs Managed Care Plans (FIDE-SNPs) to offer additional supplemental home and community-based benefits, such as adult day services, to its eligible subscribers beyond those supplemental benefits that Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are allowed to offer. 
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Minnesota Medicaid, Medicare fraught with overspending

The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform found that the state used an accounting trick in order to leverage federal reimbursement of state Medicaid spending as far back as 2010: “The state was intentionally lowering the rates paid to the managed care companies for plans outside the Medicaid program and increasing the rates within the Medicaid managed care program,” a House staff report reads.
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Money, Medicare & the Iron Range: MN

The third MN-8 debate is on for noon today, but here’s another view of the race that’s been collecting in the oak barrel I keep outside my back door. There’s more in there, of course. Always more. Fundraising: Surprisingly, Rick Nolan out-raised Chip Cravaack in the final quarter before the election. Cravaack enters these final weeks with much more cash on hand, but the turnaround by Nolan shows that the campaign did have some fundraising game in the end. As this MPR story by Catharine Richert shows, however, the campaign spending in this race is paltry compared with the party and outside group spending. Cravaack-aligned groups are crushing Nolan-aligned groups on this front. This is an example of what Citizens United has wrought. Fundamentally, those most emboldened by large, anonymous political spending are groups funded by conservative, wealthy individuals. This is good news if that’s your side, bad news if it isn’t. In practice, however, when you watch local TV in Duluth the result is a series of consecutive ads that show Nolan telling people Cravaack will kill Medicare, Cravaack telling people Nolan will kill Medicare with Obamacare and then two guys from WI-7 across the bridge saying the same things. My own perspective is that all this has a numbing effect. Attacks: Cravaack has stepped up his attacks on Nolan, moving into the details of Nolan’s resume. Specifically, Cravaack has spent a lot of time and ink lately attacking Nolan’s tenure as President of Gov. Rudy Perpich’s World Trade Center during the 1980s, along with his other business dealings. This is, incidentally, the same line of attack that Tarryl Clark tried during the primary. She said then that her attacks were light compared to what the Republicans would do, and, you know what? They seem about the same. They seem like the kind of thing you put out when you’re down 1-5 points heading into an election. But Cravaack has much more money and is being very aggressive during debates on this issue. Nolan has spent a lot of time trying to convince people that Cravaack and aligned-groups’ attacks on him over “killing Medicare” are bogus. Of course, those particular charges are widely regarded as bogus by reputable fact-checking sites, but the old adage is “if you’re explain,’ you ain’t gainin’.” Nolan had hoped that Cravaack’s vote for the Paul Ryan budget, which is in actually a major re-envisioning of Medicare that would reduce benefits over time, would be his major point of attack, but as I said before, both sides are saying the same thing which makes that a harder punch to land. Iron Range: I’ve written broadly about how Cravaack is trying to soften the DFL’s hold on the Iron Range with his policies in favor of mining in this election. Nolan later won the Steelworker’s endorsement, which helped him build a decent firewall here, but you can tell DFLers are really taking this seriously when you see Iron Range firebrand Rep. Tom Rukavina do a video like this: Normally a web video is no big deal, but I have learned that a substantial radio ad buy featuring a similar Rukavina speech will air across northern Minnesota. We’re also waiting to see if a major Iron Range national campaign event will be held this year. In 2004, then VP-nominee John Edwards gave a big rally for the national ticket at the Hibbing Memorial Building. In 2008, it was Hillary Clinton. Because Minnesota has, amazingly, been left off the radar screens of both the Obama and Romney campaigns, we are left wondering if the campaigns will even send surrogates to Duluth, much less the Range. In the past three presidential cycles, both Republicans and Democrats have sent their presidential, vice-presidential or “super special surrogate” into the Duluth market during October. So far, it’s been whisper quiet on that front. A major ticket visit would probably create some helpful enthusiasm for either Cravaack or Nolan, something I’m sure the campaigns are seeking. I would be mildly disappointed if we didn’t have the classic Iron Range DFL rally at the Memorial Building. There is such history there. Nolan, too, would surely appreciate the boost that might bring him. The polls: As we said last week, the polls show a tie, perhaps a slight lead for Nolan. Today’s debate and the one scheduled for Oct. 31 in Virginia, MN on the Iron Range are important. Just as important, however, might be the presidential debate tonight. National winds will have a big impact on this race. If President Obama wins Minnesota handily and the election generally, he might provide Nolan the boost he needs. If the race slips away from him Cravaack will reap the benefits.
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Americans want social security and Medicare protected

So, let me see if I understand this.  Voters don’t want cuts to social programs.  They want social security and Medicare protected.  So why have Republicans taken a stand that they are on the table as part of the programs they want to reduce?  I think I’ve got it figured out.  They want cuts in social security and Medicare so their bosses don’t have their tax loopholes closed.  Well, now it all makes sense.  I just had to remember who Boehner and the boys work for.
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Article > Medicare drug price negotiations “could save US $541B by 2022″

The proposal’s advocates say they are expecting strong opposition. “The GOP [Republican Party) would rather cut life-saving benefits for seniors than bring some of the most profitable companies on earth to the negotiating table,” said Ethan Rome, executive director of the group Health Care for America Now (HCAN), which is coordinating legislative and field activities for the campaign in states across the US. The campaigners also say that while opponents could claim that lower prices would sap much of the revenues and incentives for financing R&D for new drugs, they would also disincentivise improper marketing of medicines and misrepresentation of the quality and safety of drugs. “There is a strong argument for developing a more efficient mechanism for financing drug research, and there is little reason for people in the United States to continue to overpay for a system that serves us poorly,” says CEPR.
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