2013 Transition Rights to Medications Under Part D

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William D. Novelli by Center for American ProgressA Part D sponsor may need to make arrangements      to continue to provide necessary drugs to an enrollee via an extension of      the transition period, on a case-by case basis, to the extent that his or      her exception request or appeal has not been processed by the end of the      minimum transition period.  It is      vital that sponsors give affected enrollees clear guidance regarding how      to proceed after a temporary fill is provided, so that appropriate and      meaningful transition can be effectuated by the end of the transition      period.  Until that transition is actually made, however, either through a switch to an appropriate formulary drug, or a      decision is made regarding an exception request, continuation of drug      coverage is necessary, other than for drugs not covered under Part D.”
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Open Enrollment 2013: Medicare Part D Benefits Improve but Premiums an…

While Medicare Part D prescription drug plan premiums are generally expected to remain steady in 2013, this PPI Fact Sheet by Leigh Purvis and Lee Rucker finds that premiums for many popular plans will actually be considerably higher than they were in 2012. Many plans are also increasing cost-sharing and their reliance on utilization management tools for covered prescription drugs. Medicare beneficiaries should closely examine their 2013 prescription drug plan choices during open enrollment for Part D.
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False Claims Act Reaches Medicare Part D Preferred Benefit Managers; Case Against Caremark to Proceed

Among the important issues decided by the judge are that: (1) Prescription Drug Event records (PDEs) by Part D PBMs are “claims” under the FCA; (2) the relator/plaintiff properly pled falsity based on a PBM’s false certification of the accuracy, truth, and completeness of its Part D PDEs as well as under a worthless services theory (failure to provide Part D services, including DUR, subjects providers, including PBMs, to FCA liability); and (3) the reverse false claims section of the FCA applies because false Part D claims impact the Part D reconciliation process. Other points of note include an excellent discussion by DOJ in its SOI of why its declination decisions should not be interpreted as a decision on the merits of the case; and the court’s rejection of Caremark’s public disclosure argument, finding that neither the exchange of information covered by a confidentiality agreement in discovery during civil litigation, nor the submission of Part D PDE to CMS is a public disclosure that could jurisdictionally bar relator’s suit.
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Medicare Plan Finder for Health, Prescription Drug and Medigap plans

Between January 1–February 14, if you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can leave your plan and switch to Original Medicare. If you switch to Original Medicare during this period, you will have until February 14 to also join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to add drug coverage. Your coverage will begin the first day of the month after the plan gets your enrollment form.
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Choosing a Medicare Part D Prescription Plan

People with arthritis are typically prescribed medications to control symptoms and progression of the disease. For arthritis patients who have qualified for Medicare benefits, there are Medicare Part D prescription plans available. Open enrollment for Medicare plans started October 15, 2012 and ends on December 7, 2012. What does this mean for you? It’s time to review your options, even if you already have a Medicare Part D prescription plan. If you have started new drugs or stopped any that you were taking last year, or if your insurer changed their drug formulary list, you may no longer have the best Medicare Part D plan for you.
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Medicare Part D: A First Look at Part D Plan Offerings in 2013

NOTE: Originally released in October 2012, this data spotlight was updated in November 2012 to reflect revised data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 
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Tips for Navigating Medicare Part D Open Enrollment

Yesterday kicked off the 2013 Medicare Part D open enrollment period, during which millions of Medicare-eligible Americans over 65 and persons with disabilities can choose a new Part D plan that best fits their needs. As Medicare Today recently highlighted in a survey, 90 percent of seniors are satisfied with their Part D plan, with more than six in 10 seniors reporting that they would not be able to fill all of their prescriptions without Part D. But if you aren’t one of those satisfied people, shop around. In the coming weeks, our hope is that we can assist in pointing people to helpful tools that enable comparing and evaluating options.
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Medicare Part D: It Pays to Shop Around

Politicians often tout the value of the free market, arguing that more choice results in a better deal for consumers. In the case of Medicare Part D coverage, the array of choices don’t always translate into better decision-making and more savings. Perhaps there are too many choices. Plans change from year to year, a drug that may have a high co-pay on one plan may have a tiny co-pay on another. A drug that was covered by a particular plan one year may be dropped from coverage the next.  The researchers conclude that “beneficiaries need more targeted assistance from the government to help them choose plans, such as customized communications about the most cost-effective plans that would cover their medication needs.”
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Top Medicare Part D Plan Costs Spike in 2013

The opinions expressed in WebMD User-generated content areas like communities, reviews, ratings, or blogs are solely those of the User, who may or may not have medical or scientific training. These opinions do not represent the opinions of WebMD. User-generated content areas are not reviewed by a WebMD physician or any member of the WebMD editorial staff for accuracy, balance, objectivity, or any other reason except for compliance with our Terms and Conditions. Some of these opinions may contain information about treatments or uses of drug products that have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. WebMD does not endorse any specific product, service or treatment.
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Expert Tips to Simplify Medicare Plan D

 Part D Plan is a network pharmacy that offers covered drugs to plan members at lower out-of-pocket costs than what the member would pay at a non-preferred network pharmacy. This can make huge difference in what you’ll pay. For example, Walmart is a preferred pharmacy on multiple plans including the Humana-Walmart Preferred Rx Plan. They provide access to the top ten hypertension drugs for just one cent. So if you’re one of the 70% of Americans over the age of 65 who have high-blood pressure, you can get a month’s worth of the medication you need for just one penny!   Just one specific example of how it can pay to do your homework.”
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Medicare Home Health: Medicare Supplement Insurance

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For all others, the standard Medicare Part B monthly premium will be $115.40 in 2011, which is a 4.4% increase over the 2010 premium. The Medicare Part B premium is increasing in 2011 due to possible increases in Part B costs. If your income is above $85,000 (single) or $170,000 (married couple), then your Medicare Part B premium may be higher than $115.40 per month. For additional details, see our FAQ titled: “2011 Part B Premium Amounts for Persons with Higher Income Levels”.
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Medicare Announces 2011 Deductible and Coinsurance Rates

Last week, Medicare announced on CMS.gov in a fact sheet titled “Medicare Premiums, Deductibles for 2011″. This fact sheet gives detailed information on the increases to the yearly premium and deductible Medicare patients will have to face in the coming year.
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2012 Medicare Deductible Amounts

One such Medigap option available for purchase is Plan G.  Plan G covers everything that Plan F does except for the Part B deductible.  If Plan G happened to be $300 less (as can be the case) per year than Plan F and Plan F only covers $140 more in costs, then Plan G is a wise choice.  Plan N might also fall into this category if you live in a state (Ohio for instance) that does not allow for Part B Excess charges.
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Medicare Premium, Deductible and Co

The Social Security Administration uses the income reported two years ago to determine a Part B beneficiary’s premiums. So the income reported on a beneficiary’s 2009 tax return is used to determine whether the beneficiary must pay a higher monthly Part B premium in 2011. Income is calculated by taking a beneficiary’s adjusted gross income and adding back in some normally excluded income, such as tax-exempt interest, U.S. savings bond interest used to pay tuition, and certain income from foreign sources. This is called modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). If a beneficiary’s MAGI decreased significantly in the past two years, she may request that information from more recent years be used to calculate the premium.
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2011 Medicare Deductibles and Premiums

 “Part A premiums are decreasing because spending in 2010 was lower than expected and the Affordable Care Act implemented policies that lower Part A spending due to payment efficiencies and efforts related to waste, fraud and abuse. Part B premiums are increasing because of growth in the use of services like outpatient hospital care, home health and physician-administered drugs. In addition, the premium accounts for a likely Congressional action to avert a precipitous decrease in physician payments, which the Administration supports, and has occurred every year since 2003. The Administration is committed to permanent reform of the physician payment formula.”
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Silver Cross Physicians Join New Blue Medicare Advantage (HMO) Plan

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Nurse Alliance Action at RNC by SEIU InternationalLearn how to protect yourself from some of the expenses Medicare doesn’t cover. Attend a free Our All-in-One Package: Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) program in the Silver Cross Hospital Conference Center, Pavilion A, 1890 Silver Cross Blvd., New Lenox.  One-hour sessions will be held on Oct. 26 and Nov. 1, 16 and 28 at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.  Each seminar features an informative presentation followed by a question and answer session with a BCBSIL Product Specialist.  A sales person will present information and applications. Free valet parking and shuttle service will be available.  Refreshments will be served.  Register to attend by calling BCBSIL at 1-877-632-5920, TTY/TDD 711, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., local time, 7 days a week.  For accommodation of persons with special needs at a sales meeting, call 1-877-632-5920, TTY/TDD 711. Friends and family members welcome.
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Newsroom – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan broadens Medicare options with new Medicare Advantage PPO product

October 1 is the first day BCBSM and Medicare Advantage carriers across the nation can market their Medicare Advantage products for 2010. Beneficiaries in BCBSM Medicare Advantage products will receive letters in the next 10 days about the new product line-up. "Blue Cross remains fully committed to providing products to Medicare beneficiaries and will continue to have the broadest array of Medicare Advantage products in the state," said Mark Owen, BCBSM vice president for federal and individual business. "It’s important for Medicare beneficiaries to know that there is no immediate change to their coverage. They have until the end of the year to make their selection for 2010." In addition to the three BCBSM products for 2010, seniors also can select from three Medicare Advantage products offered by Blue Care Network, the BCBSM-affiliated HMO. "We will be working with insurance agents and other groups across the state to reach out to Medicare beneficiaries to help them navigate these product and premium changes," said Owen. Seniors who meet low income guidelines can receive subsidies from the state and/or federal government to pay for all or part of their premiums. Medicare Advantage premiums vary by product and region. The new PPO product is expected to provide beneficiaries with value for their premium. For example, the BCBSM Medicare Plus Blue PPO, which includes Part D prescription drug coverage, will cost between $61 and $141 a month (premiums vary by geographic region), while traditional BCBSM Medicare Supplemental (Medigap) Plan C plans cost $183 when combined with a stand-alone Part D BCBSM prescription drug program. Medicare Advantage plans offer Medicare benefits through private health insurance plans and most include Part D prescription drug coverage. When you purchase a Medicare Advantage plan, you do not need to also purchase a Medigap policy. Medicare Advantage plans are regulated solely by the federal government, while Medigap plans are regulated by the state. The announced product changes are only for Medicare beneficiaries who directly purchase their Medicare Advantage products, not for beneficiaries enrolled in a group plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are nonprofit corporations and independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
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Stumbled Across Information About Blue Medicare

I learned that I was missing out on so many different things that I could be using to care for myself better. I found new resources about diets and exercises that I should be following to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now, I am fully aware of what I have available to me through my insurance. All this time, I had no idea that I could go to the eye doctor and have it paid for. I also did not know that hearing screenings were covered.
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Dave Fluker’s California Health Insurance Blog: Anthem Blue Cross Raising Medicare Supplement Rates in 2013

David Fluker Insurance Services – Gilroy, California Serving California Residents Since 1995 For specific Health Insurance information, please visit my site at the link below www.davefluker.com Email Me CA Insurance License # 0B58920
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Health, Wealth, Education and Dating:
Blue Cross Of Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance

There are other things that may be vital that are not covered by Medicare as well. Needs such as prophesy care, dental caring and conference caring will all turn the shortcoming of the particular if they do not have the correct supplemental insurance. With the skyrocketing expenses of healthcare display no signs of negligence down anytime soon, it does not take really long at all is to gaps in Medicare coverage to rapidly turn financially incriminating for an particular batch with the outstanding bill. This can have a harmful outcome on the financial fortitude of any person that is not able to to work due to a incapacity or who is living on a prearranged income.
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Blue Shield Medicare in San Jose, CA

This brings me to my next point of the mysterious bill you get in the mail from Medicare.  One of our current clients just signed up for a Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plan.  The plan is about $97/mo which is great!  However, she got a bill in the mail from “Medicare” asking her to pay over $500.  What?!  We were just as confused.  I called up Blue Shield last week to check and see if everything had gone correctly and she was enrolled for exactly the $97/mo and no penalties had been given.  Nope—just fine on the Blue Shield side.   I called and emailed said client back and let her know not to worry about her Medicare Supp plan, but we’d like to review that bill she received in the mail from “Medicare.”
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Are you ready for 2013? 4 questions to ask yourself

Don’t forget, if you have Medicare Part B and are in Original Medicare, you’ll have to meet your deductible before your Medicare coverage pays for services and supplies. Next year, the Medicare Part B deductible will be $147. Make sure to plan your health care budget to account for the increased cost of doctor visits for the time that it will take to cover your deductible.
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Blue Care Network expands Medicare Advantage service area, Blue Cross and Blue Care Network add plan options

In addition, BCN Advantage members will now be able to “buy up” to more comprehensive dental and vision benefits for a modest additional premium. Members will receive partial coverage on restorative services such as fillings, root canals, crowns and crown repairs. They’ll also get an allowance for frames and lenses to improve their vision health.
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Westlaw Insider | Blog | Using Predictive Modeling to Prevent Healthcare Fraud

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TWO YEARS OF RUIN by SS&SSMelissa D. Berry is a principal attorney editor with Thomson Reuters Accelus. Melissa has been with the company for 11 years and has worked on insurance compliance, health law and healthcare compliance products during that time. She currently leads Health Policy Tracking Service (HPTS) and oversees topic development and custom publishing as well as writing on Medicaid, FDA, medical malpractice/tort reform and healthcare reform subtopics. Melissa is a 1993 graduate of the University of Akron School of Law and is licensed to practice in Ohio. She is also a member of the American Health Lawyers Association and Public Justice.
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Video: Philadelphia: Medicare Fraud Summit Anti-Fraud Collaboration Panel

OLReporter: Medicare, Fraud: Providers Most Commonly Caught

In October 2012, the General Accountability Office (GAO ) reported to Congress on its study of the most common sources of fraudulent activities (both criminal and civil) among Medicare program participants.  According to the GAO, medical facilities such as medical centers, clinics, and practices, and durable medical equipment suppliers were the most frequent subjects of criminal fraud cases in 2010.  More than a quarter of the criminal prosecutions involved health centers; durable medical suppliers made up another 16%.  These groups were the subjects in 20% and 18% of the civil actions, respectively.  A very small percentage of fraud cases were brought against individual Medicare recipients. Common health care fraud schemes include providers or suppliers (1) billing for services or supplies not provided or not medically necessary, (2) purposely billing for a higher level of service than that provided, (3) misreporting data to increase payments, (4) paying kickbacks to providers for referring beneficiaries for specific services or to certain entities, or (5) stealing providers’ or beneficiaries’ identities. 
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Medicare Fraud Strike Force Arrest 20 in California

Despite the existence of the Medicare fraud strike force, the federal government has dumped millions of dollars and added dozens of agents to curtail this nationwide problem. The Medicare fraud strike force was established in Miami in 2007, to combat the more than 3 billion dollar a year fraud committed in that city alone. Federal authorities have compiled statistics that revealed that Medicare fraud exceeds 60 billion dollars a year in the United States. Critics have suggested that Medicare fraud would be significantly curtailed if the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid complied with the oversight policies established by both programs.
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How to Prevent Medicare Fraud

http://www.ebaumsworld.com/blogs/view/82937176/ Over the years, Medicare has been proactive in its efforts to bring awareness to Medicare fraud, a national problem that costs the program millions of dollars each year. The Medicare program relies heavily on a number of sources to assist them in the detection and prevention of Medicare fraud including professionals of the healthcare industry.

Ask The Experts: Retirement

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First, please review previous Q&As to see if your question already has been answered. If you cannot find the answer, submit your question to our Retirement expert at fedexperts@federaltimes.com PLEASE NOTE! Do not submit ANY questions via the Comments form. Questions submitted via the Comments form will NOT be answered!
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The Medicare age is still 65

There is no additional charge for Medicare hospital insurance (Part A) since you already paid for it by working and paying Medicare tax. However, there is a monthly premium for medical insurance (Part B). If you already have other health insurance when you become eligible for Medicare, you should consider whether you want to apply for the medical insurance. To learn more about Medicare and some options for choosing coverage, read the online publication, Medicare, at www.socialsecurity.gov/pubs/10043.html or visit www.Medicare.gov.
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My Experience Applying for Medicare Online

Once submitted you are advised: “Thank you! Your data has been received and we are working to process your request. You will be able to check the status of your action online in 5 business days. To check the status, go to http://www.socialsecurity.gov. You will need to enter your Confirmation Number to get status information, so please put this number in a safe location. We hope you found our internet application convenient to use and easy to understand.” Well, we three found the online application process both convenient and easy. I applaud Social Security for an excellent implementation and the person-to-person customer service I received when I had a question.
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Open Enrollment 2013: Medicare Part D Benefits Improve but Premiums an…

While Medicare Part D prescription drug plan premiums are generally expected to remain steady in 2013, this PPI Fact Sheet by Leigh Purvis and Lee Rucker finds that premiums for many popular plans will actually be considerably higher than they were in 2012. Many plans are also increasing cost-sharing and their reliance on utilization management tools for covered prescription drugs. Medicare beneficiaries should closely examine their 2013 prescription drug plan choices during open enrollment for Part D.
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You Can Apply For Medicare Online

The nice thing about applying online is that you do not need to wait for an appointment.  You can fill out your application when you are ready from your own home.  As you are filling out your application, you may save it at any time during the application process and finish it when you are ready, so you do not have to worry about possible interruptions.  The web site is very secure, so your information is protected.  Once you complete the application, you will receive a receipt and an application number so that you can log in anytime to check your application status.
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Social Security and You: Signing up for Medicare

However, WEP does not affect benefits paid to your wife as a widow in the event of your death. For example, a worker and spouse both claim their benefits at full retirement age. Because the worker receives a pension based on work not covered by Social Security, the benefit amount under the WEP benefit formula is $700. Based on the WEP benefit amount, the spouse’s benefit is $350 (one-half of the worker’s WEP benefit amount). When the worker dies, the WEP reduction is removed. The surviving spouse’s benefit is refigured using the regular benefit formula.
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Medicare and Social Security Policies Based on Needs, Not Numbers

Decreasing the federal deficit at the expense of current and future Medicare and Social Security beneficiaries ignores the public’s overwhelming support for these programs. President Obama and Congress must think about what future generations will need for a secure retirement. They must work together and focus on our larger national goals of economic growth, health and financial security, and enacting affordable policies to meet those goals. Yes, we do need to make adjustments to Medicare and Social Security, but we need to do so without compromising the health and well-being of the nation or undermining the values that Americans cherish.
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Want to be a Medicare Provider or Supplier of CMS? If yes, now you can go to www.cms.gov/MedicareProviderSupEnroll to submit your Medicare enrollment application online. With the Internet-based system, you can enroll, view and change your enrollment, check your status easily.
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Aetna Launches Medicare Mobile Field Enrollment Tool For iPad

Aetna (NYSE: AET) today announced that it will launch a new Mobile Field Enrollment tool for iPad for its in-field Medicare sales agents and brokers. Licensed Aetna agents and brokers will now have access to a secure, efficient and easy-to-use alternative to paper applications. This tool will allow them to capture Medicare enrollment applications in an online or offline mode on the iPad, providing a straightforward, user-friendly experience for consumers enrolling in an Aetna Medicare plan.
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Republican Governor of New Mexico Plans to Expand Medicaid

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KNOW WHO YOUR CZARS ARE --ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU SICK ---ONLY OBAMA COULD CREATE POSITIONS FOR THESE INCOMPENTENT COMMUNISTS AND SOCIALISTS by SS&SSWhile there are some indications that a few of the reluctant GOP governors may decide to expand Medicaid in the future, in the meantime their decisions will cost millions of low income people access to health insurance. In addition, it is going to create a patchwork of coverage across a large section of the country which should make the already problematic implementation of the ACA even more difficult. Fully federalizing the Medicaid program remains the best and easiest way to address this issue.
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S.D., N.M. Governors Take Opposing Tacks On Medicaid Expansion

Stateline: Utah’s Health Insurance Exchange In Limbo Since the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010, states have known they would have a choice about whether to run their own health insurance exchanges or let the federal government do it for them. But with only eight months left before those online marketplaces are expected to open to the public, Utah hasn’t made up its mind. Utah is one of several Republican-led states weighing an eleventh-hour decision about whether to set up a state-run exchange. But it is a special case because it is one of only two states, the other being Massachusetts, that already has a functioning insurance exchange. In both states, the exchange was the brainchild of a Republican governor eager to promote free market competition. But once the concept became integral to the success of President Obama’s federal health law, Utah and many other Republican-dominated states resisted it (Vestal, 1/11).
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“Come Home”: A Medicare Innovation Center Project

I have good evidence from years of data in my practice that our policies and procedures can save Medicare many millions of dollars. When the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation offered grant funding to anyone with an idea of how to give better care, keep people healthier, and save money at the same time, I decided to apply. I created a company, Innovative Oncology Business Solutions (IOBS), for the purpose of transforming the ideas I had implemented in my practice into processes that could be replicated in other practices across the country. The project is called “Come Home” (community oncology medical home). New Mexico Cancer Center’s data were sent to CMS as part of the grant application, and they were impressed enough to grant IOBS $19.8 million to see if the processes are generalizable. We must now show that the seven practices involved in the project can save CMS $34 million by aggressively managing the side effects of cancer and its treatment.
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Medicare And Home Health Care: A Quick Overview

Addi­tion­ally, Medicare cri­te­ria for receiv­ing home health care are very strin­gent; many peo­ple who may want to use a Medicare-approved home health com­pany will not actu­ally receive cov­er­age. In fact, Medicare pays only about half of all health care costs to seniors. Medicare fre­quently denies pay­ment due to not meet­ing cri­te­ria, so it is impor­tant to know if you meet these cri­te­ria prior to lim­it­ing your­self to only Medicare-approved home health companies.
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New Mexico Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period

and is the right time to make changes to your New Mexico Medicare Advantage plan. If you haven’t already done so, take a few minutes and review your current plan to decide if you would be better off returning to Original Medicare with or without part D coverage. A Medicare Supplement plan may be able to save you money while giving you more options and fewer restrictions. Remember, MAPD ends February 14
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Martinez spearheads N.M. health insurance exchange

While waiting for Las Clinicas Del Norte in Abiquiu to open, Leonard Ferran, right, and Alanzo Gallegos talk on Jan. 3 of last year. The community health center in Abiquiu serves everyone, regardless of whether they are insured. The clinic, next to Bode’s General Store off Highway 84, would be available to people who receive insurance through the proposed health insurance exchange.
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Liberalism: Does the fiscal

But Mr Chait goes on to make a different point: while it looks as though entitlement programmes are nearly impossible to cut, just about everything else the government does is much more vulnerable. Everything from food inspections to foreign aid to environmental regulation to legal defence for the indigent to scientific research to the national parks to education to road, rail and air infrastructure to…pretty much everything. These programmes are diverse and often have small constituencies. There is, basically, a lot of stuff that the government does. And when you ask the public, you find that they want the government to do these things. But public attention is a very limited commodity; it’s impossible to actually marshal public attention to each of the individual programmes that get cut when “government” gets cut. What’s happened over the past 30 years, and in an accelerated tempo over the past two years, is that everything the government does apart from wars and transferring money to old and poor people has gotten creamed. The savings are trivial in comparison with the overall long-term debt picture, which is almost entirely a function of Medicare and Medicaid spending. But the cuts have effectively curtailed the vision of liberals who want government to do things like invest in basic scientific research, improve infrastructure, kick-start green technology and support education. In that sense, it’s true, the ability of Republicans to block Democrats from expanding the tax base has been a conservative victory.
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Medicaid primary care pay to more than double in 6 states

On average, Medicaid pays doctors at 66% of what Medicare pays, a fee gap that has widened during the past few years, the report stated. The ACA directs states to pay primary care doctors providing primary care services at 100% of Medicare rates for 2013 and 2014. The pay bump recently had been targeted for elimination in congressional negotiations as a possible offset for a deal to avoid deep automatic spending cuts, although the White House and congressional Democrats oppose the move. At this article’s deadline, it was not clear whether this proposal had been taken off the table.
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Daily Kos: Bachmann update MN

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Video: Medicare Plans from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and Blue Plus

Money, Medicare & the Iron Range: MN

The third MN-8 debate is on for noon today, but here’s another view of the race that’s been collecting in the oak barrel I keep outside my back door. There’s more in there, of course. Always more. Fundraising: Surprisingly, Rick Nolan out-raised Chip Cravaack in the final quarter before the election. Cravaack enters these final weeks with much more cash on hand, but the turnaround by Nolan shows that the campaign did have some fundraising game in the end. As this MPR story by Catharine Richert shows, however, the campaign spending in this race is paltry compared with the party and outside group spending. Cravaack-aligned groups are crushing Nolan-aligned groups on this front. This is an example of what Citizens United has wrought. Fundamentally, those most emboldened by large, anonymous political spending are groups funded by conservative, wealthy individuals. This is good news if that’s your side, bad news if it isn’t. In practice, however, when you watch local TV in Duluth the result is a series of consecutive ads that show Nolan telling people Cravaack will kill Medicare, Cravaack telling people Nolan will kill Medicare with Obamacare and then two guys from WI-7 across the bridge saying the same things. My own perspective is that all this has a numbing effect. Attacks: Cravaack has stepped up his attacks on Nolan, moving into the details of Nolan’s resume. Specifically, Cravaack has spent a lot of time and ink lately attacking Nolan’s tenure as President of Gov. Rudy Perpich’s World Trade Center during the 1980s, along with his other business dealings. This is, incidentally, the same line of attack that Tarryl Clark tried during the primary. She said then that her attacks were light compared to what the Republicans would do, and, you know what? They seem about the same. They seem like the kind of thing you put out when you’re down 1-5 points heading into an election. But Cravaack has much more money and is being very aggressive during debates on this issue. Nolan has spent a lot of time trying to convince people that Cravaack and aligned-groups’ attacks on him over “killing Medicare” are bogus. Of course, those particular charges are widely regarded as bogus by reputable fact-checking sites, but the old adage is “if you’re explain,’ you ain’t gainin’.” Nolan had hoped that Cravaack’s vote for the Paul Ryan budget, which is in actually a major re-envisioning of Medicare that would reduce benefits over time, would be his major point of attack, but as I said before, both sides are saying the same thing which makes that a harder punch to land. Iron Range: I’ve written broadly about how Cravaack is trying to soften the DFL’s hold on the Iron Range with his policies in favor of mining in this election. Nolan later won the Steelworker’s endorsement, which helped him build a decent firewall here, but you can tell DFLers are really taking this seriously when you see Iron Range firebrand Rep. Tom Rukavina do a video like this: Normally a web video is no big deal, but I have learned that a substantial radio ad buy featuring a similar Rukavina speech will air across northern Minnesota. We’re also waiting to see if a major Iron Range national campaign event will be held this year. In 2004, then VP-nominee John Edwards gave a big rally for the national ticket at the Hibbing Memorial Building. In 2008, it was Hillary Clinton. Because Minnesota has, amazingly, been left off the radar screens of both the Obama and Romney campaigns, we are left wondering if the campaigns will even send surrogates to Duluth, much less the Range. In the past three presidential cycles, both Republicans and Democrats have sent their presidential, vice-presidential or “super special surrogate” into the Duluth market during October. So far, it’s been whisper quiet on that front. A major ticket visit would probably create some helpful enthusiasm for either Cravaack or Nolan, something I’m sure the campaigns are seeking. I would be mildly disappointed if we didn’t have the classic Iron Range DFL rally at the Memorial Building. There is such history there. Nolan, too, would surely appreciate the boost that might bring him. The polls: As we said last week, the polls show a tie, perhaps a slight lead for Nolan. Today’s debate and the one scheduled for Oct. 31 in Virginia, MN on the Iron Range are important. Just as important, however, might be the presidential debate tonight. National winds will have a big impact on this race. If President Obama wins Minnesota handily and the election generally, he might provide Nolan the boost he needs. If the race slips away from him Cravaack will reap the benefits.
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MN union leader says: Tax the rich and raise the welfare grants

We know that during the Great Depression, working people organized for and won the creation of social safety net programs such as Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare, that ensured survival for poor and working people; and that those benefits were expanded in the Great Society programs of the 1960’s to include welfare (or what is now called TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families); and
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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer

The indictment was filed in U.S. District Court of Eastern District of Pennsylvania, although Orthofix’s home office is located in Minnesota. The case says that Orthofix was able to submit claims directly to Medicare for reimbursement in the amount of 80% of the cost of the devices, ranging between $3,500 and $4,400 each. The Medicare policy also states that Medicare requires a written physician’s statement that says the bone fracture has not healed at all before and during treatment.
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The Bureaucracy of Healthcare

.  That means that new rules are now in place on how medications will be prescribed and filled.  You see, George, since he is dying, and cannot work, is on Medicare and Medicaid, and while vancomycin is HIS doctor’s preferred drug of choice to treat George’s C. diff., it is not Medicare or Medicaid’s.  A fourteen-day course of treatment with vancomycin costs around $1,800.  When we took the script to have it filled, the pharmacy waited two days to let us know that vancomycin was no longer a Medicare/Medicaid approved drug.  It had been in 2012, but now with the new regulations that took effect in 2013, it was bumped from the list – too costly.  It took another two days, and a dozen phone calls between us, the doctor, and the unseen person at the Medicaid office to finally get approval.  The long and short of it is simple.  George had to go four days without his oral antibiotic, after having been dosed for three days with an IV course of the same medication.  If you read the medication bottles, or know anything about antibiotics, then you know you have to complete the course of treatment completely.  Otherwise, you are at risk of a rebound infection that may be worse.  We are hoping that will not be the case with George.
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A Regional Analysis Of Which Hospitals Got Rewards, Penalties Based On Quality

All seven hospitals in the nation’s capital are having their Medicare payments reduced  because they scored poorly in the Value-Based Purchasing program, which rewards places that do better in following basic standards of care and on patient satisfaction surveys and punishes those that underperform. The government began assessing these bonuses and penalties this month as one part of an effort to improve medical quality and to eventually reduce costs.  In Washington, hospitals will lose on average 0.33 percent of their payments.
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Daily Kos: 3 Progressive Principles for the Next Deal

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DFL candidates rip Republicans on Medicare

“Republicans for Congress are resorting to these false attacks because they don’t want to be honest with seniors about what their plan really does for seniors and their families,” McCollum said. “But we are not going to let them mislead the public and we are not going to let them run away from the facts.”]]
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Austin Medicare Analyst Job

Minnesota Medical Office Jobs: Whether you are a recent medical secretary or medical transcriptionist graduate or a skilled professional, Mayo Clinic is a place where you can achieve your goals and discover career and personal fulfillment. We invite you to explore a medical secretary or transcriptionist career with Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Here you will be a valued member of an outstanding healthcare team, and you will experience the exceptional environment of one of the world’s leading healthcare institutions.
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TSEA Career Center: jobs, Minnetonka jobs, Minnesota jobs, Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager- Medicare and Retirement – 510353 Bring your marketing bravado, and help change the world one bold idea at a time. You can help drive the change that improves the health care system for the benefit of millions. Assesses and interprets customer needs and Requirements:.- Identifies solutions to non-standard requests and problems.- Solves moderately complex problems and/or conducts moderately complex analyses.- Works with minimal guidance; seeks guidance on only the most complex tasks.- Translates concepts into practice.- Provides explanations and information to others on difficult issues.- Coaches, provides feedback, and guides others.- Acts as a resource for others with less experience. Description: We are in search of a confident, organized professional to develop marketing strategies to support Medicare products and drive membership and sales growth. This position is responsible for the design and execution of a variety of direct marketing programs with specific emphasis in Direct Mail campaigns. In this role you will also be expected to develop marketing forecasts, estimate costs, manage program/project budgets and analyze marketing campaign results. -Develop direct mail campaigns and test plans -Work successfully with internal marketing advertising and production to implement direct to consumer marketing campaigns -Interact with Data Analytics team to complete complex requests for mailing lists and to test marketing formats for effectiveness -Ensure compliance by working with compliance and legal teams while adhering to governmental guidelines -Design strategy and initiate telesales outbound and inbound campaigns -Develop email, Web and online marketing initiatives -Collaborate with cross-functional teams to exceed sales goals and improve campaign effectiveness Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree desired 5+ years of direct to consumer marketing experience with in a matrix organization required Experience developing online and social media strategy highly desired Experience analyzing data and making strategic recommendations is preferred. 5 years experience in a deadline driven environment 5 years proficiency in Microsoft office suite including Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint. 5 years experience demonstrating organization skills. 5 years experience managing and prioritizing several deliverables 5 years experience in meeting or exceeding sales promotion/marketing targets. 5 years experience influencing and collaborating with others Ability to be flexible and work with ambiguity UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement is part of the family of companies that make UnitedHealth Group one of the leaders across most major segments of the US health care system. Imagine joining a group of professionals and clinicians who are working to improve health care for people over 50. Consider the influence you can have on the quality of care for millions of people. Now, enhance that success with enthusiasm you can really feel. That’s how it is at UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement. Everyday, we’re collaborating to improve the health and well being of the fastest growing segment of our nation’s population. And we’re doing it with an intense amount of dedication. Here, you will discover a culture that grows through challenge. That evolves by being flexible. That succeeds by staying true to our mission to make health care work effectively and efficiently for seniors. Put your best to work for us, and discover extraordinary opportunities for growth. Diversity creates a healthier atmosphere: equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V UnitedHealth Group is a drug-free workplace. Candidates are required to pass a drug test before beginning employment. In addition, employees in certain positions are subject to random drug testing. Job Family: Marketing and Advertising Business Segment: Medicare and Retirement Shift: Day Job Travel: No Overtime Status: Exempt
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Brian Barnes joins McCollum, Ellison, Obermueller for press conference on protecting and strengthening Medicare for Minnesota seniors

St. Paul – On Tuesday, Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN-04) was joined by DFL Congressman Keith Ellison (MN-05), and DFL candidates Mike Obermueller (CD-02), and Brian Barnes (CD-03) in highlighting efforts by Democrats in Congress to strengthen and protect Medicare. With political attack ads and smear campaigns from Republican candidates across Minnesota distorting the record and misinforming voters, the Members of Congress and candidates outlined the two very different approaches to protecting the guarantee of Medicare.
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Kaiser Permanente Leads the Nation in 13 Medicare Measures

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Deal 3, Table 7: Initiation enter Trick A~ contract taker leads King of Risks by KevinHutchins314About Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente is committed to helping shape the future of health care. We are recognized as one of America’s leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans. Founded in 1945, our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. We currently serve more than 9 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia. Care for members and patients is focused on their total health and guided by their personal physicians, specialists and team of caregivers. Our expert and caring medical teams are empowered and supported by industry-leading technology advances and tools for health promotion, disease prevention, state-of-the-art care delivery and world-class chronic disease management. Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to care innovations, clinical research, health education and the support of community health. For more information, go to: www.kp.org/newscenter.
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In Swing States, Obama Leads on Handling of Medicare

Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan have called for curbing the growing costs of Medicare by making major changes to the program. Their plan would change Medicare for people who are now under 55 so that when they are eligible for coverage they would no longer receive a government-guaranteed, fee-for-service health plan but rather a fixed amount of money each year that they would use to purchase private health insurance or buy into a version of the existing Medicare program. But they have not provided enough details of their plan to assess how much it might increase out-of-pocket costs for future beneficiaries. Mr. Obama has pledged to preserve Medicare in its current form, but has spoken less about its rising costs.
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Florida Poll: Romney Leads Obama Overall, On Medicare

Mitt Romney has opened up an enormous lead over President Barack Obama in Florida, according to a new Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald/Tampa Bay Times poll. Romney now leads the president by 7 points — 51 percent to 44 percent — in the Sunshine State, his largest lead since a hypothetical Quinnipiac poll conducted in September 2011.
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PHI Dumping Leads to $140,000 HIPAA Settlement

According to the complaint, the owners, Joseph and Louise Gagnon, who did business as Goldthwait Associates violated several state and federal laws by disposing of these medical records, which contained protected health information (PHI) from four Massachusetts pathology groups at the Georgetown Transfer Station, at the dump. The information included names, Social Security numbers, and medical diagnoses that were not redacted or destroyed when they were dumped. The matter came to the public eye when a Boston Globe photographer saw the records while dumping out his own trash.
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Subsidies for Electronic Medical Records Leads to Higher Medicare Bills

Some experts blame a substantial share of the higher payments on the increasingly widespread use of electronic health record systems. Some of these programs can automatically generate detailed patient histories, or allow doctors to cut and paste the same examination findings for multiple patients — a practice called cloning — with the click of a button or the swipe of a finger on an iPad, making it appear that the physicians conducted more thorough exams than, perhaps, they did.
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Many Years Young: In Swing States, Obama Leads On Handling Medicare

Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan have called for curbing the growing costs of Medicare by making major changes to the program. Their plan would change Medicare for people who are now under 55 so that when they are eligible for coverage they would no longer receive a government-guaranteed, fee-for-service health plan but rather a fixed amount of money each year that they would use to purchase private health insurance or buy into a version of the existing Medicare program. But they have not provided enough details of their plan to assess how much it might increase out-of-pocket costs for future beneficiaries. Mr. Obama has pledged to preserve Medicare in its current form, but has spoken less about its rising costs.
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Will My Anthem Medicare Supplement Fill In All The Gaps?

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MORE DIRTY TRICKS FROM YOUR SOCIALIST/MARXIST   PRESIDENT AND HIS NASTY LITTLE ADMINISTRATION HACKS by SS&SSIn today’s economy, just having health insurance is not enough. Due to the increasing cost of co-payments, deductibles and the rising cost of coinsurance, many people are faced with added expenses and are having a hard time staying on a budget. Therefore, Anthem Medicare Supplement was specifically developed to tackle the escalating cost concerning out of pocket expenses with Medicare patients in mind. The majority of Medicare insurance plans cover the basics such as doctor visits, annual physical exams and prescription drugs as well as an occasional need for hospital assistance. However, these traditional healthcare plans require a certain amount of extra expenses in the form of deductibles, coinsurance and co-pays also known as gaps in insurance coverage.
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Video: Anthem Medicare Advantage Plans in Ohio

Dave Fluker’s California Health Insurance Blog: Anthem Blue Cross Raising Medicare Supplement Rates in 2013

David Fluker Insurance Services – Gilroy, California Serving California Residents Since 1995 For specific Health Insurance information, please visit my site at the link below www.davefluker.com Email Me CA Insurance License # 0B58920
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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans Are Affordable…

Based in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we currently market health insurance in 18 different states from our website IndividualHealth.com. I have worked in the domestic and international markets for most of my adult life. Recently we launched a newly revamped website www.tetonmarketing.com which has a primary focus on music and Native American Flutes and hand crafted items made in Wyoming. Check it out! I want the Insurance Simplified Blog to be a place you can visit from time to time and read about real world issues that individuals and families face daily. Our parent website IndividualHealth.com we like to think of as a virtual brochure. But with the blog I want to talk about the topics behind the brochure. Also check out our blog www.JacksonHoleTim.com which is “All Things Wyoming, Everything Jackson Hole” . If you love the Yellowstone basin this is blog for you! Then when you are ready check out our new Social Network site Jacksonholetim.ning.com – this is a place you can connect with other who visit and live in Wyoming. And finally we have just launched another new blog. Jackson Hole Tim (www.jacksonholetim.com) is a new place to visit that talks about “All things Wyoming, Everything Jackson Hole”. I hope you find these blog helpful.
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anthem medicare supplement

Comparing Medicare Supplemental Insurance prices will assure that you not only have a general concept of what Medicare Supplement Plans will cost you, but you will also obtain a greater offer on an agenda that you buy. Supplemental insurance firms are required by law to supply no more than 14.
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Medicare Advantage: Anthem Medicare PPO Alternative in Las Vegas, NV

The second option is to upgrade to a Medicare Supplement.  Because your plan is not renewing, you have the guarantee issue right to a supplement.  You cannot be denied for health history.  The monthly cost will be higher than that of the PPOs, but a supplement will give you freedom to see any doctor that accepts Medicare and you will no longer have co-payments if you select a Medicare Supplemental Plan F.
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Medicare Targets Health Plans With Low Ratings

Medicare officials are encouraging 525,000 beneficiaries to switch out of these 26 Medicare Advantage and drug plans that have received low ratings for three consecutive years and enroll in better plans for next year. The poor performing plans will have this warning symbol next to their names on Medicare’s plan finder website to steer shoppers to other plans.
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California Medicare Insurance: 2013 Anthem Medicare PPO

This plan is also offered in other states but here in California it is now a Local PPO as opposed to a Regional PPO, which means its limited to particular counties The plan used to cover the entire state of California and now only a handful of counties will be able to have access to Medicare Advantage PPO network. In addition. only 3 of the counties will continue to receive the “Zero Cost” option; Los Angeles, San Diego and Ventura. All other counties will now have a monthly premium for this plan ranging from $40-131/mo. For some this is no problem but for many Medicare beneficiaries who are dependent upon Social Security or on a fixed income, this raises huge issues. 
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Anthem Medicare Connecticut « Insurance News from Crowe & Associates

The PPO offers substantially better benefits than the HMO to such an extent it does not make much sense for a consumer to consider the plan.  The PPO utilizes the nation anthem BCBS nationwide network.  It has out of network benefits which are almost par withe in network benefits.  They have $0 copay for a primary doctor and $0 copay for some generic drugs as well.  Two of the better benefits are the Hospital benefit which is $250 a day for 6 days in or out of network.  Meaning that you can go to a non participating hospital and pay the same as if it was an in network hospital.  The outpatient surgery benefit is a max copay of $250 which is the best available.  Lastly, the out of pocket max on this plan is $3,400 in and out of network combined which is far better than any other advantage plan in CT.
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Anthem Medicare Supplemental Insurance Reviews

With Anthem Medicare Supplemental Insurance you’ll have the freedom to rely upon coverage for deductibles and co-insurance that traditional Medicare coverage doesn’t cover. You will also have the liberty of enjoying the security of knowing these benefits will not change regardless of the changes in your health. Freedom to choose plans offering 100% coverage for the basic benefits is also standard and that includes preventative care service as well. You will also have the option of selecting plans that cover well-trained nursing facilities, Medicare Part B Excess fees, and even far-off travel emergencies while exploring the world.
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Florida Medicare Part D Plans

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Benefit Security Card .. HALF of the U.S live in households that receive government benefits (26 May 2012) ...item 2.. Brevard man gets 4 years in Social Security fraud case (Jun 1, 2012 ) ... by marsmet481Anyone who require for this medical facility can opt for this service in any case if he or she is with limited source of income. Those who do not earn much have facility of getting extra help for various services that included in medication part D plan. $4,000 is almost amount that you will get as an extra help from these medication plan. Monthly premium and it can also be your prescription payment for which you will get all help. This can act as big saving for those who do not earn much. So make sure that are you clearing criteria of getting that much help.
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Video: Florida Medicare Advantage Plans – Supplement Health Insuran

Rubio: Ryan’s Medicare Plan Helps Romney in Florida

When Mitt Romney tapped Paul Ryan to be his vice presidential running mate, conventional wisdom dictated that Romney had put himself at a distinct disadvantage in the key battleground state of Florida, where Ryan’s controversial plan to reform Medicare wouldn’t sit well with millions of government-dependent seniors. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio isn’t buying it. In an interview with National Journal, Rubio argued that Ryan’s proposal will help — not harm — Romney’s chances of winning the Sunshine State. He predicted that older voters will support Romney and Ryan because they are trying to “save Medicare” instead of pretending that nothing is wrong with the fiscally unsustainable program. “Look, you have three million people in the state who are on Medicare — one of whom is my mom, one of whom is Paul Ryan’s mom,” Rubio said. “These are people who understand the reality of Medicare: that it’s spending more money than it takes in; that anyone who’s in favor of leaving it the way it is is in favor of bankrupting it.” Rubio praised the GOP ticket for tackling the hot-button topic of entitlement reform at a time when many politicians won’t acknowledge the problems facing the Medicare program. “They’re looking for real solutions on how to solve this,” Rubio said. “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering a way to save Medicare that doesn’t change it at all for current beneficiaries. And I think people here are going to be excited about that.”
Source: nationaljournal.com

Ryan's Medicare Plan: How Big a Factor in Florida?

As Obama for America’s Florida press secretary, Eric Jotkoff, put it: “If the headlines don’t tell the story, then certainly Floridians can say that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are simply out of touch and have no idea what’s important to the people of Florida. Whether it’s a budget that could end Medicare as we know it forcing Florida seniors to pay $6,350 a year out of their pockets or a tax hike which would burden hard-working middle-class families, Romney and Ryan’s campaign is toxic in the Sunshine State, and they will have a hard time convincing voters to choose them in November.”
Source: realclearpolitics.com

Is Florida Medicare Insurance Different From Other States?

Florida Medicare Insurance differs because many seniors have trouble paying out-of-pocket co-pays and deductibles after their Florida Medicare Insurance Part A and B pays their share. Currently, Floridians have the highest insurance rates in the country. And, the amount they pay for their Florida Medicare Insurance depends on the county they live in.
Source: seniorcorps.org

In Florida, Obama Attacks Romney On Medicare Plan

Miami Herald: As Thrill Fades, President Barack Obama Fires Up Supporters On Medicare, Tax Cuts But Obama steered clear of attacks on Romney’s business record and instead tailored his message toward seniors and the middle class on the first day of a two-day campaign swing in the nation’s biggest battleground state. He stops in Fort Myers and Orlando on Friday. The president warned that Romney’s proposal to repackage Medicare as a fixed benefit is a “voucher” system “will end Medicare as we know it” as it forces seniors to purchase private health insurance. He said his health care reforms have helped seniors receive discounted prescription drugs and get access to free preventive care (Klas and Caputo, 7/19).
Source: kaiserhealthnews.org

Daily Kos: Elderly will be hit hard by Romney’s Medicare, Medicaid plans

As it turns out, what we know for sure about Mitt Romney’s assault on senior citizens may pale compared to what we don’t. Romney, after all, has promised to magically offset $5 trillion in tax cuts and $2 trillion in new defense spending over the next decade by closing as yet unnamed tax credits, deductions and deductions. But among Uncle Sam’s $1.1 trillion in annual tax expenditures are a host of tax breaks for the elderly. That figure is forecast to hit almost $1.4 trillion by 2015. While the home mortgage and health expense deductions top that list, untaxed Social Security benefits will reach $44 billion annually in three years. And that’s just one example. Mitt Romney has called for raising the retirement age to 67 for those now 55 and under. (In his 2008 campaign, Romney supported President Bush’s proposal to privatize the retiree pension system.)
Source: dailykos.com

Florida hospitals begin offering insurance

Daytona Beach, Florida-based Florida Hospital has announced that it will begin offering insurance to patients next year. Other hospitals in Florida are also following suit. Florida hospital is part of the Adventist Health System, the largest not-for-profit health system with 44 hospitals in ten states. As part of the Adventist Health System, Florida Hospital was already providing health care services to low income and underprivileged patients at subsidized rates. The new insurance plans will be available to patients of all types.
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Obama Ad Attacks Romney’s Medicare Plan In Florida

The Obama campaign is attacking Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for wanting to turn Medicare into a voucher system in a new ad running in Florida, reports the Tampa Bay Times. The ad also defends actions taken by the Obama administration to strengthen Medicare and lower premiums, including cracking down on fraud and cutting payments to providers.  
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Medicare and You 2013: Florida Medicare and Medicaid

There are several pieces to the Medicare program, and each comes with specific enrollment rules and costs. It is important to understand how these parts work together, along with how they work with other senior healthcare coverage you may have such as Veteran’s Healthcare or Employer/Retiree Insurance.
Source: agingwisely.com