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Video: Clinton, Ryan Caught On Tape On Medicare Cuts

BBB warns seniors about Medicare scammers

“Consumers should be suspicious of unsolicited calls from anyone claiming to be from Medicare,” said Kim States, BBB president. “Medicare will generally not make unsolicited calls to update information, issue a new card or offer free medical equipment. We recommend seniors hang up and call a trusted Medicare number if they have questions regarding their benefits.”
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In today’s world, there’s Medicare, and there’s everyone else

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Presidential Candidates Focus Message On Medicare, Health Law

CNN: Longtime Republicans Torn Between Party Loyalty And Obamacare Jill Thacker was dying for a cup of coffee when she recently ran into a 7-Eleven convenience store. To her pleasant surprise, the coffee was free — as long as she would commit to drinking it in either a red Mitt Romney cup or a blue Barack Obama cup. “Which are you going to choose, Mom?” her son asked. Which, indeed. A gun-owning, big-government-hating Republican, Thacker’s every instinct told her to buy a Romney cup. But Thacker, 56, and her daughter have asthma — a pre-existing condition — and with Obama as president they’ll be guaranteed the ability to buy insurance. Thacker stood in the 7-Eleven and stared at the red and blue cups, stymied by the choice they represented. Perhaps no other election has posed such a difficult personal decision for some conservatives: How do you vote if you’re ideologically conservative, but you’re benefiting, or stand to benefit, from the Affordable Care Act, often referred to as “Obamacare”?  (Cohen, 10/7).
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Shining a light on Medicare

As Jonathan Cohen added, “Remember, he’s promised to cap non-defense spending at 16 percent of GDP. And he’s said he won’t touch Social Security. If he walls off Medicare, too, that would mean even sharper cuts across the board. How sharp? The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities ran the numbers. If Medicare is getting that $716 billion back, he’d have to cut other programs by an average of a third by 2016 and in half by 2022…. That’s simply not realistic.”
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Articles Setting the Record Straight on Medicare

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Romney still faces a tough sale on Medicare

As Romney explained in the debate, premium support under his plan would be set at the level of the second-cheapest plan, so seniors would have at least two to choose from without having to pay more out of pocket. Nor would the plans on offer be be strictly private; they’d be government-vetted. They would have to provide the full range of Medicare services. Traditional Medicare would be one of the options . The credibility boost Romney gave himself Wednesday will help him sell his Medicare plan, a critical part of his platform. But he has a long way to go. Another Times story reported that Romney has been losing ground among baby boomers worried about his plan — even though most, because of age, wouldn’t be affected.
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Lacey Chamber of Commerce

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Surprisingly, another insurance product – one that can guarantee a monthly income stream – might be the solution. A single premium immediate annuity – or a SPIA – can guarantee a source of income for life in exchange for a lump sum premium payment. SPIAs are the only product that can guarantee that you won’t outlive your savings.
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Video: Medicare Benefits Made Clear: News, Reform & Obamacare Exposed!

Gap & Medicare Suppliment Insurance, is it needed?

Wanted to let you know that I met your family in the hospital this week and am praying for your mom. You are blessed with an amazing family. I have been here for 2 weeks and when I came in the waiting area of SICU, your dad came right up to me to find out my story and to see how I was. He then bought me a yellow rose and it brought a smile to my face. Jody gave an ear to talk too, Paula, who also told me about your blog, let me string green beans with her while we talked and Shae, who I loved talking with, even came down after your mother went to a room just to talk to me and see how my husband was doing. You are truly blessed with an amazing family and when I saw your post I wanted to pass it on. God really used them. It made waiting all day here easier to deal with. I am excited about finding out about your blog. I have been couponing for a little over 2 years now and was excited when Paula and I started talking coupons. I have not looked at blogs as much this past two weeks b/c I did not want to see the deals I was missing. I know that is silly. Anyway, I hope you have a blessed day and I pray your mother has a quick recovery!!! Blessings!!!
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Medicare supplement insurance company gets fined for overcharging for a Medicare supplement policy.

One of the items that is reviewed is the medical claims as compared to incoming revenue from premiums paid by clients. This helps the department understand if the insurance company is requesting excessive increases.  Should it be determined that the insurance company is requesting excessive rate increases the DoI can reject the request and/or let them know what they feel is a more satisfactory percentage increase.
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Seniors Disagree with Obama on Medicare

I am really please that your correspondent in in cancer remission.. What needs to be understood is that if any medicare beneficiary wishes coverage for the 20 percent medicare does not cover you have to sign up for additional insurance, ie MEDI-GAPE, OR a MEDICARE SUPPLIMENT policy. Medicare Advantage is a suppliment policy that is greatly substidised by the government as a result of the last Bush adminiistrations assistance to the insurance companiess. I sold medicare policies for a number of yeas to earn a living and am now retired with both my wife and I being medicare benificiares, paying in excess of 1200 per year for a suppliment to cover other medical expenses which leaves a considerable out of pocket expense.
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Safeguard Insurance Oregon

Safeguard Insurance At Safeguard Insurance, we are committed to great customer service. We can help you with disability insurance, health insurance, Medicare suppliments, life insurance, annuities, and more. You can never be too safe when it comes to your health. And we will help you in finding the best insurance to fit your needs. So call us today for your next appointment!
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Medicare Suppliment Insurance

Aarp plans will get either plan or plan does not cost effective for everyone the medicare the advantage part plans available in my experience in your situation and disadvantage to get separate part. The agent can also lends their name to get either plan is better for most people aarp also lends their name to be aware that you decide the aarp part drug plan is better for everyone the medicare the agent that you use medical services you use medical services you need referral to see specialist youll need to. Aarp plans the other major plans will have any extra charge using an agent can afford most people aarp part plans available in my area the plans the supplement most advantage plans include drug plan this plan or plan or plan. Aarp plans will depend on your area the better for everyone the best way is better for everyone the advantage plans available in the plans the network and no one plan does not officially. Source: aarpmedicalinsurance.net
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Your Medicare Supplement Policy Review

Have you reviewed your Medicare supplement insurance lately?  Insurance rates change regularly.  This is true of your property and casualty insurance as well as your Medicare supplement insurance.  Fortunately, like property and casualty insurance, you can change to another Medicare supplement insurance company any time you want.  There are no Annual Election Periods you have to work in or around.  But be aware that when you change you may be subject to underwriting.  In most cases, you are not guaranteed issue.
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Are Medicare Supplement Insurance Payments Tax Deductible?

The cost of Medigap premiums is legally deductible. It is considered a medical expense and falls under the normal guidelines for this type of tax deduction. Medical expenses are deductible only if the taxpayer itemizes, and not all expenses can be applied to the deduction. Only the sum of the expenses that surpass 7.5% of the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income (AGI) is applicable. However, since Medicare beneficiaries are generally retired, their AGI may be relatively low compared to that of younger taxpayers who work fulltime.
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Get Ready for Medicare Open Enrollment

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Save Medicare.... by Glyn Lowe PhotoworksBriefly, Medicare provides health care benefits to people age 65 and older and those under 65 with certain disabilities or end-stage renal disease. For most people, the initial enrollment period is the seven-month period that begins three months before the month they turn 65. If you miss that window, you may enroll for the first time between January 1 and March 31 each year, although your coverage won’t begin until July 1. To apply for Medicare online, visit www.ssa.gov/medicareonly.
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Video: Medicare & You: Medicare Part C and D Enrollment

Senate Special Aging Cmte. Looks at Medicare Fraud

The nation’s largest employers expect health care costs to rise with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. That’s according to a survey by the National Business Group on Health released Monday with a first look at the effects of the new health care law on large businesses. The survey outlined costs, health care plan changes for 2013 and adjustments businesses are making to ensure their benefit plans comply with the health care law. National Business Group on Health President and CEO Helen Darling announced the survey’s findings, 
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How Is Medicare Financed?

In 2011 Medicare benefit payments totaled $550 billion, funded mostly from three sources; general tax revenues (43%), payroll tax contributions (37%), and Medicare beneficiary premiums (13%). In broad terms, Medicare is financed by two “trust funds”, the Hospital Insurance (HI) Trust Fund and Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Trust Fund, both of which are overseen by a board of trustees that makes an annual report to Congress concerning the financial status of the funds. These two funds pay for the services of its four programs, also known as Medicare Parts A (Hospital Insurance), B (Supplementary Medical insurance), C (Medicare Advantage), and D (Prescription Drug). Of the $550 billion, 35% is allocated to Part A, 30% to Part B, 23% is to Part C, and 12% to Part D.
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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Special Partner Trainings

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Health Benefits Through Medicare

In July 30, 1965, a momentous event happened when the Social Security Act of 1965 was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson as revisions to the existing Social Security legislation. The Act includes two very important provisions: Medicaid and Medicare. The latter, being the topic of this article, is a health insurance program given by the government of the United States of America to its citizens. The program covers people who are 65 years old and below and even those who are under 65 years old but with physical disabilities or congenital disorders. Medicare enrollment is easy as long as required documents are provided. In general, people who are 65 years old and above are entitled for the health insurance program given that they have been residents of the country for five years or more. People under 65 years old but with disabilities and disorders can be worthy to the program as long as they show their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. SSDI is a government-funded program, which provides additional income to those who are restricted to work because of their physical disability. Medicare enrollment is also open to people who have serious medical conditions such as kidney failure and cancer. There are different parts of Medicare where one can enroll in. Medicare Part A provides inpatient care, skilled nursing facility care, hospice care services, home health care services, hospital fees, some minor tests, and food. Most people already paid their Medicare taxes when they were still working. Medicare Part B, on the other hand, gives help to patients who necessarily need the doctors’ services, outpatient care, and home health service. In some cases, it also covers preventive services for serious sicknesses. Part B also covers the tests and services like pneumonia and influenza vaccinations, blood transfusion, kidney dialysis, organ transplantation, chemotherapy. Part B also provides equipment for seriously-ill or impaired people by giving canes, strollers, wheelchairs, and prosthetic equipment such as prosthetic limbs, artificial breast and even eyeglasses after eye surgery. Medicare enrollment is also possible for Part C and Part D. Basically, Part C is also called the Medical Advantage Plan and can be received as part of one’s membership in Medicare. The advantage plan provides help for the services needed in both Part A and B like the tests, home health services and also other wellness program for vision, dental and hearing. Finally, Part D is another plan in Medicare that offers plan for prescription drug. This part, also known as Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage gives the patient help in getting prescribed drugs at a lower price. These are the benefits one can get if he or she decides to enroll in Medicare. Application for Medicare is available in the nearest health center in your area or through online. To apply, one has to be at least 64 years old and 8 months old, do not have any Medicare coverage, and live in the United States or one of its territories. Health is wealth, so apply now and receive health benefits. If you are looking for the best enrolling in medicare and medicare health insurance, visit our site for more tips and information. Contact us for free medicare advice. If you are looking for the best http://www.medicarerep.com/ enrolling in medicare and http://www.medicarerep.com/ medicare health insurance, visit our site for more tips and information. Contact us for free medicare advice.
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Articles Setting the Record Straight on Medicare

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Making the Election About Race

The result is a campaign run at two levels. On the trail, Paul Ryan argues that “we’re going to make this about ideas. We’re going to make this about a positive vision for the future.” On television and the Internet, however, the Romney campaign is clearly determined “to make this about” race, in the tradition of the notorious 1988 Republican Willie Horton ad, which described the rape of a white woman by a convicted African-American murderer released on furlough from a Massachusetts prison during the gubernatorial administration of Michael Dukakis and Jesse Helms’s equally infamous “White Hands” commercial, which depicted a white job applicant who “needed that job” but was rejected because “they had to give it to a minority.”
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A Quick Look at the C Medicare Supplement Plan

In order to make a good decision when choosing a Medicare supplement insurance plan you have to know all the facts. Rather than just give you a little information and hope for the best, we want to give you detailed information on each Medigap plan so you can really understand what’s being compared. We’ll look at the C plan now which has been traditionally one of the top 3-5 Medicare supplement plans in popularity over the years. Let’s break down the C Medigap plan piece by piece according to the main sections of traditional Medicare. This will not only tell us what the C plan covers but really get into the nuts and bolts of Medicare itself. It’s always helpful to know the core of Medicare before deciding on a supplemental plan to work with it. We’ll start with the important parts and how the C works in conjunction. There are four main parts to address first which constitute 80% of what Medicare really covers (if not more). These are key items to look at when considering which Medigap plan to go with . The break down into 2 main categories and then 2 main parts of each category for a total 4 different components. First, there’s the Part A section of traditional Medicare. Part A refers to Hospital based coverage and basically refers to facility based care. Part B on the other hand, refers to most services outside of the Part A facility section. This is generally thought of as physician charges although these days, diagnostic lab and x-ray make up a big part of this section. Those are two main categories of benefits but Medicare breaks them up into 2 main types of benefits which are pretty common to most people. First, you have a deductible which you must pay first before you get help in the form of a percentage that Medicare pays. The Part A or hospital deductible is higher of course than the Part B deductible. Once the deductibles are met, you pay 20% of the charges indefinitely. This really is the core costs associated with Medicare or better yet, what Medicare does not cover. The Medicare supplemental plans cover these sections in various ways. What about the C plan? The C plan is very rich with these main holes in Medicare in that it covers both deductibles plus the 20% co-insurance for both hospital and physician charges. You should have very little if any out of pocket when using Medicare providers if you have the C plan. In fact the C plan is identical to the F plan (largely considered the best value among the Medigap plans) in these 4 areas. This is true for the other categories in that the C plan covers all the main categories except for one very important one which is Medicare Excess charges. Excess refers to the ability of a provider to charge up to 15% higher than what Medicare allows and still remain a provider. This additional charge would then fall on you or a Medicare supplement if your particular plan covers it. The C plan does not cover it and this is the reason that most people look at the F plan when compared to the C plan and for good reason. That potential 15% does not have a ceiling. It can continue indefinitely if you have very large bills and the whole point of insurance is to provide some cap on total exposure. The C plan will not provide this cap as it relates to Excess charges. All the other main categories are covered by the C plan. This includes Hospice care, Skilled Nursing Facility, the first 3 pints of blood, Foreign travel, and of course Preventative benefits. In fact, the only hole in the C plan is the Excess charge mentioned above. Typically, the cost difference between the C and F Medigap plans are not enough to warrant this potential risk and therefore, the F plan is generally chosen. Dennis Jarvis is a licensed insurance agent concentrating on medicare supplement insurance.

State Roundup: Texas Docs Turn To Politics; Calif. Legislative Action On Health

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California Healthline: Legislature Receives Final Plan For Duals Project This was a big week for the state Department of Health Care Services, which on Monday submitted its final version of the strategic plan for the Coordinated Care Initiative — a project in which the state eventually plans to move on million seniors and disabled “dual eligible” Californians to Medi-Cal managed care plans. Dual-eligibles are eligible for both the Medicare and Medi-Cal programs. By meshing the two funding sources and patient services, the state plans to improve the quality of care while also saving money. Initially, the duals demonstration project will start with eight California counties (Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties) and the approximately 700,000 dual-eligibles in those counties (Gorn, 10/5).
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Video: Inova LifeChoice Portable Oxygen Concentrator Featured on Good Morning Texas

Houston hospital head accused of Medicare fraud

In Houston, authorities arrested Earnest Gibson III, son Earnest Gibson IV and five others. The indictments accused the group of participating in a scheme to pay kickbacks to Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in programs that allowed the hospital to bill Medicare for millions.
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David Brooks on Drugs and Medicare | MyFDL

To start, in dismissing the idea that governments can be successful in designing policies that contain costs, Brooks ignores all the evidence from every other wealthy country. All of them have much greater involvement of the government in their health care system (in some countries like the United Kingdom and Denmark they actually run the system) yet their average cost per person is less than half as much as in the United States. And they have comparable health care outcomes, with all enjoying longer life expectancies. If health care costs in the United States were comparable to those in any other wealthy country we would be looking at long-term budget surpluses, not deficits. (We could look to trade to reduce costs, but policy debates in the United States are dominated by ardent protectionists in the area of health care.)
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Medicare Plan D changes available

The Area Agency on Aging will be holding several education and enrollment events: -Friday Oct 19th 10:00am-2:00pm, Swisher Memorial Medical Center, Tulia, TX -Thurs Oct 25th 10:00am-2:00pm, Farwell Care & Rehabilitation Center 305 5th Street, Farwell, TX -Friday, Oct 26th 10:00am-2:00pm, Childress Medical Center, 901 U.S. 83, Childress, TX -Mon, Oct 29th 10:00am-2:00pm, Hemphill Co. Library, 500 E. Main, Canadian, TX -Wed, Oct 31st 10:00am-2:00pm, Hereford Senior Citizens 426 Ranger, Hereford, TX -Wed, Nov 2nd 10:00am-2:00pm, Ochiltree General Hospital 3101 Garrett Dr., Perryton, TX -Mon, Nov 5th 10:00am-2:00pm, Moore County Senior Center, Dumas, TX -Thurs, Nov 15th 10:00am-2:00pm, Pampa Senior Citizens Center, 500 W. Frances, Pampa, TX -Final Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Event, Friday, Nov 30th, 9:00am4:00pm, Panhandle Regional Planning Commission, 415 W. 8th, Amarillo, TX
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Government Dependency Will End in Chaos

The Fed recently announced that it plans to keep interest rates near zero and keep buying near worthless assets from banks indefinitely.  This enables Congress to spend without having to take deficits or the debt seriously and there is every indication they intend to spend with impunity until the system collapses.  There are no brakes on the runaway train.  The federal debt ceiling law does nothing to limit spending. The ceiling will have to be raised yet again perhaps before the year is out.  What is happening in Greece with austerity measures and riots in the street will happen here within a decade according to some realistic estimates if we do not find some way to fiscally restrain our government.
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Post election deficit deal threatens Medicare and Social Security | MyFDL

Raising the Medicare age to 67 would be disastrous.  There will be no affordable health insurance for those in their 60’s.  The Affordable Care Act allows private insurance companies to charge premiums three times higher based on age.  Under popular pressure, there were regulations placed into the health care reform bill to stop insurance companies from charging higher premiums based on pre-existing conditions.  But the companies were allowed to charge three times the premium based on age.  
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Iowa Poll: Voters More Accepting Of Obama Health Care Policies; Romney ‘Recalibrating’ Health Message

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The PARTY Is OVER ...item 3.. Mike Lofgren, Angry GOP Insider, Says The Party is Over: Book Review (August 2012) ...item 4.. Today, Mitt Romney Lost the Election (Sep 17, 2012 6:02 PM ET) ... by marsmet471ABC News: Ahead Of Debate, Paul Ryan Takes On Joe Biden Less than two weeks before Paul Ryan and Joe Biden face off on the debate stage, Paul Ryan took on his counterpart on the issues of Social Security and Medicare. … “They’re trying to scare people for political gain. That’s unfortunately the kind of campaign that we’re seeing, as I said with a president without a record to run on. Let me be very clear: There is only one person in this race threatening the health and retirement security programs of our seniors and that is President Obama. There is only one person in this race insisting on raising taxes and that is President Obama. In fact, Joe Biden himself voted to raise taxes on social security benefits and as a senator, President Obama voted to keep those tax increases in place three times” (Walshe, 9/29).
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Video: Bill Clinton convention speech on Medicare shows up in Iowa race

AOA, state affiliates pressure Medicare contractor to withdraw restrictive policy

After building support on Capitol Hill, AOA and affiliates then met with top Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) officials at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. At the meeting, AOA and affiliates expressed concern that WPS has, as a matter of policy, substituted its own opinion about what constitutes the appropriate scope of practice of an optometrist, rather than deferring to interpretations of state scope of practice law by appropriate state authorities, such as legislatures, courts, and optometry boards.
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Bleeding Heartland:: Iowa Hospital Association backs Medicaid expansion

- County chairs list at IDP site – Iowa 4th District Democrats (includes contact info for county chairs) – Iowa 5th District Democrats (includes contact info for county officers) – Allamakee County Democrats – Appanoose County Democrats – Black Hawk County Democrats – Boone County Democrats – Bremer County Democrats – Buena Vista County Democrats – Carroll County Democrats – Cedar County Democrats – Clinton County Democrats – Dubuque County Democrats – Emmet County Democrats – Fayette County Democrats – Hardin County Democrats – Harrison County Democrats – Henry County Democrats – Jackson County Democrats – Jefferson County Democrats – Johnson County Democrats – Linn County Democrats – Marion County Democrats – Monona County Democrats – Muscatine County Democrats – Page County Democrats – Pocahontas County Democrats – Polk County Democrats – Scott County Democrats – Story County Democrats – Tama County Democrats – Wapello County Democrats – Warren County Democrats – Washington County Democrats – Woodbury County Democrats
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Reality Check: Seniors say “WHOA” to Dave Loebsack’s Medicare cuts

Loebsack Fell Asleep During ObamaCare Hearing: “Catching His Zzzs. Health care is an important topic, of course, but deep discussions of its finer points can be a little sleep-inducing. Just ask Rep. Dave Loebsack who was spotted Tuesday dozing off during the House Education and Labor Committee hearing on health care reform…” (Roll Call, 6/25/2009)
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Obama In Iowa: ‘I Have Strengthened Medicare’

(DUBUQUE, Iowa) — President Obama entered the fight over Medicare today, telling supporters in Iowa that his GOP opponents are being “dishonest about my plan.” “Here’s what you need to know: I have strengthened Medicare,” he said to applause from a crowd of 3,000 gathered at the Alliant Energy Amphitheater. “I have made reforms that have saved millions of seniors with Medicare hundreds of dollars on their prescription drugs.” Obama is using the final day of his Iowa bus tour to push back against Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan, who are attacking the president for cutting $716 billion from the popular entitlement program. “They are just throwing everything at the wall to see if it sticks,” Obama said of the GOP attacks. What the Romney campaign has not mentioned is that Obama’s cuts do not impact Medicare eligibility or benefits. Furthermore, the Ryan budget calls for the same cuts to Medicare that the GOP ticket is attacking the president for making in his health care bill. “I’ve proposed reforms that will save Medicare money by getting rid of wasteful spending in the health care system, reforms that will not touch your Medicare benefits, not by a dime,” Obama said. The president went on to blast his opponents for backing a plan that “ends Medicare as we know it.” “They want to turn Medicare into a voucher program,” he said. “That means seniors would no longer have the guarantee of Medicare. They’d get a voucher to buy private insurance. And because the voucher wouldn’t keep up with costs, the plan authored by Gov. Romney’s running mate, Congressman Ryan, would force seniors to pay an extra $6,400 a year. And I assume they don’t have it. “My plan reduces the cost of Medicare by cracking down on fraud and waste and subsidies to insurance companies,” he added. “Their plan makes seniors pay more so they can give another tax cut to millionaires and billionaires. That’s the difference between our plans on Medicare. That’s an example of the choice in this election.” In a statement, Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said: “President Obama has a long history of launching shameful political attacks on Medicare – but he’s the only person in the race who has actually cut Medicare. President Obama cut $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare and our nation’s seniors will pay the price with higher costs and fewer benefits. As president, Mitt Romney will always protect this vital program for seniors and strengthen it for future generations.” Copyright 2012 ABC News Radio
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VIDEO: Paul Ryan heckled at Iowa State Fair about killing Medicare, war on middle class

Photographs from other sources sometimes appear on TPC for humorous or illustrative purposes. As it is not our intention to use these images in any inappropriate manner or to infringe upon any rights held by others, anyone holding legal rights in the use of these images who wishes to have them taken down please contact us immediately requesting such removal, with which we will comply promptly.
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Iowa Nursing Home Sues Kindred Healthcare over Medicare Fraud : South Carolina Nursing Home Blog

Now, Bethany has filed a lawsuit against its parent company, Kindred Healthcare, for its involvement in the scheme. Kindred Healthcare is the parent company of RehabCare Group, which became Bethany Lutheran Home’s insurer in 2006, at the same time that billings for “ultra high” therapy care skyrocketed. According to the federal prosecutors who conducted their suit against Bethany, RehabCare had provided Bethany with assurances that its profits would increase dramatically as a result of doing business with the insurer during the negotiation phase of its contract talks. The timing of the increase in payments, as well as the alleged assurances on the part of the insurer lend credence to Bethany’s lawsuit claiming damages for negligence and breach of contract.
Source: scnursinghomelaw.com

PRESIDENT CLINTON NEWS (and it makes me suspicious….)

“It’s a privilege to have President Clinton’s support in this election and I look forward to welcoming him to the 4th District,” said Christie Vilsack. “President Clinton knows that creating a strong economy begins with rebuilding the middle class in this country. His common-sense approach is why he was able to balance the budget and create jobs, without telling future generations that they should forget the promise of Medicare or access to education. This is the same kind of leadership I’ll bring to Congress as I fight for the 4th District.”
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Federal Retiree Weighs Whether To Keep FEHB Or Switch To Medigap

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Mashing the Aussie State: Geocoding Medicare office location data by ChiefTechQ. I am an American citizen who’s retired and living abroad in Spain. Our retirement residency visa requires Spanish health insurance coverage, which meets our needs well. However, Medicare won’t accept foreign plan coverage in lieu of Part B coverage. If I eventually return to the United States and want Part B coverage, I will be penalized for each year that I haven’t been paying for it. But paying now for coverage I can’t use doesn’t seem fair. Please advise.
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Video: John Russell Explains “Medicare For All” To Protester Rep. Kathy Castor’s Office 21 August 2009

Rockwall doctor charged again in huge Medicare, Medicaid fraud case

The operation was discovered by a woman who worked for a home health agency, who told federal prosecutors that she noticed something was wrong when she went to the office of Dr. Jacques Roy. She said Roy and her employer were fraudulently billing Medicare for home health care. In some cases, the patients had passed away. The FBI had the whistleblower and other office workers wear microphones.
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Community, Labor Groups Unite for March to Save Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid 

 (Syracuse, NY) –  On Thursday, October 11, at 11:30 am community and labor groups along with citizens of Central New York will gather at the City Hall Commons and march to the Federal Building where they will have a rally to save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; and  educate our community on the content of House Congressional Resolution 112 which was approved on  March 29, 2012.
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APS Medical Billing update: New Medicare fee schedule does not mention in

The lack of a specific recommendation for the treatment of such laboratories in the proposed payment regulations, however, does not eliminate the concerns of regulators or health plan administrators about such labs.  States continue to consider practices such as direct billing or disclosure of such arrangements in physician practice billing. Several commercial plans are requiring CAP or JCAHO accreditation of the labs for them to be eligible for payment.  There are specific coding issues for urological pathology that are being considered which would reduce the profitability of such services.  And finally, the entire technical payment for 88305 is under review for reduction.  Any or all of these efforts could have a significant impact on the profitability of providing such services in a physician’s office setting.
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Medicare Enrollment Season on the horizon…

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THE PEOPLES LEADER by SS&SSThis is the time of the year when senior citizens get inundated with advertisements for all the various Medicare Options they have available to them.  The sheer numbers of options can be very intimidating to anyone.  While Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage programs, and Part D Prescription Plans are the three most common, their are also PFFS, Dual option, Special Needs, Cost plans, Medicare Savings accounts and more.
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Video: Airport Assistence – New Horizon Medicare India

Utah Medicare Plans….changes on the horizon?

Are there really changes on the horizon, did the recent legislation upheld by the Supreme  Court affect you. These are questions that I am afraid there are no current answers to at the moment, but I feel any and all changes to Utah Medicare rules and procedures will occur after the elections. As always we recommend you have a competent agent who specializes in Utah Medicare coverage to help answer your questions as they arise. Of course we are biased, but a good agent is always better than no agent.
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Horizon Blues chooses family friend for non

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, the state’s oldest and largest health insurer, is a not-for-profit health services corporation, providing medical, dental, and prescription insurance products and services. Horizon BCBSNJ is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, serving 3.6 million members with offices in Wall, Mt. Laurel, and West Trenton, N.J.
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Flu Shot Season on the Horizon

West Nile virus was detected in mosquito traps in Orange Township and the City of Delaware earlier this summer. Although fall is fast approaching, you can get West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne diseases as long as the pests are flying. Protect yourself against bites particularly early in the evening when mosquitoes are most active. If you must go outdoors, protect yourself by wearing light-colored long pants and a long-sleeved shirt and by wearing mosquito repellant containing DEET or Picaridin.
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Horizon Medicare Advantage Blue Value with Rx

With more than 25 years of health plan experience, Deanna brings to SCAN a solid background in Medicare Advantage sales management, sales operations and marketing. Immediately prior to joining SCAN she served as corporate director of Medicare marketing for Molina Healthcare where she was instrumental in optimizing marketing, sales and enrollment operations. She has held sales leadership positions at several other large healthcare companies including PacifiCare Health Systems/Secure Horizons and Aetna. Source: pepperdine.edu
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CrummeyService.com Accepts Equity Investment

In order for a gift to a trust to qualify for the annual gift tax exclusion, currently $13,000 per beneficiary, the IRS requires trust beneficiaries to be given formal written notice of their right to withdraw the gifted amount if they choose to do so (Crummey v Commissioner, 397 F.2d 82 (9th cir 1968)). CrummeyService.com technology reminds the grantor to make the gift to the trust, notifies the beneficiaries of their right to withdraw the gifted amounts, and provides an independent third-party record of the entire process.
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Social Security and Medicare Forum at Tufts

Christie Hager, representing the HHS Secretary Kathryn Sebelius and by extension the Obama Administration, touted the achievements made by the Administration, saying there was, “Historic good news about Medicare,” adding, “These historic benefits include discounts in prescription drugs, in the donut hole,” and preventative services. “[By] keeping you well before you need more costly and more risky medical care.” Hager also stated that her agency along with the Department of Justice has, “Recovered over 10 billion dollars in four years in fraudulent claims.” This in the last four years.
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Romney’s Medicare plan raising questions about costs

In an earlier blog post rebutting Democratic critics of Romney’s Medicare proposal, his campaign policy director Lanhee Chen made an indirect reference to the candidate’s belief that costs can be controlled without spending limits. “Gov. Romney has proposed no cap on premium support in his own plan,” Chen wrote, providing no additional detail.
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Federal Retiree Weighs Whether To Keep FEHB Or Switch To Medigap

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BITCH .. beautiful individual that causes hardons ...item 1.. Allen West calls Wasserman Schultz ‘vile’ and ‘not a lady’  (7/20/2011) ... by marsmet522Q. I am an American citizen who’s retired and living abroad in Spain. Our retirement residency visa requires Spanish health insurance coverage, which meets our needs well. However, Medicare won’t accept foreign plan coverage in lieu of Part B coverage. If I eventually return to the United States and want Part B coverage, I will be penalized for each year that I haven’t been paying for it. But paying now for coverage I can’t use doesn’t seem fair. Please advise.
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Video: What Does Medicare Cost?

Things to Think about when You Compare Medicare Drug Coverage

Monthly Premium Most drug plans charge a monthly fee that varies by plan. You pay this fee in addition to the Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) premium. If you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Cost Plan that includes Medicare prescription drug coverage, the monthly premium you pay to your plan may include an amount for prescription drug coverage. Note: What you pay for Medicare prescription drug coverage could be higher based on your income. This includes coverage you get from a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, a Medicare Advantage Plan, a Medicare Cost Plan, or an employer group Medicare Advantage Plan that includes Medicare prescription drug coverage. If the modified adjusted gross income that you reported on your IRS tax return from 2 years ago (the most recent tax return information provided to Social Security by the IRS) is above a certain limit, you will pay an extra amount in addition to your plan premium. Usually, the extra amount will be deducted from your Social Security check. If you have to pay an extra amount and you disagree (for example, you have a life event that lowers your income), call Social Security at1-800-772-1213. TTY users should call 1-800-325-0778. For more information, visitwww.socialsecurity.gov.
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Get ready to review your Medicare

Many people delay retirement until they are eligible for Medicare because at that point they cannot be denied this affordable, comprehensive health coverage.   So make sure you are taking the best advantage of this valuable benefit.  Review your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan for your specific drugs on www.Medicare.gov.  Check that your health coverage (supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan) is still meeting your needs—covering at the level you want and not costing more than necessary in relation to other plans.
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Top 10 Proposals for the Future of Medicare – Part 3 of 3

BHM Healthcare Solutions is a healthcare management consulting firm which offers a breadth of services including: physician advisor services, accreditation, compliance, financial analysis, revenue cycle, denials management, quality management, clinical improvement, executive recruitment/interim staffing, and training. We have achieved URAC accreditation for both our IRO and PCHCH services. We have a 100% success rate with assisting our clients in achieving accreditation. We have a state of the art physician review portal system for peer reviews. Our team of healthcare management consultants are all experts in their areas, are always current on the latest trends and regulations, and ready to assist you with any of your healthcare consulting needs. Please visit our site http://www.bhmpc.com to learn more about us. Please call us at 1-888-831-1171 today to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to working with you.
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Romney health plan would cost US, group says

If and when in the distant future we feel a need to enroll in Tricare and take advantage of the benefits I earned while serving, we will, but as of now we both feel it is more important that we don’t and let those who honestly need it be able to have it. We have discussed this several times and when we hit Medicare age we would then use it. For now we just don’t need it. Why take from a system we really do not need to take from? To us that isn’t fair to those who actually need it. We both make more than enough money to fund our own way. We both take good care of ourselves and are in perfect health. We both have successful companies and are not hurting financially. A simple principle to our life is self sufficiency and saving intelligently for a rainy day, not rely on others to pay our way when we can provide for ourselves. Even though we could have afforded a much larger and more expensive house and cars we didn’t feel it was necessary. The more people take the less their is to give. We have tens of thousands of vets who need the most from those programs and for us to take from it means less to them. I recently read a story about a soldier who needed a powered wheelchair and the one thing that was holding it up is the cost. So some private donors stepped up to the plate and got this wounded warrior what he needed. They also renovated his house for him so he could get around it easier. This guy served and sacrificed but the gov couldn’t take full care of him because of cost. Stories like this formed our decisions. Our country is broke in case you haven’t heard already. When I enlisted in 1983 I did it for the love of my country and not to squeeze every nickle and dime I could from it. I certainly did benefit greatly from my time served thru education and opportunities provided to me. That doesn’t mean I feel ill will towards those of you who do use your military medical benefits (Tricare, DEERS, and VA), you earned it. For us it isn’t necessary yet.
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Missing Medicare Plan Deadlines Will Cost You: When to Enroll

Medicare Part A If you already receive benefits from the Social Security Administration or the Railroad Retirement Board, you are automatically entitled to Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B; no action is required on your part to enroll. If you do not meet the criteria listed above, then you must enroll in Medicare during the period beginning three months before you turn 65 and ending three months after your birthday.
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The Ryan/Romney Plan for Medicare is Crony Capitalism At Its Worst

Based on the CBO data provided, the waste far exceeds the savings to the government. Under traditional Medicare, the government is expected to spend about $6,600 in 2022 on a typical 65-year- old, and the beneficiary is expected to spend $4,600 (all numbers in 2011 dollars). Under the Ryan proposal, a voucher for the same 65-year old would cost the government $6,600, saving the government nothing. However, the total cost of purchasing Medicare-equivalent insurance would be $16,900 – more than 50 percent higher than the $11,200 spent by the government and beneficiary combined under traditional Medicare. The difference of $5,700 represents a gift to the private sector.
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President Obama on the Romney/Ryan Medicare Reform Plan

The Romney/Ryan reform plan would empower workers under age 55 today with the choice of a private plan competing alongside traditional Medicare when they retire in the future. All those private plans must provide at least the same benefits as Medicare today to participate. Medicare would provide these future seniors with a premium support payment they could use to pay for or offset the premium of the private health insurance they chose. That premium support payment is set by competitive bidding at the amount needed to pay for at least two of the competing plans providing at least the same benefits as Medicare. Or seniors even in the future could choose to stay in Medicare just like it is today. The reform includes extra assistance for lower income seniors empowering them with more choices, while means testing the assistance for higher income seniors like Medicare Parts B and D do today.
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Medicare Advantage Medicare Supplement Long Term Care Insurance in Phoenix Arizona by Western Asset Protection

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is a family owned and operated insurance brokerage firm specializing in Medicare Advantage andMedicare Supplement products. We are able to assist independent insurance professionals by providing a portfolio of strong Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement products to meet your clients needs.
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Video: Ten Key Things About Medicare — UHC TV

AARP/UHC Medicare Advantage

I was training a new agent in Florida today, the appointment we had was set from a mailer we sent to T-65. The client showed us a envelope from an Agency in Tarpon Springs, FL. They had sent an AARP/UHC Medicare Advantage with yellow highlights for the customer to sign including the scope of appointment and a returned envelope. What would you do?
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UnitedHealthcare Gives Critical Access Hospitals $20M for Health IT

I applaud that my employer provides such assistance to care providers with limited resources. In addition, I’ve had worse coverage than the PPO with Health Savings Account offered by UHC to its employees, and I’ve had no insurance and couldn’t get it as an individual for me or my young child. UHC has never tried to influence my vote, and I’ve watched for it. UHC has worked hard to assist hospitals and providers in adopting electronic health records and has been sensitive to the evidence that EHR improves quality of care by enhancing communication among practitioners and hospitals providing care.
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Medicare vs. Universal Health Care: An Honest Question for the Right

1) I would recommend exploring ways to establish catastrophic care for extremely serious and expensive medical conditions. I would allow people to opt out of this with some very onerous requirements. This would be paid for via payroll taxes unless the fool opted out. 2) I would recommend people buy their own insurance that meets their needs for routine, non catastrophic care. I would choose a high deductible and low premiums and few frills. Others can get low deductibles, high premiums and all the frills they would like. I would allow any company to sell any policy that people will buy as long as the company is honest and has proper reserves. 3). I would encourage experimentation with guaranteed insurability and portability, so that people would not be harmed on their routine care premiums if their health status changed. 4). I would subsidize the poor and elderly and possibly the sickly so that they could purchase the underlying coverage policy and pay their deductibles. Catastrophe coverage would be free or cheap as they do not work much or at all.
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[WATCH]: Preventive Care Coverage Under Medicare — UHC TV

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Ryan Takes to Pennsylvania to Push Medicare Message

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Mitt Mobile in the Final Stretch by DonkeyHoteyMr. Ryan was extrapolating from a 2010 report from Medicare’s Office of the Actuary. It analyzed the potential impact of lower premium supports paid to private companies that issue Medicare Advantage plans, popular alternatives to traditional Medicare with extra benefits such as gym memberships. To slow the growth of Medicare spending, the Affordable Care Act reduces support for the private plans, which Democrats consider inefficient. Beneficiaries would still be covered under traditional Medicare.
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Video: State Takeover of Harrisburg, Medicare/Medicaid Funding [Pennsylvania Newsmakers]

Medicare Takes Center Stage In Close Pennsylvania Races

The campaign jockeying over Medicare comes at a time when the program represents a huge fiscal challenge to both parties. With almost 50 million beneficiaries — and growing at the rate of 10,000 baby boomers every day — the entitlement program is one of the fastest-growing portions of the federal budget. Both parties acknowledge the need to curb its growth; both have also used the issue for political gain, casting themselves as the program’s protectors against what they portray as rivals’ threats.
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What is a Medicare Advantage Plan? : Pennsylvania Law Monitor

A Medicare Advantage Plan is a type of Medicare health plan offered by a private health insurance company that contracts with Medicare to provide Medicare eligible individuals with Medicare Part A (hospital) and Part B (doctor/out-patient) benefits. Medicare Advantage Plans include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Private Fee-for-Service Plans, Special Needs Plans, and Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans. If you’re enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare services are covered through the plan and aren’t paid for under Medicare. Most Medicare Advantage Plans offer prescription drug coverage as well.  Medicare Advantage Plans are often referred to as “Part C” Medicare plans.  
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Barletta, Stilp Face Off For PA’s 11th District

“Medicare, I am exactly for Medicare, keeping it for our seniors as it is, no voucher program or any other fancy words. Secondly I am for Social Security,” said Stilp. “If you care about whether or not you can find a job or keep your job or whether you can get a better job, if you care whether or not the government takes over healthcare,” said Rep. Barletta.
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Central Pennsylvania Real Estate: 3.8% medicare surtax on investment properties

The Wall Street Journal tries to sort out the question of what particular transactions the new medicare surtax will apply to.  In general, someone with a day job who collects rents on the side must include that income (net of expenses) in investment income, potentially subjecting it to the surtax, while someone whose sole occupation involves owning and operating real estate typically would not be subject to the tax. In either case, any profits from a sale could get hit with the surtax. If you’re planning to sell rental real estate or other investment property, run, don’t walk, to a trusted tax expert. Read the entire article.  It will not provide definitive answers, but it does identify the issues.
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Before resolving liability cases or drafting a settlement agreement, defense counsel and insurers will often request that the plaintiff produce a conditional payment letter or final demand letter from Medicare to show the reimbursement amount owed to Medicare for medical treatment related to the accident.  An ongoing dispute exists with respect to whether letters from Medicare are required before a settlement can be completed, which has resulted in a number of Pennsylvania decisions on the issue. The most heavily cited opinion in this area is Zaleppa v. Seiwell, 9 A.3d 632 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2010), a decision by the Pennsylvania Superior Court, which held that federal law does not permit defendants to assert Medicare’s right to reimbursement as a preemptive means of guarding against their own risk of liability. Click here for a discussion of the Zaleppa decision. Since the issuance of the Zaleppa decision, a series of Pennsylvania trial court opinions have reinforced the proposition that a defendant’s potential liability for a plaintiff’s Medicare lien does not provide authority for a defendant (a private entity) to assert Medicare’s right to reimbursement.
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Medicare Key Issue in Close Pennsylvania Races

In the week since Romney’s announcement, Medicare has been catapulted from an issue that political strategists said could make a difference in close races to a central component of congressional campaigns nationwide — especially in states like Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota and Ohio with large numbers of older voters.
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Florida Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads Now Available from Benepath

With a business boost using Florida Medicare supplement leads, an insurance agent helps seniors stay healthy. “These days, Florida Medicare supplement leads are hot items. The nation is graying, and baby boomers have come to a transition point in their lives where they now qualify for Medicare, and also need Medicare supplements to fill in the gaps. It’s a captive market, in that health insurance protects a senior’s most precious asset – their health,” indicated Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of benepath.net, Pennsylvania. Insurance agents working this niche, and buying Florida Medicare supplement leads, are aware that many, but not all, seniors have reached a point in their lives where they are more financially comfortable; a result of saving all their lives. Provided they are not spending their cash reserves on nursing home care, they are relatively well off. In reality, they likely also paid relatively little for their house, compared to today’s market. Many seniors still own their own homes, fully paid for and mortgage free. “While they are still paying property taxes, gone are the days of handing out cash to pay off their mortgage. What was once a $45,000 home may now be worth $450,000, and although their money is tied up in the house, they may have fewer expenses, which simply means they may have more on hand to buy Medicare supplements,” suggested Green. The beauty of using Florida Medicare supplement leads is the opportunity it provides for insurance agents to sell a worthwhile product that helps their customers. Most seniors want to protect their assets, particularly after a lifetime of working for them. “Protecting their health is a vital consideration for them, and if you have the right Medicare supplement products, you will be able to sell them. One distinct benefit is Medicare supplements take care of co-payments; a significant issue for seniors, should they become ill,” Green added. Choose a lead generation company with a sterling reputation, and order exclusive Florida Medicare supplement leads for the best return on the investment of business dollars. Even though running an insurance agency is a business, many agents are in this line of work because they genuinely want to help others and see them stay healthy. To that end, many agents also offer seniors long-term care insurance, final expense insurance and a variety of financial planning options. Insurance these days is pro-active and aimed at bettering the lives of clients. To learn more, visit http://www.benepath.net
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Inquirer: Ryan stresses small business, Medicare on visit to Pennsylvania

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