David Sayen: Picking the Right Hospital for Medicare Beneficiaries

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MORE DIRTY TRICKS FROM YOUR SOCIALIST/MARXIST   PRESIDENT AND HIS NASTY LITTLE ADMINISTRATION HACKS by SS&SSNoozhawk’s comments are moderated, but by posting here you accept your responsibility to follow our rules as part of Noozhawk’s shared online community. Please keep your comments civil and helpful. Don’t attack other readers personally, and do not use vulgar, abusive or discriminatory language. Use the “Report Abuse” link if a comment violates these standards or our Terms of Use
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Video: Shop and Compare Medicare Insurance Plans

Los Angeles Senior Medicare Options

Many different insurance companies offer medigap supplemental plans ranging from very basic supplemental coverage in conjunction with Part A and Part B traditional medicare to comprehensive protection that eliminates many copays and deductibles. From Plan A to Plan F plans you can shop different plans and different carriers such as Anthem, Aetna, Blue Shield, United Healthcare (AARP) and others. Most of these carriers and plans are virtually identical and monthly premiums are within a certain range so its basically a matter of choosing a carrier that contracts with your physician and a plan that you can afford and suits your coverage needs.
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Brutally Honest SWAG (Scientific Wild

USA Today: It’s no surprise that Medicare has become a big campaign issue — it is somewhat surprising that the Republicans are pushing it. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, running mate Paul Ryan, and other Republicans are stressing $716 billion in cuts to Medicare that are part of President Obama’s health care plan. That attack has forced Obama and company to play defense, even as they emphasize that Romney and Ryan want to turn Medicare into a voucher program that will cost seniors thousands of dollars a year.
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Medicare home health compare

Roughly 6% of all the legal cases which have been filed in US courts because the seventies happen to be associated with asbestos. Should you require a heart, lung or kidney transplant and was without medical health insurance county you? d just be left to die, since the hospital knows that you are not likely to have the ability to pay possibly a 500, 000 dollars approximately, particularly if you die logan county health department throughout or after treatment. If you? re viewed as much more of a danger, you? ll be billed greater rates. Today it is crucial to possess understanding on our overall health. It? s very good at getting rid of heavy metal and rock harmful toxins out logan of your system. If you want use of dental methods ? to remedies for cancer using alternative treatment or plastic surgery- to diet programs, diet disorders or diet problems ? to wellness remedies for cancer, turn to Medical Remedies Management as the Medical FacilitatorforMedical Travel& Medical Tourism& Global Healthcare. It? s that easy and you will achieve rapid weight loss when you eat properly and compare giving the body the best fuel, not junk fuel. In case your company doesn? t offer to pay for all of your rates then you? ll most likely wish to obtain some individual health insurance online quotes to be able to make a price comparison. At in other cases one teaspoon from medicare home health compare the roasting fennel could be chewed two home times per day. So, find out more health articles and become knowledgeable concerning the illnesses. Health Checking Account ( HSAs) is health recognized as a tax- free checking account. Yes, we have to make certain that people will also be the right diet to be able to give nourishment into our physiques. Versatility is restricted. Throughout her acting career, she was well- known with this unique feature. Ensure the user seats department together with his back rested around the back medicare support. Do it! When leaf lettuce remains in the earth too lengthy, it might be very bitter, but even if it? s gathered correctly, still it maintains a few of the bitterness. It? s possible to even see the more knowledge about guidelines to determine what option suits them the very best. The report consists of an in depth SWOT analysis, info on the business? s key employees, key rivals and major items and services. Online Medical Health Insurance is among the areas which have medicare home health compare just opened up up. If xerostomia is a result of the medication, pay special focus on your dental hygiene. Below is a few information about medical health insurance Florida and just how customers could be achieved positive results with these changes: 1. You will find that it? s simpler to slim down, you will have a rise in energy and you will happy! Apart from holiday greetings, include creative lines that encourage readers to make use of the services you provide. Natural meals are easier to eat, but regrettably they aren? t probably the most appealing. You may also develop a certificate enter in work health nursing. What? s the Missouri Medical Health Insurance Pool? Is its health absolutely vital that you you? Furthermore, because health of so many potential health conditions and health- related problems, it is nearly impossible to incur the price of addressing health problems without some type of healthcare coverage. Reflectors, headgear, along with other protective gears ought to always be accustomed to prevent injuries and be sure safety. Online search- the easiest method to refer health policy guide Medical plan Items in India- students insurance, medical health insurance arrange for seniors, travel medical health insurance The medical plan items in India- People mix any limits to safeguard themselves as well as their families from a myriad of risks and dangers.
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Compare Hospitals or Nursing Homes Using Medicare’s Online Tools 

These two consumer tools are highly popular with patients, their families, and caregivers.  In the first half of 2012 there were over 1.2 million visits to the Hospital Compare site, and over 500,000 visits to Nursing Home Compare. The sites can be found at Hospital Compare and Nursing Home Compare. The Eldercare Locator can be found at www.eldercare.gov. This public service of the Administration on Community Living is a nationwide service that connects older adults and their caregivers with information on senior services. 
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Medicare announces improved tools to compare hospitals and nursing homes

Both sites contain important data on how well these facilities perform on quality measures such as the frequency of infections that develop in the hospital, how often patients have to be readmitted to the hospital, and the percentage of nursing home residents who report having moderate to severe pain while staying in the nursing homes.
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Dr Synonymous: Medicare Disses Family Medicine on Physician Compare Site

The official government site listing specialties and physicians in them to allow us to be rated (or be “berated”) does not include my specialty- FAMILY MEDICINE under “F”. It does list it in a bundle to be found under “P” where you’ll see “Primary Care, General Practice and Family Medicine”.  Primary Care is not a specialty.  Why would a non-specialty be listed on their pop-up list under”specialties”?  Why can’t they get this right? Check it out:  Go to  http://www.medicare.gov/default.aspx then search for Physician Compare, where you can enter a zip code and click on their “specialty” list.  I scroll down the list looking after Emergency Medicine for my specialty and don’t find it.  Medicare operatives don’t know the name of the specialty that is NUMBER ONE IN ANNUAL MEDICARE ENCOUNTERS.  FAMILY MEDICINE IS NUMBER ONE! Annoyed, I scroll a lot further and find Primary Care, General Practice and Family Medicine as one, bundled listing.  Way to diss us and try to push us aside Medicare.  I click on that disappointing selection and find my father’s name:  Arthur Jonas, MD (he was never a physician) after the words Family Practice.  The Medicare people don’t list me by the name my patients and everyone else knows:  A. Patrick Jonas, MD. They don’t respect Family Medicine enough to list it separately, they don’t know that there is no specialty called Family Practice, and they can’t even get my name right for patients to match the Medicare search list with my listing everywhere else on the internet and in the yellow and white pages. Other than that, they may be awesome, since they are giving people employment, but their misnaming specialties and mis-listing and mis-naming physicians may cause problems for the taxpayers and consumers they are supposed to serve. Wake up Medicare.  Honor number one by recognizing our identity.  We are the answer to the question.  How do you “bend the healthcare cost curve downward”?
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Health is wealth. Get health insurance today

Fortunately, the advances in technology and easy access to health information and the availability of Super Advanced Healthcare Solutions made it easy for people to get the best for their health. However, the most advanced treatments come with a price. The price is firm and can be a problem with restricted salaries and economic decline. The introduction of individual medical policy has proved to be a blessing to many people all over the world. This is a wonderful solution for those who remain prepared for a medical emergency, no. Shell out too much money out of their hard-earned savings
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Compare Medicare Supplement Plans Side By Side

As you can see, comparing plan benefits from one company to the next is mostly a non-issue. Although some companies such as United Healthcare seem to offer small benefits such as vision and prescription drug discounts, this is actually a benefit of being an AARP member.
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Compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans and View Rates Online

Health insurance is a maze. It is often hard to maneuver and completely understand the ins and outs. With Medicare and available supplemental plans there are many online comparisons available to help individuals select a plan that will work with their situation. Many times people want information on paper and then seek out assistance from an advisor who is able to help them compare the plans and rates with real life examples and situations. These advisors have one sole purpose and that is to match the right Medicare supplement policy at the right price with Medicare eligible participants. To them the company that the individual purchase the policy from is not as big of an issue and they can help you see through the glitz of private insurance companies and keep the focus on coverage and rates. Source: professional-article-marketing.com
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Proposed Medicare Fee Schedule Includes Pay Increase For Primary Care, Family Docs

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Medscape:  CMS Proposes Primary Care Raises Funded With Specialist Cuts Medicare would reduce reimbursement for many types of specialists to fund sizable raises for primary care physicians in 2013, according to a proposed fee schedule that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released today.  These reductions and raises are apart from the huge pay cut — now put at 27% — set for January 1, 2013, that is triggered by Medicare’s sustainable growth rate formula, and likely to be postponed by Congress (Lowes, 7/6).
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Video: Medicare Physician Fee Schedule; the Never Ending Debate

Imaging Cuts in Proposed 2013 Medicare Fee Schedule Rule Potentially Dangerous, Unfounded and Unnecessary

Further cuts to imaging do little, if anything to safely bend the Medicare cost curve. Imaging use in Medicare is down since 2008. Medicare spending on scans is at the same level it was in 2003. Imaging is also the slowest growing of all physician services among privately insured Americans according to the Health Care Cost Institute. A multitude of studies show that medical imaging exams are directly linked to greater life expectancy, declines in mortality rates, and are generally safer and less expensive than the invasive procedures that they replace. Scans also reduce the number of invasive surgeries, unnecessary hospital admissions and length of hospital stays.
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10 Statistics on Medicare Spending for Physician Fee Schedule Services

2001 Aged: $1,374 Disabled: $1,160 2003 Aged: $1,485 Disabled: $1,274 2005 Aged: $1,837 Disabled: $1,404 2007 Aged: $1,964 Disabled: $1,650 2011 Aged: $2,181 Disabled: $1,883 More Articles on Medicare: CMS Proposed Rule Drops Neurosurgical Reimbursement 1% 10 Statistics on Average Percent of Medicare Rates for Best Payors Dr. Peter Mandell Testifies in Congress on Making Medicare Payments Sustainable
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MainosMemos: Medicare’s 2013 Proposed Fee Schedule: The Physician Impact

Every year CMS publishes the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) for the coming calendar year. On July 9, CMS issued the proposed MPFS for calendar year 2013. These proposed rules can greatly impact physicians, both positively and negatively…..
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A new report from NCCI on the effectiveness of workers' compensation fee schedules

A medical provider in Minnesota is only allowed to seek reimbursement for the fee scheduled medical bill. They may not try to recover from the injured worker the difference between the outstanding bill and the fee scheduled amount.  If a medical provider tries to recover in that situation the injured worker should contact the Department of Labor and Industry and speak with a Benefit Management and Resolution specialist.
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Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

Improving Payment for Primary Care.  The proposed rule includes a number of initiatives designed to increase payments for primary care. Payments for primary care would increase for a variety of reasons, including a proposed new payment for managing a beneficiary’s care when the beneficiary is discharged from certain health care facilities, such as a hospital, skilled nursing facility, inpatient rehabilitation facility, and other similar types of facilities. This would be achieved by creating a new procedure code for providing “post-discharge transitional care management services”, which would apply to all services related to transitional care management within 30 days following the date of discharge from an eligible facility.
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Will Obama’s Medicare Cuts Hurt Seniors?

Of the $716 billion in cuts, $415 billion come in the form of “updates to fee-for-service payment rates,” a euphemism for reducing Medicare’s payments to doctors and hospitals. But what happens when you reduce payments to doctors? Doctors stop being willing to see Medicare patients. And if you can’t actually get a doctor’s appointment, what does it really matter what your insurance plan covers on paper?
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CMS Released the Final Rule for Stage 2 Meaningful Use

In Healthcare Data Management’s recent post on EHR and Meaningful Use, we provided a table that illustrates the implementation of the stages of meaningful use, as well as the maximum incentive payments that eligible professionals can earn based on the year in which they begin their reporting periods. As CMS previously suggested and yesterday’s final rule confirms, providers will not be required to demonstrate Stage II meaningful use before 2014 (the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 originally planned for Stage 2 to begin in 2013).
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MHA’s Executive Briefing: AHA Regulatory Advisory: Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule for CY 2013

Explicitly pay certain physicians and qualified nonphysician practitioners for post-discharge transitional care management services in the 30 days following a hospital, skilled nursing facility, outpatient observation and community mental health center stay;
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How Obamacare’s $716 Billion in Cuts Will Drive Doctors Out of Medicare

There are 600,000 physicians in America who care for the 48 million seniors on Medicare. Of the $716 billion that the Affordable Care Act cuts from the program over the next ten years, the largest chunk—$415 billion—comes from slashing Medicare’s reimbursement rates to doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes. This significant reduction in fees is driving many doctors to stop accepting new Medicare patients, making it harder for seniors to gain access to needed care. Here are a few of their stories.
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Obamacare and Medicare Advantage Cuts: Undermining Seniors’ Coverage Options

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Cassandra Q. Butts by Center for American ProgressSeniors Forced Back into Poorly Performing Traditional Medicare. Large reductions in MA will force a mass migration back into the traditional FFS program, which is the source of many problems observed in American health care. Medicare FFS provides strong incentives for fragmented care that is poorly coordinated across institutions and provider settings. The result is an emphasis on volume instead of quality care for patients. Moreover, downsizing the role of MA plans will make it more difficult to pursue the kinds of structural changes that are needed to ensure that Medicare can be financially sustained over the long term.
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Video: Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans With Prescription Drug Coverage: Better Than The Rest

Having health insurance coverage has put my mind at ease. Although preventing diseases is always a top priority in our family, I also make it a point to have immediate assistance should any unforeseen event occur. Compared to other private plans, my parents opted for a Medicare Advantage Plan under the Health Maintenance Organization. In this type, though there is a limited list of accredited physicians only, they are still ensured that those who gave them the much-needed services would be covered with their insurance. What amazed was that the company has continued to improve as time passed by. Their services were notably way better than before. Also, they have expanded benefits and coverage for all their members and beneficiaries. While my parents have chosen HMO, my other siblings went for PPO or Preferred Provider Organization because they could make their own list of network of doctors. However, any incident that involved physicians outside the said network would possibly require higher out-of-pocket expenses for the member and his family.
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An Overview of ObamaCare's Broken Promises

The Affordable Care Act assumes deep reductions in payments to doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and Medicare Advantage program, totaling $716 billion over ten years. By paying providers less, the trust fund may last a bit longer, but it means seniors will have a harder and harder time finding a doctor to see them as they drop out of the program or stop taking new Medicare patients. The law may not explicitly cut benefits, but it certainly will impact access to care. What good is a Medicare card if you can’t find a doctor? That is precisely the problem that patients on Medicaid — the program for lower-income Americans — face today, forcing them to go to hospital emergency rooms for even routine care. Do seniors want that?
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Peering through the rhetorical fog on Medicare

The vice presidential candidate would phase in a voucher program that Medicare beneficiaries could use to purchase plans either from traditional Medicare or private insurers. (People currently 55 or older would not be affected.) Seniors would pay out of pocket if the government’s “premium support” payments don’t cover all the services they want.
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Medicare Advantage Plans: Preparing For The Future

Health insurance has always been important for me. I always see it as an investment for future health care needs. Although I know some people who don’t believe in paying for plans, I personally know what it’s like to be suddenly hospitalized and without a penny to pay for the bills. Also, no one will ever know if they will be admitted due to some acute or chronic illness. Therefore, I say, it’s always so much better to be prepared. It’s not about waiting to be sick, it’s being armed when the time comes that you acquire any disease or affliction. I was offered with three types of Medicare Advantage Plans and I chose the one which does not require any referral from a certain physician.
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Humana Medicare Advantage Plans For Seniors: Satisfied Clients

When I was a child, my parents took good care of me. When I grew up and got a job, I promised myself that I would definitely give them back all the love and care they provided me before. My mom and dad aren’t the sickly type but growing old also meant having the immune system weaken and being compromised. Their body no longer have the same resistance to infection and diseases as it once had. Although I provided them with nutritious foods, drinks, and even health supplements, I also wanted to ensure that should worse come to worst, we are all prepared financially. I have witnessed cases wherein certain people succumb to illness and are financially struggling just to pay the bills. Also, I was more afraid of the fact that my parents might hide any symptoms, if they’re feeling any, just so I won’t be able to shell out money for consultations and hospital admissions.
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Obamacare and Medicare Advantage Cuts: Undermining Seniors’ Coverage Options

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Martin Place 1 by Greens MPsSeniors Forced Back into Poorly Performing Traditional Medicare. Large reductions in MA will force a mass migration back into the traditional FFS program, which is the source of many problems observed in American health care. Medicare FFS provides strong incentives for fragmented care that is poorly coordinated across institutions and provider settings. The result is an emphasis on volume instead of quality care for patients. Moreover, downsizing the role of MA plans will make it more difficult to pursue the kinds of structural changes that are needed to ensure that Medicare can be financially sustained over the long term.
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Video: Dental Insurance Commercial for Folks on Medicare

State of Dental Care Among Medicaid

RESULTS: The prevalence of having DCV ranged from 12% depending on age, to 49% with a median value of 33% but did not exceed 50% in any state. The median percent change between 2002 and 2007 was 16%. DCV among toddlers and infants were low in all but 3 states and in most states peaked at age of school entry to >60% in some states. In most states, there were few racial differences in the prevalence of DCV. Children enrolled in Primary Care Case Management tended to have the highest DCV, the effect of Children’s Health Insurance Program enrollment on the number of DCV was generally positive.
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The business behind dental treatment for America’s poorest kids

Kool Smiles does far more crowns than average on children age 8 and under on Medicaid, according to an analysis of 2010 Medicaid data in two states done by CPI and FRONTLINE. In Texas, a child under the age of 9 at Kool Smiles has nearly a 50-50 chance of getting a crown as a restoration to treat problems like cavities, our analysis found. That compares to a one in three chance on average at other providers. And in Virginia, a child 8 or under on Medicaid going to Kool Smiles is twice as likely on average to get crowns than at other dental offices.
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How come dental insurance isn’t like health insurance?

About Advantage affordable article Benefits best Business Care comparison costs Coverage dental drug find Free from Guide Health Healthcare home Individual Insurance Life Medicaid Medical Medicare much News Nursing online Part Plan Plans Private Program. Quotes Reform Reviews Security Small Social Supplemental there Trends Understanding
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Supplemental Medicare: You may Need This Coverage!

However, not everyone needs supplemental Medicare such as government and military retirees. Also, Medicaid and Qualified Medicare Beneficiary plans, pay for premiums and other additional costs. Medicare supplemental insurance also will help pay for private care, homemaker services and stays in a hospital. In addition, Medicare supplemental insurance takes the worry and stress away over out of pocket fees that can sometimes be a burden to handle such as a long stay in a hospital, medical supplies and a temporary stay in a nursing home. Other expenses that this Supplemental Medicare pays for are dentures, hearing aids and eyeglasses.
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Modern Dental Practice Marketing

Our accounting firm, Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP holds information sessions, or Dental RoundTables, for dentists in the DFW area approximately 6 times a year. Topics have ranged from compliance, to marketing, to how to increase revenue. They are quite successful; we have a steady, loyal following with approximately the same number of guests, some new and some repeats, attend each session. However, our RoundTable on Dental Medicaid was something we had never seen before. The session “sold out” in a few days, prompting us to repeat the topic a few months later. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the dental community is nervous about the stepped up efforts by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to audit dental practices for Medicaid fraud. And dentists should be concerned. Since 2010, the federal government has opened over 1000 new criminal cases and 1700 investigations, and is involved in over 900 civil investigations with an additional 1300 cases pending.
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Meeting Your Health Care Needs With Medicare Supplemental Insurance

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MORE DIRTY TRICKS FROM YOUR SOCIALIST/MARXIST   PRESIDENT AND HIS NASTY LITTLE ADMINISTRATION HACKS by SS&SSThe question remains though of how do you find out which Medicare supplemental policy will meet your needs while being cost effective on covering the extra expenses. Finding the information you need to help you make a decision about the policy and coverage best suited for you is very important. If you end up making the wrong decision about the coverage you choose you might find that you are not covered when you really need it. Thankfully there are companies available online that help you compare rates, view policy information and insurance companies without providing personal information.
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Video: Understanding Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Save Your Financial Future By Purchasing Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare Part A is basic hospital coverage.  Part A limits coverage to inpatient care within the hospital, hospice and home health care.  Medicare Part B helps provide the medically necessary services such as doctors’ services, outpatient care along with some preventative services.  It is obvious to see why Medicare supplemental insurance is necessary.  There are many holes that are left that leave seniors susceptible to financial troubles.  Living on a set budget does not take into consideration those things not covered by insurance.
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Find Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Your Area With the Senior Advisor Group

The Senior Advisor Group is an independent insurance advisory group specializing in Medicare insurance and other insurance options for those on Medicare. Their role is to assists seniors in finding with the best Medicare Supplemental Insurance, including advice on Supplemental Plans, Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D insurance and other related supplemental insurance. By partnering with over 40 different insurance companies, the Senior Advisor Group works on the side of the client’s with no obligation to any one insurance company. For the individual client they will search from all of the top insurers to find the best products at the best price – as well as provide ongoing professional, personalized service to each Medicare beneficiary year after year. The Senior Advisors also provides clients on Medicare with dental, hearing, and vision coverage, as well as Rx discount cards at no cost to customers. As a national advisory group, Senior Advisor Group represents all of the top rated and the largest Medicare supplemental insurance providers available. Their objective is to provide unbiased advice on Medicare Supplemental Insurance from highly trained, Medicare insurance specialists. Each specialist is trained on the various Medicare Insurance options, and will assist each individual with a plan selection, and provide continual advice year after year on Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Part D coverage. As Medicare insurance specialist, Medicare Insurance is not just a part of their business it is their business. The Senior Advisor Group was established to deliver what insurance companies can’t – unbiased and objective advice. They will assist and complete enrollment in the best available plan for the client, not the best available plan for the provider. For those new to Medicare or just looking to compare coverage options simply submit a request and one of their specialist will call within 24 hours.
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Low cognitive ability impairs enrollment in Medicare supplemental plans

Because traditional Medicare leaves substantial gaps in coverage, many people obtain supplemental coverage to limit their exposure to out-of-pocket costs. However, some Medicare beneficiaries may not be well equipped to navigate the complex supplemental coverage landscape successfully because of their lower cognitive ability or numeracy—that is, the ability to work with numbers. We found that people in the lower third of the cognitive ability and numeracy distributions were at least eleven percentage points less likely than those in the upper third to enroll in a supplemental Medicare insurance plan. This result means that many Medicare beneficiaries do not have the financial protections and other benefits that would be available to them if they were enrolled in a supplemental insurance plan. Our findings suggest that policy makers may want to consider alternatives tailored to these high-need groups, such as enhanced education and enrollment programs, simpler sets of plan choices, or even some type of automatic enrollment with an option to decline coverage.
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Medicare Supplement Insurance Price Games

By the time most people turn 65 years old, they’ve seen most of the tricks out there on the market. It’s surprising and interesting that some Medicare supplement carriers would still try standard ploys with medicare supplements given the intended audience but, alas, they do. Let’s take a look at some of the pricing games to make sure we’re comparing apples and apples when looking at Medicare supplement quotes. For most people new to Medicare and medicare supplemental insurance, turning 65 or leaving a group plan over age 65 is the trigger for benefits. This is true for the vast majority of new Medicare enrollees. Consequently, if you find yourself coming up on a age 65 birthday, your mail box is probably inundated with all kinds of Medicare information including the various supplement or medigap offers. They’ll most likely show a senior couple on the cover clutching tennis rackets and quote some rates in big letters to you for a few medicare supplements such as the F plan (most popular). You may be surprised to find a wide range of pricing even for the same standardized F plan. Keep in mind that the F plan is the same from carrier to carrier as the benefits are standardized by the government. The pricing should be within 5-10 dollars of each other at most but that’s not necessarily the case. How could this be since they’re all dealing with essentially the same underlying risk? You can partially point back to AARP’s original pricing over the past decade. Essentially, AARP would offer a sliding scale discount for new enrollees age 65. The first year might be 30% lower than the eventual price and this percentage would decrease over a period of time. Medicare is confusing enough to someone brand new to it so a new enrollee doesn’t necessarily know how this discounted rate works. He or she just sees a rate that is 30% lower than the competitors for essentially the same level of coverage. There are two ways to look at this. One hand, you can say that AARP is providing a discount to new enrollees which they can take advantage of. Or, depending on how their rates match up with competitors 5 years years later (when the discount disappears), it smacks of a bait and switch. We’re not here to cast judgement but want people who are comparing medicare supplement insurance rates to not only look at the rate now (presumably at age 65) but over the other age bands. If the rates accellerate as you get older relative to the competition, it’s probably not a good deal. Keep in mind that you have a open enrollment window at age 65 (or when leaving group coverage in addition to a few others) so once you’ve made a decision, it might be difficult to switch medigap plans later on if health changes. If your discounted medigap plan starts to go up at a faster clip than the other plans in later years, you may be stuck depending on your health. That’s the real issue with the discounted rate. That discounted money has to come from somewhere and it’s usually recouped on the back end since the underlying risk is the same. We’re also seeing the opposite these days. Carriers which charge a flat amount across all age bands. Obviously, this is much higher for younger people (say at age 65) but less expensive when you’re much older. To some extent, the carrier is betting that the average life span will be less and they will not be underfunding towards the older age bands. We’re not sure how this is going to turn out. Ultimately, if the carriers run into higher expenses, you can expect premiums to increase much like has occurred with the supposedly fixed rates of long term care. Ultimately, look at all the age bands when comparing medicare supplement insurance plans. There’s somewhat of a goldie lox approach here in that you typically want the strongest carrier that’s priced about in the middle (maybe low of middle). Not too high. Not too low. This provides the most stability over the long term.Dennis Jarvis is a licensed insurance agent concentrating on medicare supplement insurance.

Flash of Genius: Medical Matters: URGENT: WPS J8 MAC Medicare change starts at 2:00 Thursday 7/12/2012

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. WPS officially starts payor id 08202 on Monday July 16, however they have announced “Dark Days” of Friday July 13 through Tuesday July 17. A dark day is a business day during the cut-over period when the Medicare claims processing system is not available for normal business operations. System dark days may occur between the time the outgoing claims administration contractor ends its regular claims processing activities and the incoming claims administrative contractor begins its first day of normal business operations. Genius is not certain what would happen if you sent Medicare claims with the new payor id between 2:01pm Thursday through 12:00am Monday.It is possible that BCBSM or WPS might hold them until they finish their dark days and process them normally, but we do not have any confirmation from BCBSM or WPS that this actually will happen. Therefore Genius recommends you do all of your Medicare billing before 2pm on Thursday July 12.Then do no Medicare billing until July 16 or later.On July 16 go to your Insurance Code Files and change payor id 00953 to 08202. Don’t change anything else and don’t change it before July 16. Click here for step-by-step instructions for changing the payor id in THOMAS. After you have changed your payor id on July 16 or later you should be able to resume sending your Medicare claims.
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Video: WPS Medicare

All Providers are Expected to Subscribe to WPS Medicare E

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recognizes eNews as such an important resource that they require that all Medicare contractors (including WPS Medicare) increase provider subscribership to their Listservs every year. In addition, CMS has instructed that every Medicare provider (including physicians, nurses, and billing staff) should be subscribed to eNews. It is a common belief that only one provider in an office can be subscribed to WPS Medicare eNews; however, CMS and WPS encourage and expect ALL Medicare providers to subscribe to eNews.
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Wpsmedicare.com Estimated Value N/A

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WPS Message for Indiana and Michigan ProvidersHall Render

Wisconsin Physicians Service (WPS) will soon begin to serve as the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for Jurisdiction 8, which includes the states of Indiana and Michigan.  According to listserve communications, Indiana Part A providers and Michigan Part A providers will transition to WPS effective July 23, 2012.  Indiana Part B suppliers will transition to WPS effective August 20, 2012.  WPS is currently the Part B contractor for Michigan suppliers.
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Real men go to DoctorWPS insurance, a leading provider of individual health insurance, health care monitoring Men Month by promoting prevention

About WPS Health Insurance Founded in 1946, WPS is Wisconsins leading for-profit health insurer, offering affordable individual health insurance, family health insurance, health plan, high deductible, and short-term health insurance, as well as flexible and affordable group plans and cost-effective benefit plan administration for businesses. WPS Medicare Part A and B benefits for the management of millions of seniors in multiple states, and the WPS TRICARE division serves millions more members of the U.S. military and their families. In 2012, the international Ethisphere? WPS institutions named as one of the most ethical companies in the world for the third year in a row has. WPS Health Insurance Company to obtain the difference several times. For more information about WPS Health Insurance, w.wpsic.com WW.
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Does Medicare Call Your House?? Or is this Medicare Fraud?? »

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Joe the Plumber - To Flush The System ...More scams aim to ensnare Brevard seniors - Their ingenuity is boundless, Archer said. (Jul 2, 2012) ... by marsmet524I have a problem and I need your help.  I am a 79 year old female who lives alone in Meyerland. Yesterday, a representative from Medicare called me asking all types of personal questions. I told them, I did not give personal information over the phone.  I’m concerned this could be a scam, but then if it was Medicare, I’m concerned I could have made a mistake.  Can you please advise me what I should do or where I could call to see if Medicare is trying to contact me?  Thanks in advance…Alice from Houston,TX
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Video: Medicare Covered Power Chair – Do You Qualify? – Toll Free Phone Hotline

New BenefitView Dashboard Lets Employers Track Retirees’ Medicare Enrollment Progress

“Before our transition started, we wanted to make sure our retirees first understood that they were going to get more choice and control over their Medicare health benefits. Then we wanted to provide retirees with all the right information they needed to participate,” said Melissa (Missy) Hartfiel, benefits planner, Global Compensation and Benefits for International Paper. “With BenefitView, we can instantly see all the data on our progress – the number of retirees contacted, the number of calls and enrollments completed, how quickly our retirees were being answered, and the length of those calls. This inspired a lot of confidence in the Extend Health solution. As a non-techy, I also appreciated that BenefitView is visual and easy to use – there was no learning curve and I got all the data I wanted with one click.”
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Medical Billing Fundamentals: Railroad Medicare OPS

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We can use this service if your provider had Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) agreement with Palmetto GBA. If we are submitting claims electronically for a provider then no need to submit the new EDI agreement. For providers we are submitting their claims through paper those need to complete the EDI agreement with Palmetto GBA to use this service.
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Video: GBMC Primary Care – Debbie Jones, CRNP

What Is Not Included In My Medicare Part A Coverage?

Medicare Part A coverage includes inpatient care, up to 100 days of nursing facility care of your choice, hospice care and even some home health care expenses. However, there are some expenses that are not encompassed by medicare Part A coverage. These includes outpatient care, office visits, occupational therapy, additional home healthcare, etc. If your needs are not covered by medicare Part A coverage, you can still find financial aid from other medicare parts.
Source: seniorcorps.org

BUMP: Building a Bulwark for the Tsunami of Medicare Lies

That won’t be easy for the Left, since the Romney campaign’s charges are true, and it is beginning to become apparent that the Democrats are totally unprepared for the coming fight. Their defenses so far fall into roughly three categories: Ryan did it too, the Obamacare Medicare cuts aren’t very serious, and finally what can only be called frantic distractions. Even as pure demagoguery (let alone as efforts at actual substantive arguments) all three are exceptionally weak defenses, and suggest the Democrats could be in serious trouble.
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Daily Kos: Romney camp admits Medicare cuts will hit current seniors

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See, it doesn’t matter if CBC’s funding is cut by 5 per cent or 10 per cent today. The CBC must take a hit because CBC represents the Canada that is “a northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term,” as OGL famously described Canada in a 1997 speech. Fifteen years later, a reduced CBC will be presented, like a head on a bayonet, another small but viciously achieved victory in the war against all that northern-European-welfare-state stuff. More important, there will be cheering among government supporters, those braying for the crushing of the CBC for years. The braying mob will get what it wants.
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Daily Kos: The Committee to End Medicare: Mitt Romney picks Paul Ryan

Wayyy back when the Ryan budget was first proposed, it should have meant the death of the GOP. Advocating the complete dismantlement of the entire social safety net (which is what the Repugs have wanted all along) should have made things a slam dunk for the Democrats.  The Goppers were handing us their heads on a silver plate.  Instead, the Dems not only refused to take the GOP heads, but insisted on placing their OWN heads on the plate too by murmuring “yes we need cuts but blah blah blah” and “their cuts are bigger than our cuts blah blah blah”. The Dems are no longer a liberal party and no longer have the balls or the stomach to defend what needs to be defended–instead they want to be Republican-Lites and do the same things the Repugs want to do, only kinder and gentler and “less extreme”.
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garyro soar log: corporations are people Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific R. Co.

Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company, 118 U.S. 394 (1886) was a matter brought before the United States Supreme Court – but not decided by the court – which dealt with taxation of railroad properties. A report issued by the Court Reporter claimed to state the sense of the Court – without a decision or written opinions published by or of the Court. This was the first time that the Supreme Court was reported to hold that the Fourteenth Amendment equal protection clause granted constitutional protections to corporations as well as to natural persons, although numerous other cases, since Dartmouth College v. Woodward in 1819, have recognized that corporations were entitled to some of the protections of the Constitution. In the opinion, the Court consolidated three separate cases:
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What is the difference between Railroad Medicare and regular Medicare?

About advice Aetna best care Centre Child Definition Definitions Diagnosis Dictionary Elderly Equipment Find Free from GOOD guide health Insurance Know Life Marijuana Medical Medicare Mental Minnesota Need NEWS Online Part people Plan Quotes School Should symptoms Term Terminology Terms There Universal Women women’s Work
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Peter Cooke, Utah Governor Candidate, Criticizes Health Care Compact

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OBAMA: THE SOCIALIST/MARXIST/COMMUNIST -- UNMASKED FOR ALL TO SEE by SS&SSThe Democratic nominee for governor of Utah is attacking the Republican incumbent’s decision to enter the state into a health care compact for Medicare. Peter Cooke, who is challenging Gov. Gary Herbert (R), said the decision earlier this year to sign the legislation will hurt those who use Medicare and Medicaid, and have an impact on the state’s ability to deliver health care services. Read the full story
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Video: Utah rally for Medicare and Medicaid

Romney's Health Care Plan Freaks Out Utah Republicans

When asked what they thought should be done to fix health care, Love and McCain offered up an unintentional endorsement of some of the very laws that they’ve been campaigning angrily against for the past two years, Obamacare and the federal stimulus package. "We have to reform our health care system or it’s going to be gone completely," Love responded to Kerr. She pointed to doctors who buy new equipment and then are driven to use the equipment on as many patients as possible to pay for it. To put an end to such practices, Love said the country needs to move away from the fee-for-service health care model and toward a "fee for outcomes" system. "If we start aligning the incentives with the outcomes we’ll start getting better health care, we’ll get better services, and we’ll get more health care available for those who need it," she said.
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The Real Entitlement Problem is Medicare

Mr. Brooks used his column today to point to the seriousness of the federal budget woes, and compare the two presidential candidates on how they have approached this problem. But the talking point I want to emphasize is that “the real entitlement problem is Medicare”. People need to stop talking about Medicare in the absence of understanding or acknowledging that we can not have ‘Medicare as we know it’. What can not happen will not happen. We cannot afford the spending track we are on with Medicare (and for that matter, Medicaid, CHIP, and other government funded health care). Something fundamental must change about the way we do health care business, because the current path we are taking is impossible. The Affordable Care Act is not a change in how we do health care business. Taking money from Medicare in order to create a new health care spending category is not a solution, particularly because that spending enlarges the role of the private health insurance business model, which is the most inefficient way to spend health care dollars ever invented. I see no way to give either presidential candidate a pass on this issue. They are both equally wrong in their approach (and it is the same) to health system problems. You can not begin ‘reform’ efforts by expanding corporate welfare and expect to make any progress.
Source: utahhealthcareinitiative.com

Utah Medicare Plans….changes on the horizon?

Are there really changes on the horizon, did the recent legislation upheld by the Supreme  Court affect you. These are questions that I am afraid there are no current answers to at the moment, but I feel any and all changes to Utah Medicare rules and procedures will occur after the elections. As always we recommend you have a competent agent who specializes in Utah Medicare coverage to help answer your questions as they arise. Of course we are biased, but a good agent is always better than no agent.
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Report Generation Delay for CPID 2458 Utah Medicare

The payer listed below is experiencing issues affecting Professional 5010 999, 277CA, and 835 reports generation for claims submitted from 08/07/2012 to present. The clearinghouse is working diligently with the payer to resolve the issue and ensure reports are received. CPID 2458 Utah Medicare Please be aware of delays in the report for claims submitted during the timeframe above. If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.
Source: collaboratemd.com

Amid Medicaid Hack Scandal, Utah Tech Director Resigns

The response, Herbert said, included a full-scale, independent audit of technology security systems, the appointment of a new health data security ombudsman, investigation by law enforcement, and personnel action. Mark VanOrden has been appointed acting director of DTS, following the resignation of Fletcher.   "The State of Utah must restore the trust placed in it. Cyber-security is the modern battlefront and we are all enlisted-you, me, our state agencies, the Legislature-all of us have a critical role to play," Herbert said at a conference.
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Utah Medicare Coverage from local experienced agents

I was finally ready to try out Netflix after taking a year off, but wanted to save with a Netflix free trial. I absolutely didn’t want to pay for my first test with them. I went in search of a reputable site and found a Netflix free trial code. The coupon I used let me try this AWESOME service for one whole month instead of the 14 day trial that they had before. If you’re ready to try it out or return as a customer like me, I highly suggest you get the most current Netflix free trial code at MoneyNing.com.
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Utah Medicare Coverage from local experienced agents

We have an unrivaled success rate in Downers Grove! We use Chiropractic, Massage, Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy and more to treat the problems, not the symptoms while getting long term pain relief. We provide a customized, personal treatment plan for each patient. We start out with a comprehensive exam including history, orthopedic tests, range of motion checks, muscle tests, reflex checks, and palpation of the spine. From there we utilize different forms of treatment such as physical therapy, strength training, stretching, massage, and several more. This multifaceted approach helps ensure the long term results we expect. Conveniently located near Downers Grove, Darien, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, Westmont, Lemont, Hinsdale, Lisle, Woodridge, Naperville, and Oak Brook
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Ohio Medicaid Program Raises Stakes For Nursing Homes

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Double-Parked by elycefelizStates such as Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont have tried to change that by awarding a small bonus (from 60 cents to $6.16 per day) if facilities achieve various standards.  But industry representatives say those incentives are insufficient to generate significant enthusiasm for altering the status quo, according to Nicholas Castle, who has surveyed nursing home administrators and is a professor of health policy at the University of Pittsburgh.
Source: kaiserhealthnews.org

Video: What Are The Ohio Medicaid Eligibility Guidelines

In Florida and Ohio, seniors back Romney over Obama on Medicare

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Daily Kos: Reality check: seniors back Romney over Obama on Medicare in Florida and Ohio

This result is not as surprising as it might be once you consider that the only age group supporting Romney in these state is Seniors (Obama leads among under 65 voters but not over 65 voters in these states).  A great number of people reason “backwards.”  In other words, they go with their “gut” on whom to support.  Then, they tend to believe that the person they support also has policies that agree with their personal preferences–even when factually that conclusion is not true.  Everyone thinks he or she does the opposite, i.e., looks at the positions and picks the candidate closest to his or her views.  But it seems obvious that many voters fail to engage in this “analytical” process.
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Romney Turns To Ohio Amid Series Of Distractions

    The appeal came as the former Massachusetts governor tried to shrug off a series of unwanted distractions before the Republican convention opens Monday in Florida.     "Just a word to the women entrepreneurs out there, if we become president and vice president, we want to speak to you, we want to help you," Romney said with running mate Paul Ryan at his side during an outdoor rally that drew an estimated 5,000 people to the Columbus area. "Women in this country are more likely to start businesses than men. Women need our help."     The promise comes as Republicans face difficult questions about the party’s position on abortion after a Missouri Senate candidate suggested that women’s bodies can prevent pregnancy in cases of "legitimate rape."     It also comes less than 24 hours after Romney raised the discredited rumor that Obama wasn’t born in the United States. The comment, and Romney’s efforts to explain it, overshadowed his economic message as he campaigned near his Michigan birthplace on Friday.     Romney did not repeat the remark on Saturday, but instead assailed the Democratic incumbent for failing to deliver on his campaign promises.     "I can almost read his speech now. It’ll be filled with promises and tell people how wonderful things are," Romney said of the speech Obama will give at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina next month. "It is not his words people have to listen to. It’s his action and his record. And if they look at that, they’ll take him out of the office and put people into the office who’ll actually get America going again."     At the same time, Obama used his weekend radio and Internet address and a new TV ad to highlight Romney’s plans for the Medicare health program for seniors.     Obama doesn’t mention his Republican challenger in the radio address but says the Medicare program is about keeping promises to millions of seniors who have put in a lifetime of hard work.     His new 30-second TV ad says Romney "would break that promise" and replace the current Medicare system with a voucher program that wouldn’t keep up with costs.     "Insurance companies could just keep raising rates," says the new ad, which was airing in Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.     Romney spokesman Ryan Williams called the ad "another false attack from a desperate president." Williams said Romney is the one who would reverse billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare by Obama and protect the program for current beneficiaries and future retirees.     Romney’s Ohio rally is expected to be his final public appearance before the Republican National Convention opens Monday in Tampa, Fla., where the former Massachusetts governor will formally accept the presidential nomination.     While GOP officials suggest the momentum is on their side heading into the crucial period, Romney and his party have faced tough questions in recent weeks on Medicare and abortion.     Now his joking reference to the president’s birth certificate links him to the so-called birther movement and a wing of his party – a combined 25 percent in an April Pew Research Center poll – that says it either isn’t sure or doesn’t believe Obama was born in the U.S.     Romney caused another stir earlier in the week by declaring that big business was "doing fine" in the current economy in part because companies get advantages from offshore tax havens.     Still, polls suggest the presidential contest is essentially a tossup as Obama struggles under the weight of a weak economy.     The president’s re-election campaign has pushed voter attention away from the economy in recent weeks, particularly after Romney introduced Ryan as his running mate. Ryan is the author of a controversial budget plan that would transform Medicare into a voucher-like system for future retirees.     Outside the Ohio rally, protesters heckled the presumptive GOP ticket about its plans for seniors’ health care.     Speaking before Romney, Ryan said one in six Americans lives in poverty. He said the country is done being fooled by Obama’s promises to change Washington.     Democrats also have seized on Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin’s comment about "legitimate rape."     The congressman announced Friday that he would not leave the Senate contest despite overwhelming pressure from Romney and top Republican officials.     Romney made the birth certificate remark at a large outdoor rally in Michigan, where he grew up and where his father, George, served as governor. He told supporters that he and his wife, Ann, had been born at nearby hospitals.     "No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised," Romney said.     The crowd of more than 7,000 responded with hearty laughter.     Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt swiftly denounced the remark, saying Romney "embraced the most strident voices in his party instead of standing up to them."     Romney later denied that the remark was directed at the president.     "No, no, not a swipe," Romney told CBS News. "I’ve said throughout the campaign and before, there’s no question about where he was born. He was born in the U.S. This was fun about us and coming home. And humor, you know – we’ve got to have a little humor in a campaign."     The authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate has been questioned by Republican critics who insist he is not a "natural-born citizen" as required by the Constitution. Obama released a long-form version of his birth certificate last year as proof that he was born in Hawaii in 1961.     But conservative questions have lingered. And Romney has declined to condemn such questions, particularly from prominent donor Donald Trump.     The Obama campaign released a web video Friday night featuring Romney’s remark and declaring that "America doesn’t need a birther-in-chief." Democrats intend to keep the pressure on as the Republican convention gets under way.     Obama was spending the weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland, as Republicans began arriving in Tampa for their convention. But Democrats were planning to counter Romney’s message throughout the week.     Reaching out to young voters, a key component of his 2008 election, Obama scheduled stops Tuesday and Wednesday in the college towns of Ames, Iowa; Fort Collins, Colo.; and Charlottesville, Va.     Vice President Joe Biden canceled plans to appear in Tampa on Monday because of Tropical Storm Isaac, but was scheduled to be in Orlando and St. Augustine, Fla., on Tuesday.     After Ryan gives his convention address on Wednesday night, first lady Michelle Obama is set to appear on CBS’ "Late Show With David Letterman."     The high-profile events are paired with a number of smaller gatherings around the country by Democrats aiming to attract female voters and a bus tour with party activists in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.     Obama campaign deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said the president’s team was "not going to cede four days of this campaign just because of a party convention."    
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Daily Kos: BREAKING: Obama goes on Offense on Medicare with attack ad

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New ads up in Ohio questions Brown’s stance on Medicare

Acting like a Medicare IRS, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) is a 15-member bureaucratic council that will dictate what constitutes “necessary care” for Medicare recipients as a means to cut costs beyond the half-trillion dollars that was already eliminated through Obama’s government takeover of healthcare. The Board’s so-called recommendations can be fully enacted without Congressional action, allowing them to autonomously ration care for seniors.
Source: conservative-outlooks.com

Charlie Wilson Holding Medicare Forum Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wilson will follow in Joyce Healy-Abrams’ steps and hold a forum about Medicare in his district. He’ll also have Phillip Rotondi of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare as his guest to discuss protecting the future of seniors and the seniors of the future
Source: ohiodailyblog.com

GOP winning national Medicare debate two weeks after Romney picked lightning rod Ryan

That’s why the left collectively jumped for joy when Romney, commonly known as a play-it-safe candidate, announced his vice presidential candidate pick on Aug. 11. Ryan, the young and energetic House Budget Committee chairman from the Midwest, is well-known in Washington for his complex budget plans, which call for numerous cuts and sweeping reforms of Medicare.
Source: dailycaller.com