Daily Kos: Republican Medicare plan tanks in new poll

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William D. Novelli by Center for American ProgressAsked what Medicare should look like in the future, just 26 percent said it “should be changed to a system where the government provides seniors with a fixed sum of money they could use either to purchase private health insurance or to pay the cost of remaining in the current Medicare program.” Fully 64 percent said “Medicare should continue as it is today, with the government … paying doctors and hospitals directly for the services they provide to seniors.” Here’s the kicker: “Even a solid 56 percent to 30 percent majority of Republicans preferred the current system.”
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Video: Ryan Medicare Reform Plan Suffers Blow

How to choose a Medicare Advantage plan

• Total costs: Look at the plan’s entire pricing package, not just the premiums and deductibles. Compare the out-of-pocket maximums plus the copays and coinsurance charged for doctor office visits, hospital stays, diagnostic tests, visits to specialists, prescription drugs and other medical services. This is very important because if you choose an Advantage plan, you’re not allowed to purchase a Medigap supplement policy, which means you’ll be responsible for paying these expenses out of your own pocket.
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Florida bingo set will go for safest net

(This is the third article to run as part of American Mosaic, a yearlong Reuters/Ipsos polling and reporting project that focuses on the diverse groups and competing views at play in the 2012 presidential race. The data is drawn primarily from online surveys using sampling methods developed in consultation with outside experts. By Election Day the survey will have reached 150,000 people, mixing respondents recruited from the Internet with individuals screened by Ipsos. Their responses are weighted based on demographic information and refined using a monthly telephone poll. With this method, accuracy is measured using a statistical calculation called a credibility interval. To see all the data from this survey and other polls in the series, go to www.reuters.com/politics/american-mosaic.)
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Medicare Part D Proves That Competition Lowers Health Care Spending

Few patients switching plans. Another critique of competition is that a general reluctance to switch plans “reflects the large number of plan choices available combined with the costs in terms of time and energy of doing research and of actually making a switch.” This claim, taken from behavioral economics, does not negate a person’s price sensitivity. Experience with the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP) shows that about 5 percent of patients switch plans each year. This reluctance to switch reflects well-documented satisfaction with plan choices. This only proves that people make decisions based on many factors, including how much they like their plans.
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GOP’s Medicare Plan Has Some Candidates Playing Defense

Fox News: White House Pushes ObamaCare-Themed E-Cards For Mother’s Day Not even Mother’s Day could be shielded from election-year politics. The White House on Sunday released specially tailored e-cards touting the benefits for moms of the federal health care overhaul, urging people to send the card around to “show some appreciation for the mom in your life.” The e-card, posted on the White House website for any and all to download and share, is titled: “Happy Mother’s Day From The Affordable Care Act.” It goes on to say, “Being a mom isn’t a pre-existing condition.”…The card says that while insurers before the overhaul could “deny coverage for women with pre-existing conditions like breast cancer or pregnancy,” they will be prohibited from denying coverage over any pre-existing condition starting in 2014 (5/13).
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Guess Who Would Benefit From Privatizing Medicare?

During the debate on health care reform, the Congressional Budget Office estimated those overpayments would total $157 billion over the coming decade. As a consequence of these overpayments, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), premiums for all Medicare beneficiaries, including those enrolled in traditional Medicare, are higher than they otherwise would be. Not only that, the Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will become insolvent 18 months earlier than it would otherwise because of those overpayments, according to Congressional testimony by CMS’ chief actuary. That’s why, despite intense lobbying by the insurance industry, Congress inserted a provision in the Affordable Care Act to eventually phase out those overpayments. As you can imagine, the industry is lobbying Congress hard to strip that provision out of the law.
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Eaton Touts New Five Point Plan

Job Creation and Economic Development includes: Encouraging Public/Private Partnerships; Incentivizing Private Job Creation; Public Re-investment for Local Projects; Creating Incubator Program to Put Local Residents to Work; and Establishing Retraining Programs for Unemployed & Underemployed Residents to Prepare the Workforce for New Businesses & Industries.
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Medicare supplement plan and its functions

Medicare supplement program is utilized to fill the gap between the Medicare parts and B. it is also known by the Medigap plan which is provided by the private insurance companies. The main focus of this plan is covering all health areas which are neglected in part and part B. This Medicare supplement plan is just according the specific rule and regulations of the Medicare. Different insurers provide almost same facilities under the same plan but they can charge different cost.
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House Republican Plan to Overhaul Medicare Opposed by Original Advocate

While Ryan’s plan does put a limit on the number and variety of plans that insurance companies could offer, it’s important to consider a few things. A full 25 percent of beneficiaries are already enrolled in private plans through Medicare Advantage. In 2012, however, Medicare will still spend 7 percent more for beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans than if those beneficiaries were in traditional Medicare. And as Center for American Progress Managing Director of Health Policy Topher Spiro has argued, “There is no evidence that private plans provide better quality than traditional Medicare, and the quality of private plans is highly uneven.” The example of Medicare Advantage demonstrates that premium support plans would likely cost more without guaranteeing increased quality of care.
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Cigna To Increase Supplemental Health Insurance Offerings With Acquisition

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HHS-DSC_0104 by USDAgovFox News/Dow Jones: Cigna To Buy Great American Supplemental Benefits For $295 Million Cigna Corp. (CI) has agreed to acquire American Financial Group Inc.’s (AFG) Medicare supplement and critical-illness businesses for approximately $295 million in cash, as the managed-care company looks to expand its presence in the individual and seniors markets. Cigna said its acquisition of Great American Supplemental Benefits Group, one of the largest manufacturers of supplemental health insurance products in the U.S., is expected to close in the second half of 2012. Great American generated approximately $325 million of revenue last year (5/10).
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High deductible, considering supplemental insurance

If your plan qualifies as “high deductible” by the federal standards, then you are allowed to have a Health Savings Account (HSA).  Ask your insurer or your employer if the plan qualifies for an HSA.  This is a very specific question; and they should know the answer.  Even if your employer does not put money into the HSA for you, you can put tax-free money into the account and pay for your procedures.  If the plan does offer an HSA, they should have forms and everything else you need to open an account.  That would at least reduce your out-of-pocket cost for the deductible.
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My Life Insurance Plan: How to Apply for Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental health insurance might help you to gain more benefit from the existing health insurance plan, minus the need to change provider or to surrender your present cover. The extent of cover that you can acquire from health insurance differs a lot, from the most elementary policy that will only cover you when it comes to an accident or a certain illness, to a extensive policy that won’t only cover you for every medical scenario, it will likewise get you more superb accommodation inside a hospital or even day clinic if you need it. This sort of insurance is available in any developed country nevertheless the way it really works will alter from one jurisdiction completely to another. Generally in most Western countries, there’s a national health plan that efficiently underwrites the likelihood of every person in the populace. This structure will provide you with the most basic degree of health care, but it’s going to make sure that one does acquire this fundamental care. Should you take out any health insurance, it’ll be supplemental as it will likely be what the state gives. In the US, there is no nationalized health scheme, therefore you must commence with buying basic cover. Occasionally, this particular basic cover is supplied as part of a manager compensation system. This method is effective for all parties, because the employee does not have any concerns about heading out and discovering their very own policy, while the employer knows that they can hire high quality employees through offering this particular benefit. In this case, the cover is not likely to be anything more than simple health cover unless of course the task is certainly a high paying one. If you’d like more extensive cover, you will have to take out a supplemental health care policy at added fee. There is certainly every chance that supplemental health insurance will end up more expensive within the coming years, pursuing the execution of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This kind of Act can give increased admission to fundamental care for all those who’ve earlier been not able to pay for it, yet this clearly has to come at a cost. There will be additional taxes and also costs on numerous medical products, and these fees will need to be the end customer. Ultimately, greater rates of taxation unavoidably imply that individuals with greater incomes wind up footing the check. It is usually more difficult to supplement insurance as compared with how it is to purchase it to begin with, since you need to ensure that you don’t pay for something which replicates what you might be already receiving, whether it is with an employer scheme or through your own original purchase. This is made easier by having extensive explanations of items on the internet, thus you may speedily discover new goods that might be appropriate for the cover you currently have. If you are dealing with a small enterprise and they currently have you as a present customer, they might be ready to make a custom package. Be cautious with buying supplemental health insurance if you’re approaching retirement age, simply because health insurance can become an extreme financial problem at this time. Usually, you might be more satisfied reducing the sum of insurance you have so that you can put more cash within your savings program. The moment you retire, you could withdraw a onetime payment tax free, and this could act as a part of your cover for health payments, as well as for other possible emergencies. Of course, in case your health is declining you might well need to take a different strategy.
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Lovely County Citizen: Blog: Because It Isn’t Their Life.

I’m Enid. No, not the town in Oklahoma, but a transplant to Eureka Springs from Minneapolis fourteen years ago. I’m a writer, journalist and sometime artist. My real love is expressing my opinions on almost any subject, as you have seen in my many letters to the Editor of The Lovely County Citizen over the years. Now, I’m happy to say that I will be writing a blog titled In a Twist for your amusement, amazement or commiseration. Thanks for giving me a read.
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Affordable Health Dental Insurance

Many people neglect their teeth because they do not have proper dental insurance coverage. It is not hard to find low-cost coverage so that when you go to the dentist you can feel confident that any procedure you need done you can have done. One of the first places you need to start when searching for an affordable plan is to ask your employer and see if they offer any type of group dental insurance. In some cases they do and this can save you a lot of money because when you are part of a group plan it can be a lot cheaper. If this is not possible for you then you need to search online and compare prices.
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Do You Need To Buy Supplemental Health Insurance

The financial effects of the private health care system have been crippling to both individuals and the economy as a whole. Many people are now questioning the validity of the entire system and calling for change. When you consider that the United States has unequaled technological resources, it is unacceptable to many that it is languishing below so many other countries in lifespan statistics, in infant mortality rates, and in statistics which measure the general health of the population. The percentages of people who either have no insurance, or who are under-insured, are constantly growing despite many efforts which are designed to reverse the trend.
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Should You Buy Supplemental Health Insurance?

So, why is Health Insurance different? It is because the cost of health care is out of control. The health care system in the United States is in a constant state of crisis because of spiraling costs. The Insurance Industry has tried to influence and manage this crisis, but it is not a crisis of their making, and their influence can only go so far. It is essential that any Insurance plan be successful. The definition of successful is that the Insurance plan makes a profit for the Insurance Company and covers the benefits of the insured. It is the payments of premiums that fund both of these goals.
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Major Medical and Supplemental Health Insurance: Understand the Differences

Insurance Carriers offer a variety of products that can provide you benefits should you get sick or just need a wellness check-up. There are numerous advertising campaigns designed to influence your purchase claiming that their program is better than others. Many can have a place in a well-designed health insurance program depending on your needs. This blog is intended to help our readers understand what each insurance product does and how it might fit into a program for your personal situation. Major Medical Insurance: This is traditional coverage usually bundled in physician, pharmacy, and hospital networks (ex. HMO, POS, PPO). The costs include your monthly premium, a deductible, and copays/coinsurances with an out of pocket maximum. Benefits vary by plan but generally cover some portion of doctor visits, prescriptions, lab work, diagnostic procedures, hospital stays and surgery, etc. The most important concept with Major Medical insurance is that most plans pay for all covered services once you have satisfied your deductible, met your out of pocket maximum, and are current on premium payments. Therefore the most important benefit of Major Medical is insurance protection from severe medical problems that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. With health reform, Major Medical can no longer “cap” lifetime maximums. These are now unlimited. Indemnity Insurance: This offers a defined benefit structure for your premium. Look carefully at the specific benefits provided for your premium dollar. Most of these plans are not Major Medical policies and the benefits are capped and defined specifically. Some indemnity policies are Guaranteed Issue programs. These can be useful for people declined by Major Medical insurance carriers. However, check carefully the waiting period and also compare the benefits to the Federal Pre-Existing Condition plan. Some are solid and others should be avoided. Supplemental Health Insurance: These insurance policies generally pay cash benefits once you are diagnosed with a specific illness, or have an accident, or are possibly hospitalized dependent on what type of policy you purchase. There are many types of supplemental policies and these can be very useful in providing cash for your needs beyond specific medical expenses. They also are helpful in paying for deductibles and coinsurances in your Major Medical program. The caution with these programs is that they are NOT Major Medical Policies and in my view not a replacement since they pay a specific amount of cash only. Should you suffer a severe medical condition or a chronic problem these policies generally do not provide ongoing benefits. In this regard, “supplemental” is a good term and proper role for such insurance. My View: Most important is that you construct a plan to meet your specific needs and fits with your status. I do believe Major Medical is an essential base for our health insurance plans because of the ongoing benefits provided for care from severe medical problems. However, many of us buy coverages we don’t use. Supplemental protections can bundled with Major Medical to actually provide broader cash benefits at a lower cost or just make sure you have provided for cash expenses in your emergency fund. In the end , it comes down to being a smart shopper buying what you need for your specific situation, protecting for those risks that most concern you.
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About Supplemental Health Insurance

Generally, the majority of supplemental health insurance plans will pay anywhere from 40% to 80% of the cost of healthcare service needs such as vision, dental hearing aids, psychologists, certain medical equipment, chiropractors, podiatrists, and even health care if traveling out of the country. When looking at health plans, find out about such issues as: family coverage that include children costs, individual coverage costs, limitations, what the plan covers coverage regarding emergencies, pre-existing condition issues coverage for specialists, how a claim is paid out and how much is paid out the amount of the deductible monthly cost of the plan type of prescription drug coverage.
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Supplemental Health Insurance

Together with medical center indemnity plans that provide repaired cash benefits with regard to covered solutions, which include hospital keeps with regard to urgent matters as well as out-patient solutions, you will find basic supplemental medical programs that supply fixed rewards for coated preventive medical treatment. Additional cancer insurance policies give primary cash for you to policy owners for cancer malignancy supervision as well as attached bills, for the people apprehensive regarding obtaining most cancers.
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Finding the Right Choice for the Health Insurance

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Among of those precious things you have, the health is the most important one. Although you are a rich person, the unhealthy condition will make you disable to enjoy all what you have. That is why this matter should be the first priority. One of the ways to protect this preciosity is by purchasing health insurance policy. Are you a college student? Are you wondering why you need to purchase health insurance? The health issue can happen to anyone. That is why it is important for owning the policy although you are still a student. Moreover, there is health insurance for college students. With this special policy, you will get the right coverage based on your needs. If you have owned the policy, you have been ready with the emergencies. This type of health insurance, however, tends to be offered with the affordable rate. Alternatively, you can take the short term health insurance. You will get its benefits when there is unexpected health issue occurs during this coverage period. It is worth to invest your funds in this insurance. It helps you make financial preparation with easier way. Determining which health insurance policy type to purchase can be tough. This is something to be done in advances but you have no clue of what kind of health issue you may have. Luckily, you can take the benefits of pre-existing condition insurance plan. If you want to find out more about this plan, then visit Icanbenefit.com to learn more. Get more detail information for the health insurance that will be very beneficial for your best.
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New Seminar Dates and Locations

I wish to thank Ms. Franko for her assistance in teaching me about billing for physical therapy. I have recently been assisted in the appropriate coding for speech. There are so many nuances that are not covered in the Medicare material. Ms. Franko is a genius in letting us know how to maximize the appropriate coding and billing techniques. I not only appreciate her knowledge, I appreciate her ability to break it down for the small clinics and persons like me who have minor knowledge of billing.
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Medicare insurance Is Undoubtedly In Fiscal Trouble; Let us Eliminate The Fraudulence activity

Virtually all Healthcare companies are trustworthy and honest. Regrettably, you will find those that are not sincere! Medicare is especially an excellent target for fraudulent activity. A number of government agencies are combating against Medicare fraud. How does fraud usually happen? Its basically very easy to do and merely requires that the Healthcare provider charges Medicare for services that have never been delivered. Naturally many of us have no idea just what services were performed anyway. This costs Medicare an enormous sum of money and as everyone knows Medicare is under a lot of financial pressure. The fraud leads to higher rates for all of us.
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Concerned about your Medicare dollars? Hospital program could save billions

The group also looked at the impact of involving, rather than isolating families from their loved ones. The ACE program involves families from the day of admission. Restructuring how hospitals work by establishing specialized units that care for older patients doesn’t mean nurses and other health care staff work harder. Instead, the researchers found …”that ACE decreased miscommunication and it decreased the number of pages nurses had to make to doctors,” Landefeld said. “Having people work together actually saved people time and reduced work down the line.”
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Who is really providing the online Medicare enrollment information? | medicarelane.com

The other day I asked myself this question – If Medicare consumers were to google a specific phrase on Medicare what sites would come up and how much of it was “marketing”? So to help answer that question I did a simple test, I Googled “Enroll in a Medicare Plan” and counted from the first 3 result pages how many hits were from government/non-profit, insurance carrier or agent website and independent sites. Then I also counted how many unique sites made up of the hits. See the results below:
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H.R. 5942, To repeal certain changes to contracts with Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations, and for other purposes

Latest Major Action: 6/8/2012: Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the Committee on Ways and Means, and in addition to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.
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Filling out AARP Social Security and Medicare Poll

I like this one Here’s a quote: “The Taxable Earnings Base Over Time The portion of Social Security covered earnings that are subject to the payroll tax has fluctuated over time (Figure 1). When the program began in 1937, taxable earnings represented 92% of covered earnings (Table A-1). By 1965, this ratio had dropped to its low of 71%. Prior to 1972, the taxable earnings base was updated periodically by Congress, which contributed to its dramatic fluctuations in the 1950s and 1960s. Since 1972, the base has been indexed to the increase in wages in the economy, which has reduced the volatility somewhat. As described earlier, to raise revenue, Congress raised the taxable earnings base in the 1977 amendments to the Social Security Act to a level that would cover 90% of aggregate earnings by 1982. Since the 1980s, the share of covered workers below the taxable earnings base has remained relatively stable at roughly 94%. However, the share of covered earnings that are taxed has fallen from 90% of all earnings in 1982 to 83% in 2007. The large declines in the late 1990s were mainly because salaries for top earners grew faster than the pay of workers below the cap.”
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Online Medicare Forms: Appeal, Payment, Disclosure, Application

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Medicare insurance forms for parts A, B, C and D are accessible online for electronic filings and mail in. Online forms include an application for Medicare, claim forms for patients requesting payments and Medicare appeal forms. Older Americans can apply for Medicare even if not planning to retire, as long as the person is close to 65 years old. Even when a person has been denied Medicare, appeal forms can be submitted online requesting a hearing or case review.
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Video: HHS Secretary Sebelius Introduces the New Medicare.gov

Surviving the Medicare Part D Coverage Gap: The Shrinking Donut Hole in the Prescription Drug Plan

The coverage gap in the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, known popularly as the Medicare "donut hole" or "doughnut hole," is expected to affect over one million seniors in 2010, according to a House of Representatives press release. The good news is, this coverage gap, inside which enrollees must pay for prescription medications fully out of pocket, is slated to be reduced and even, by the year 2020, completely eliminated due to the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (otherwise known as the "health reform bill.") Meanwhile, seniors participating in this prescription drug plan (PDP) who fall into the donut hole must weather the storm.
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Get your prostate checked

Have you ever put off doing a task or getting a test and later wished you’d just gotten it over with? Now’s the time to talk with your doctor about whether you should get screened for prostate cancer. It’s the most common cancer in men, second only to lung cancer in the number of cancer deaths. The potential benefit of prostate cancer screening is early detection of cancer, which may make treatment more effective.
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Local Area Personal Income, 2008

Personal income is the income received by all persons from all sources. Personal income is the sum of net earnings by place of residence, rental income of persons, personal dividend income, personal interest income, and personal current transfer receipts. Net earnings is earnings by place of work (the sum of wage and salary disbursements, supplements to wages and salaries, and proprietors income) less contributions for government social insurance, plus an adjustment to convert earnings by place of work to a place-of-residence basis. Personal income is measured before the deduction of personal income taxes and other personal taxes and is reported in current dollars (no adjustment is made for price changes).
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Medicare Premiums, Deductibles & Coinsurance: Rates for 2011

Because of the zero COLA increase in 2011, some Medicare beneficiaries will not pay more for coverage. If your premium is deducted from your Social Security check and your income is $85,000 or less ($170,000 if you file a joint tax return), then you won’t have to pay more. Your monthly premium will stay at either $96.40 or $110.50.
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Hospital Admission Policy Could Cost You

50% discount on name brand drugs 2011 Medicare Part D Plans 2011 medicare premium aca change medicare coverage closing the donut hole Copayment Cosinurace currently working disenroll Doctor Office Visit donut hole drug plan Emergency Room Visit find medicare part d health care reform help with medicare HIV testing how to use medicare plan finder Medicaid Medicare medicare advantage plans medicare classes medicare fraud medicare part b medicare part c Medicare Part D Medicare Part D Rebate checks medicare plan finder medigap Plan N medigap policies new to medicare no copay preventitive services non renewal obamacare paper checks Part A Part B premium for medicare preventitive services retired Social Security voulunteering in Sedgwick County Kansas what happens when plan goes away wichita kansas
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Florida bingo set will go for safest net

(This is the third article to run as part of American Mosaic, a yearlong Reuters/Ipsos polling and reporting project that focuses on the diverse groups and competing views at play in the 2012 presidential race. The data is drawn primarily from online surveys using sampling methods developed in consultation with outside experts. By Election Day the survey will have reached 150,000 people, mixing respondents recruited from the Internet with individuals screened by Ipsos. Their responses are weighted based on demographic information and refined using a monthly telephone poll. With this method, accuracy is measured using a statistical calculation called a credibility interval. To see all the data from this survey and other polls in the series, go to www.reuters.com/politics/american-mosaic.)
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Finding Above The Line Tax Reductions for your business in 2010

You can obtain most of these above-the-line tax deductions by utilizing the long form, 1040. If you prefer to use the short from, 1040A, you can still take a few of these deductions. Early account withdrawal penalties, IRA contributions, student loan interest and jury pay are the above-the-line-tax deductions that may be claimed on the 1040A tax return. Consult with your personal tax consultant for more details or check out this Internet Domain Tax Guide Reviews.
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How Nearly Half a Million People with Medicare Saved $724 on Prescription Drugs

Under the new health care law – the Affordable Care Act — seniors and people with disabilities in Medicare have saved a total of $3.5 billion on prescription drugs in the Medicare drug benefit coverage gap or “donut hole” from the enactment of the law in March 2010 through April of 2012. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released data today showing that, in the first four months of 2012 alone, more than 416,000 people saved an average of $724 on the prescription drugs they purchased after they hit the prescription drug coverage gap or “donut hole,” for a total of $301.5 million in savings. These savings build on the law’s success in 2010 and 2011, when more than 5.1 million people with Medicare saved over $3.2 billion on prescription drugs.
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Shelia: VIVA MEDICARE Plus Earns Highest Quality Rating Score in Alabama for Second Year in a Row

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CMS established the star rating system to give Medicare patients a single summary score for each health plan to make it easier to compare different plans based on quality and overall performance. Plans are ranked on a scale of one to five stars. The overall score is based on more than 50 separate measures that rank member satisfaction, access to appropriate care, and managing chronic conditions. Summary scores for all Medicare Advantage plans can be found at http://www.medicare.gov by searching health plans by zip code. VIVA MEDICARE Plus? score of 3.5 stars is the highest in Alabama two years running.
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Video: AARP Presents: Mayte Prida’s Story (English Version)

VIVA MEDICARE Plus Earns Highest Quality Rating Score in Alabama for Second Year in a Row : e Yugoslavia

[…] • Visiting medicare.gov, where they can get a personalized comparison of costs and coverage of the plans available in their area. The popular Medicare Plan Finder tool has been enhanced for an efficient review of plan choices. Spanish Open Enrollment information is available. • Calling 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) for around-the-clock assistance to find out more about coverage options. TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048. Multilingual counseling is available. • Reviewing the 2012 Medicare and You handbook. It is also accessible online at: medicare.gov/publications/pubs/pdf/10050.pdf —  and it has been mailed to the homes of people with Medicare. • Getting one-on-one counseling assistance from the local State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). Local SHIP contact information can be found at medicare.gov/contacts/organization-search-criteria.aspx, on the back of the 2011 Medicare and You handbook, by calling Medicare or through a listing of national stand-alone prescription drug plans and state specific fact sheets that can be found at cms.hhs.gov/center/openenrollment.asp.Source: mtdemocrat.com […] Source: mtdemocrat.com Source: medicaresupplementalco.com
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VivaMedicareMember.com Viva Medicare Plus

Get Medicare Supplement Quotes in for these Alabama cities and more. Birmingham Montgomery Mobile Huntsville Tuscaloosa Dothan Decatur Auburn Gadsden Russellville Lanett Clanton Atmore Hamilton Roanoke Brewton Selma Demopolis Monroeville Jasper Troy Sylacauga Enterprise Athens Scottsboro Cullman Anniston Talladega Tuskegee Jackson Greenville Gulf Shores Foley Andalusia Eufaula Bay Minette Albertville Pell City Childersburg Oneonta Elba Haleyville Fayette Marion Thomasville Evergreen Daphne Chickasaw Opp Madison Prattville Valley Opelika Arab Guntersville Prichard Bessemer Florence Hoover Ozark Alexander City Fort Payne Homewood and Fairfield Al.
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Higher copays seen for Medicare brand

[…] […] AARP Al Norman Angela Rocheleau attorney baby boomers Block Boston budget Cammuso caregiving Congress decorating Dementia Dodge Park Rest Home elderly Estate Preservation Law Offices exercise eye care Finance Goslow Goslow Health Health Care Reform home Home Care Home Improvement Home Staff LLC Just My Opinion law Legal Mario Hearing Mass Home Care Medicaid Medicare Obama retirement Saint Vincent Hospital Shalev Shapiro Social Security Sondra Shapiro study Tracey Ingle Travel VeteransSource: fiftyplusadvocate.com […]Source: fiftyplusadvocate.com […]
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Medicare Schmedicare! The Passionate Eye delivers controversial documentaries in december

What kind of impact is the killing and kidnapping of journalists having o­n reporting in Iraq? o­n Thursday, Dec.1 at 9 pm, CBC News: The Passionate Eye presents the world television premiere of Targets: Reporters in Iraq. Canadian war correspondent & director Maziar Bahari interviews journalists like Canadian Scott Taylor who was kidnapped, then tortured for five days by insurgents in northern Iraq. Targets accompanies Taylor as he returns to Iraq for the first time since he was mistaken for a spy and kidnapped in the summer of 2004. Additional interviews with world-renowned photographers and journalists, such as Knight-Ridder’s Hannah Allam and Italy’s Giuliana Sgrena, illustrate the trauma many reporters experience while reporting in Iraq.
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Daily Kos: Is This a New ALEC SCHEME: The Health Care Compact to Replace Medicare? Try It!

Consider if one or more of these tags fits your diary: Civil Rights, community, Congress, Culture, Economy, Education, Elections, Energy, Environment, Health Care, International, Labor, Law, media, Meta, National Security, Science, Transportation, or White House. If your diary is specific to a state, consider adding the state (California, Texas, etc). Keep in mind, though, that there are many wonderful and important diaries that don’t fit in any of these tags. Don’t worry if yours doesn’t.
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Schedule for Viva Big Bend released

This is the first question many people ask, and believe it or not, the weather can be relatively "cool" in this area at this time of the year. The average high temperature in Alpine and Marfa at the end of July is in the upper 80s and the average low temperature is in the lower 60s. As everyone knows, Texas has experienced above-average heat in recent summers. Still, the high temperatures for Alpine and Marfa are consistently lower than other parts of the state. For July 26-29, 2011, the Marfa temperatures were 93/62, 91/64, 93/64 and 84/62 (with 1.42 inches of rain). For the same dates in 2010, here are the temps: 84/55, 86/57, 82/60 and 78/62!
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VIVA Health, Inc. Selects Dynamic Healthcare Systems Suite

Dynamic Healthcare Systems, a provider of enterprise technology solutions for Medicare-focused health plans, today announced that VIVA Health, Inc., a managed care company with over 32,000 Medicare Advantage members, purchased the Voyager suite including the following modules: Sales/Marketing, Enrollment, Reconciliation, HCC Analytics, RAPS Management and Premium Billing.  Dynamic Healthcare Systems is designed to ensure health plans meet the complex compliance and data processing requirements to be properly compensated.
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Expansion Of Colo. Medicaid Program Slower Than Expected

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The Associated Press/Chicago Sun-Times: Medicaid Proposal Makes Nearly $1.4 Billion In Cuts Illinois moved closer to drastic Medicaid cuts Monday with proposed legislation that could excise nearly $1.4 billion from the state’s program by shrinking benefits, such as regular adult dental care, and cutting payments to most hospitals and nursing homes. The measure, backed by Gov. Pat Quinn, falls short of the $2.7 billion in cuts that Quinn originally said would be needed to prevent the health care program for the poor and disabled from collapsing. … The measure, filed as a House amendment to a Senate bill, includes $240 million in payment rate cuts to hospitals and nursing homes. But it spares doctors from rate cuts, along with 51 rural community hospitals and about 20 urban hospitals that care for poor patients (Johnson, 5/21).
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Video: How to Apply For Medicaid in Florida Online

Eligibility and Application for Nursing Home Medicaid QualificationElder Planning Alliance

The timing of applying for nursing home Medicaid / ICP Medicaid eligibility is an important aspect of strategic estate planning. Clearly, applying late could result in you and/or your loved one having to private pay rather than receiving payment from the government. As you are aware, this can be a significant and costly mistake. Additionally, applying too early could be costly if gifts have been made to loved ones within the “look-back period.” As of this writing, this period in the State of Florida is five years. This could trigger a disqualification for a certain time period. We will address gifting and disqualification in further detail in another article here. Briefly, in Florida, the math is as follows. If a gift is made within five years of nursing home Medicaid application, we look at what the gift was and the amount. For simplicity, if the gift was $100,000.00 to your daughter three years ago and you are currently applying for ICP Medicaid, you would be subject to a “disqualification” period. The applicable factor in Florida is currently $5,000.00. So, for a $100,000.00 gift we would divide that by $5,000.00 ($100,000/$5,000) which = 20. Therefore, the individual applying for nursing home Medicaid eligibility would be “disqualified” from receiving Medicaid benefits for a period of 20 months. Again, should you like a more detailed explanation of gifting, the look-back period, and the disqualification period, please click here.
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Daily Kos: O’Keefe takes on Medicaid in his latest liar’s ‘sting’

One county worker in Columbus—these are county employees—does tell the men their home will not be searched and, if an expensive car the father supposedly owns is not registered in the U.S., they don’t have to report it. In another of the heavily edited videos, a worker refers them to Planned Parenthood when they ask for abortion services for their underaged sister. In one of the edited calls included in the video, Politico reports, “One of the men says, that in Russia, ‘No government employee ever help you … thanks to hope and change, finally … a Russian drug dealer can get Medicaid and abortion for his sisters and cousins.'” Subtle, huh? They further report:
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Basic Data With regards to Your Medicaid Application

You could be asked to provide further information, specially if you have not filled in the kind fully. To avoid delays you should have as a lot information and supporting proof to hand at the time of applying, specially if you are applying in particular person rather than on line. On line applicants will be offered an entry range this can be used to verify the progress of your application on their site. Be conscious that applying for Medicaid is not a speedy process. All the information you provide has to be checked out fully for authenticity anyone committing fraud is liable for prosecution and fines of up to $250,000. Once your application has been deemed successful you will be provided with a Medicaid card for all named members. This card need to be developed at the time of requesting health-related assistance otherwise you will be charged for the service you need. http://www.myflorida.com/accessflorida/
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Obama Administration Rejects Medicaid Waivers

height=100]For the second time in four months, the Obama administration has denied a state the right to make commonsense changes to its Medicaid program–again highlighting the need for structural reform using block grants. Medicaid is a joint federal-state program that provides health insurance to low-income, low-resource Americans. The Federal Government pays between 50-73% of the costs for Medicaid, but in exchange the Feds make all major decisions. States are left to function as the bureaucratic arm of the Federal Government. When a state decides to make even the smallest of changes, it must go beg Washington for permission. Otherwise, all Medicaid funding is lost. In July, Illinois’ request to make reasonable changes to their Medicaid program was rejected. Illinois applied for a waiver to require proof of residency and income verification; seemingly a small ask for a means-tested health care program funded by taxpayers. These changes would reduce both Illinois and federal costs and root out the widespread abuse of Medicaid in Illinois. The Obama administration blocked the reforms. Last week, Indiana’s application to extend its Healthy Indiana program was denied. Healthy Indiana expanded Medicaid eligibility to a previously uninsured group and did not cost federal taxpayers a penny. Self-financing was a condition of Indiana’s initial approval in 2007. They were blocked from continuing their program. Whether Indiana should continue the Healthy Indiana program is a decision for Indiana residents, not the Obama administration. When the President’s health care law is fully operational in 2014, an estimated 16-20 million Americans will join the Medicaid rolls making state freedom even more important. Medicaid is already the largest portion of states’ budgets accounting for 22% of all expenditures. Just yesterday the Supreme Court announced that it would hear oral arguments in March on whether the Medicaid expansion in 2014, and all the strings attached, is unconstitutional. These decisions should be made by states to match the unique needs and desire of their residents, not someone in far-away Washington. Block grants eliminate these kinds of bureaucratic nightmares, incentivize cost-saving and are a proven way to save money and serve the neediest among us.
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OCC, CTFO, MOH, PRGS, COO, CNC are Stocks to Watch on Jun

Optical Cable Corporation (NASDAQ:OCC) is currently up 40.41%. Their market cap is 25.66M . Optical Cable Corporation is a manufacturer of a range of fiber optic cable and copper data communication connectivity solutions, and offers an integrated suite of warranted cabling and connectivity products, mainly for the enterprise market.
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Is There Any Gift Small Enough That Won’t Cause a Medicaid Penalty?

 Recently, one caseworker told us that now her office routinely asks for copies of all checks as small as $250, where previously they had required us to produce checks of $1000 or more.  This means they are likely to assess penalties on smaller gifts.  That’s not to say that all counties will follow the same policy.  They don’t.  But, how do you know which counties do and which don’t?  And what should you do about it?  The answer is “it depends on the situation”.   Each application has its own set of facts, each family “its own story”.  What we do in one case may be very different than how we handle the next, although to the untrained eye the two situations may appear to be identical.
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Application deadline extended

As with the original nominations, these applications will be reviewed by the Governance Committee of the TCMC Board of Directors, which will make final recommendations to the Board. Please see the original announcement (below) for additional details on the application. Final decisions will still be communicated the week of June 25, 2012.
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MassHealth Long Term Care Eligibility

In addition to the complicated financial requirements for becoming eligible for MassHealth long term care benefits, an applicant must also qualify physically. This of course makes perfect sense. If the government provides a service as costly as long term care to individuals for free, then there must be some way to measure the medical necessity of that service. Generally, apart from those requiring highly intensive care or rehabilitation from a serious injury (e.g. intubation or a serious stroke), individuals must have a need for certain levels of regular assistance. And in the world of federal Medicaid (and MassHealth) regulations, this measurement of assistance is based on “activities of daily living” or “ADLs” for short. To qualify for MassHealth, an applicant must require assistance for at least three ADLs
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Healthcare Costs in Retirement by Individual States

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Wall Street Welfare Checks. by eyewashdesign: A. GoldenThe major factor that determines the differences between states is really just “supply vs demand”. We know that the Part B will be a constant for every individual in the US who has paid into the system and is earning under the Medicare minimum, but Part D & the MediGap Policies are sold by private insurance companies that control the prices with Medicare setting some standards.
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Video: Guide to Medicare Part A and Part B

Significance of Medicare part “B”

For complete assistance and support check the frequently asked questions on the website of Medicare. Part “B” doesn’t support the annual checkups and other expensive treatments like cosmetic surgery. Routine eye and hearing checkups don’t come under this Part. You can check Medicare official website for more details.
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2012 Medicare Trustees Annual Report :Gould & Lamb

The Medicare program has two components. Hospital Insurance (HI) and Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI).  HI, otherwise known as Medicare Part A, helps pay for hospital, home health, skilled nursing facility, and hospice care for the aged and disabled. SMI consists of Medicare Part B and Part D. Part B helps pay for physician, outpatient hospital, home health, and other services for the aged and disabled who have voluntarily enrolled. Part D provides subsidized access to drug insurance coverage on a voluntary basis for all beneficiaries and premium and cost-sharing subsidies for low-income enrollees. Medicare also has a Part C, which serves as an alternative to traditional Part A and Part B coverage. Under this option, beneficiaries can choose to enroll in and receive care from private “Medicare Advantage” and certain other health insurance plans that contract with Medicare. These plans receive prospective, capitated payments for such beneficiaries from the HI and SMI Part B trust fund accounts.
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Medicare and COBRA Coverage

50% discount on name brand drugs 2011 Medicare Part D Plans 2011 medicare premium aca change medicare coverage closing the donut hole Copayment Cosinurace currently working disenroll Doctor Office Visit donut hole drug plan Emergency Room Visit find medicare part d health care reform help with medicare HIV testing how to use medicare plan finder Medicaid Medicare medicare advantage plans medicare classes medicare fraud medicare part b medicare part c Medicare Part D Medicare Part D Rebate checks medicare plan finder medigap Plan N medigap policies new to medicare no copay preventitive services non renewal obamacare paper checks Part A Part B premium for medicare preventitive services retired Social Security voulunteering in Sedgwick County Kansas what happens when plan goes away wichita kansas
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Who Is Eligible For Medicare Part B

For those who do not have Part A: Even individuals who do not have Part A coverage may select Medicare Part B as long as they satisfy a few Medicare eligibility requirements. For starters, they should be citizens of the USA. Even non-citizens are eligible, provided they have been admitted following all the specified legal requirements and have resided in the US for five years or more. Secondly, people who are aged 65 years and above are eligible for Medicare Part B. Even if you do not have Part A, you can qualify for the Part B by filling out the necessary paperwork and remitting the monthly premium specified by the insurance provider.
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COBRA and Medicare, Part II 

[1] See, e.g., 42 CFR §423.56; also see CMS website at: http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Prescription-Drug-Coverage/CreditableCoverage/index.html?redirect=/CreditableCoverage/. [2] See 29 USC §1162(2)(D)(ii). [3] See Treas Reg §54.4980B-7, Q&A 3, available at: http://ecfr.gpoaccess.gov/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=ecfr&sid=47126146b0c56fbbab9b6b6ebfb7db7d&rgn=div8&view=text&node=26: [4] See Geissal v Moore Med. Corp. (1998) 524 US 74, 141 L Ed 2d 64, 118 S Ct 1869. [5] Note that for individuals who qualify for Medicare because of ESRD and are also entitled to health coverage under an employer plan, the group plan will be the primary payer for a 30-month coordination of benefits period. See 42 USC §1395y(b)(1)(C); 42 CFR §411.162.  This rule applies regardless of whether the individual is a current or former employee and regardless of whether the individual has coverage through COBRA.  Also note that if an individual enrolls in Medicare after electing COBRA coverage, the employer can elect to terminate the COBRA coverage.  [6]  Section 1882(s)(3)(B)(ii) of the Social Security Act; see also “Your Rights to Buy a Medigap Policy” at http://cahealthadvocates.org/medigap/guaranteed-issue.html (site visited May 31, 2012) [7] For a discussion of these plans, see  http://cahealthadvocates.org/medigap/overview.html (site visited May 31, 2012)
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Medicare Part B, Annual Wellness Visits, and Your Pocketbook

These stipulations could significantly impact transient patients – “snowbirds,” for example – who have a service performed by one physician and then travel to another region, where the same service is performed by a different doctor before the required time period has elapsed. While doctors don’t always share records, Medicare tracks these services. Redundant services will generate out-of-pocket expenditures for “noncompliant” patients.
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Medicare Initial Enrollment Period IEP

birthday, make sure you know what your deadlines are.  For Parts A, B, C and D, your personal initial enrollment period is the 3 months before your birth month, the month of your birthday, and the 3 months after your birth month.  For example, if your birthday is July 15, you can sign up from April 1 to October 31.  BUT if you want your coverage to start on the first day of your birth month, the earliest date possible and when most employer and individual insurance becomes secondary, (July 1 for this example), enroll by the end of the month before your birth month (June 30 for this example).  If you don’t sign up until sometime in July (birth month), your coverage will not start until August.  Signing up during the three months after your birth month leads to even more months between enrollment and effective dates, but no penalties.
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Ask USA TODAY: Medicare Part B

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Health care court ruling could paralyze Medicare

Last year, 3.6 million seniors hit the gap and saved a collective $2.1 billion due to the health care law, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In the first four months of 2012, more than 416,000 people saved an average of $724 on prescription drugs bought after they hit the cap, for a total of $301.5 million. Last year, 3.6 million seniors entered the gap and saved $2.1 billion, the health department says.
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What Is Medicare Part C And What Does It Cover

Second, make a note of the rules the plan specifies such as the time when you can join or opt out of the plan, the rights you have under the plan and the services covered by the plan. Pay special attention to the conditions regarding visiting a specialist doctor and receiving authorization for particular procedures or you may find out too late that you have to bear these expenses on your own.
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Does Medicare Tricare beneficiary require authorization

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HELP ME HELP MYSELF! by eyewashdesign: A. GoldenBeneficiaries Using Medicare and TRICARE Beneficiaries using Medicare as their primary payer are not required to obtain referrals or prior authorization from TriWest for inpatient or outpatient behavioral health care services. These beneficiaries should follow Medicare rules for services requiring authorization. They may self-refer to any network or non-network provider who accepts Medicare. When behavioral health care benefits are exhausted under Medicare, TRICARE becomes the primary payer, and prior authorization from TriWest is then required. For more information, contact the Medicare Plan Administrator at 1-800-633-4227. Nonavailability Statements A nonavailability statement (NAS) is required for all nonemergency behavioral health care admissions. A NAS is a certification from an MTF stating it cannot provide a specific required service at a particular time to a non-enrolled beneficiary (i.e., a non-TRICARE Prime beneficiary). Providers should advise TRICARE beneficiaries to check with the Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC) at the local MTF to find out if a NAS is required before obtaining nonemergency behavioral health care inpatient services. A NAS does not take the place of an authorization for those services requiring prior authorization
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Video: You Can Help Fight Medicare Fraud

Does Medicare advantage program help elderly people?

Difference occurs only due the deductibles. If these deductible are lower then patients have to pay some additional premiums. Usually any elderly person using the Part A and B can take the benefit of advantage program. Advantage plans varies from locality to locality.  Different Medicare advantage programs are offered in different areas. Despite of all issues Advantage programs is really beneficial and economical.
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States Hold Off On Insurance Exchanges; Medicare ACOs Confront Challenges

Bloomberg: Health Insurer Tax Gives Nonprofits Advantage, Holtz-Eakin Says Fees that health insurers will be required to pay the U.S. government starting in 2014 will give nonprofits such as Kaiser Permanente a market advantage over corporate competitors, said economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin. The fees — starting at $8 billion and escalating each year based on the industry’s premium revenue — aren’t tax deductible. While nonprofits don’t have an income tax, companies such as UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH) would effectively be paying taxes on the fees they’re handing over to the government, said Holtz-Eakin, chief economist of the White House Council of Economic Advisers during the Republican Bush administration from 2001 to 2003 (Wayne, 6/8).
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Medicare: What is Medicare?

In such cases even if the person is below the stated age frame Medicare can still be insured to the person.   However most people think that Medicare can help in paying for almost all medical necessities which is practically not what Medicare is, the insurance pays for bills for the patient for the most acute conditions—these are the conditions whereas the patient recovers from. Medicare does not provide for people who will need to stay in nursing homes or any home given care and from what is stated in the Medicare policies.   Going online and searching for Medicare details can help those who are planning to apply for Medicare, these are sites which tell you what is Medicare all about and the plans that a person may choose from.  Most people would not have a clue about the benefits that Medicare can offer them and help them save in payments for hospital bills, medication and other things that may fall under the divisions of Medicare. Most people can even apply for Medicare online by visiting government owned websites which make it easier for those who would want to view the benefits provided by the health care insurance program.
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Medicare help with detox?

Thank you for your question and welcome to Empowher. Hopefully, she wants help but here is the Medicare website http://www.medicare.gov/navigation/help-and-support/contact-medicare.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1. Also you can contact them at 1-800-Medicare for services. I hope this helps. Missie
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Guest Column: Social Security and Medicare – Vermonters deserve their say

The trustees’ reports are a call to action. The longer Washington waits to address the challenges ahead for Medicare and Social Security, the more difficult it will become for workers trying to plan their futures. Now is the time for an open, national conversation focused on strengthening health and retirement security, so today’s seniors and future generations receive the benefits they have earned. That’s why AARP has launched You’ve Earned a Say—to help Americans make their voices heard about the future of Medicare and Social Security and to take the debate out from behind closed doors in Washington. Over the next year, AARP is hosting local meetings, debates, bus tours and informational forums across the nation. In Vermont, we are traveling to senior centers, retirement communities, churches and even colleges in an effort to listen to Vermonters in person. AARP members will also hear from us by phone, by mail and online as part of our plan to help Americans have their voices heard about programs that are critical to their personal and financial health.
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Patient survey results help you choose a home health agency

Now there’s an objective and meaningful way to compare other patients’ actual experiences with home health agencies and services—the Home Health Care Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HHCAHPS) Survey – and we’ve just released the first set of survey results on our Home Health Compare page.
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Daily Kos: Help with Medicare premiums, etc.

    Persons in        family   48 Contiguous                   States and D.C.  Alaska     Hawaii            1           $10,890    $13,600    $12,540            2             14,710     18,380     16,930            3             18,530     23,160     21,320            4             22,350     27,940     25,710            5             26,170     32,720     30,100            6             29,990     37,500     34,490            7             33,810     42,280     38,880            8             37,630     47,060     43,270
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Sully’s Thoughts: How Medicare and Medicaid Help the Economy

Many of these jobs are possible because of doctors billing to Medicaid and Medicare. They enable doctors to have more patient’s to spread the cost out to and thus lowering the cost of Medical treatment. If Medicare and Medicaid pay for jobs, good paying private sector jobs, than why not leave it alone. As the economy improves, there will be less Medicare and Medicaid patients because more people will be able to afford insurance. The jobs at these medical offices will be preserved by these programs and will aid in the economy being stable.
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Medicare Open Enrollment: Get Help From MyMedicareMatters.org

Prescription Drugs: Those without an existing Medicare Part D plan will be taken through a simple process to help them understand their options. Those with coverage can learn more about whether switching plans will be worthwhile. This area of the site also contains useful information on getting extra help with costs and a link to the Prescription Drug Plan Finder on Medicare.gov.
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Tricare Help – If I already have Medicare at 60, can I start using Tricare for Life?

15 percent age appeal catastrophic cap child born out of wedlock claims continued care cost share death DEERS dental dependent disabled divorce doctor doctors FEHBP handbook health care reform hospital ID card marriage maternity care Medicare military treatment facilities other health insurance outside the U.S. parents Part A Part B pharmacy pre-existing condition pregnancy reserves secondary insurance social security spouse supplements surgery Tricare For Life Tricare Prime Tricare Standard Tricare Young Adult Program VA widow
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Prevent Fraud As A Medicare User And Watchdog

The vast majority of Healthcare suppliers are reputable and honest. Unfortunately, you will find those that are not honest! Medicare is especially a great target for fraudulent activity. Many Government agencies are working with Medicare to stop these fraudulent activities. Just what are these folks doing to pull this fraud off? The deceitful healthcare professional just bill for services that were never provided. In the end most of us have no idea just what services were carried out anyway. This costs Medicare an incredible amount of cash and as we all know Medicare is under a good deal of financial stress. The fraud results in higher rates for all of us.
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Will Medicare Advantage be cut in 2013?

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GRANDAUGHTER TO BECOME MARTIAN NEUROSURGEON IN NEW HEALTHCARE SYSTEM... by roberthuffstutterIn a recent Washington Post article, researchers at the Urban Institute reported that the average two-income household wherein a couple earned an average of $89,000 a year and retired in 2011 would have paid $114,000 in Medicare payroll taxes during their careers, but would receive medical services – including prescriptions and hospital care – worth $355,000.
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Video: Medicare Cuts

Daily Kos: Republicans link Medicare cuts to debt limit vote (but they’re bluffing)

We’ve got to cut the Corporate greed that saturates our Health Care system.  To do that we have to pivot from Republican turf and reframe the argument.  Although the public is alarmed by the deficit, they don’t want benefits curtailed.  It follows that our message needs to be aggressive: Any cuts in Medicare must come from the corporate profiteering and not from Benefits.  This means a regulatory structure that limits  executive pay and benefits.  In good conscience how can we cut seniors benefits while permitting the retiring CEO of United Health Care to get a billion dollar golden parachute?  It means giving power to the federal government to bargain with big Pharma for volume discounts on prescription drugs and put an end to American subsidization of drug costs for all the other first world countries.  It means an end to profiteering by hospitals and clinics who buy equipment like MRI machines, write off much of the cost of the purchase price to the taxpayer, massively overcharge for each use ($1600+), and prescribe them for patients who don’t need them.  And there are hundreds more examples of how we could cuts costs.  We pay twice as much for Health Care as Europe, Canada, and Japan because we haven’t had the guts to take on the corporate thieves inside the system.  Now there is no choice but to fight, and the only way to win is to educate the public about what the fight is all about:  Benefits vs Corporate Profiteering, it’s  really a pretty simple message.
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Medicare, Reagancare and Obamacare: A Brief History of Healthcare Reform

In 1986 Republicans controlled the Presidency and Senate, but Democrats controlled the House of Representatives. President Reagan expanded socialized medicine through the “Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act” (part of the better-known COBRA). The “group mandate” of EMTALA required healthcare providers to give away their products and services for free.  It did this by requiring healthcare providers to treat anyone who walks into the Emergency Room. As a result, government statistics show that over half of all emergency room care in the U.S. now goes unreimbursed. Imagine if Ford and General Motors were required by federal law to give away half of the cars they produce for free.  Reagancare, through its “group mandate,” was an expansion of socialized medicine.
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Congress Wrangling Over CHIP, Mandatory Medicare Cuts

JAMA: “Doc Fix” Saves Medicare Payments Again But Takes the Funds From Public Health It has become an annual ritual: after mandated substantial cuts in Medicare payments to physicians, many practitioners threaten to leave the program, putting the elderly population’s health at risk—a scenario averted only after Congress steps in at the last minute and delays the cuts. But this year the ritual is sacrificing funding earmarked for prevention and public health programs, and no one providing health care in any venue appears to be happy about the situation (Mitka, 5/2).
Source: kaiserhealthnews.org

If Medicare Cuts Proposed in Baucus Plan Are To Be Believed, Long

The obvious economic question then for policymakers to answer is, “Who bears the economic burden from these spending cuts?” Would lower payment rates to Medicare providers hurt Medicare beneficiaries, or are the providers currently earning economic “rents” (above-market profits) that would disappear under this proposal? The answer is likely somewhere in between, meaning that some fraction of the spending cuts would be borne by the recipients of Medicare, i.e., the elderly, and some other fraction borne by the factors of production in the medical sector, i.e., owners of the firms and labor such as doctors. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be addressing this crucial question. One side says that firms are earning excess profits from government payments in health care. The other side tries to scare seniors by saying that the quality of Medicare will be cut. The truth lies somewhere in between. And as we show here, whoever bears that burden during the first ten-year budget window will bear a much larger burden during the next ten years.
Source: taxfoundation.org

Further Medicare Cuts Could Cut off Healthcare Innovation says Kindred CEO

AAHomecare AARP Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation Almost Family Ancor Capital Partners Apria Healthcare Group Bank of America CareLinx Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CMS Emeritus Senior Living Ensign Group featured Fidelis Care Gentiva Health Services Genworth Griffin Home Health HCR Home Care HHS Home Health Depot Home Health International Home Health International Inc. Home Instead Care Network Houston Compassionate Care Intel-GE Care Innovations Jordan Health Services LHC Group Inc Lincare LSU Medical Staffing Network Healthcare Medicare Medistar Home Health MedPAC MMRGlobal National Association for Home Care & Hospice National Association for Home Care and Hospice PACE Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare Partnership for Quality Home Health Care PeopleFirst Homecare Res-Care Inc. Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute Tritrax Healthcare Services VA VIDA Senior Resource
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Reid Health Care Bill Funded By Medicare Cuts, Tax on "Cadillac" Plans

“Senator Reid’s proposal has scaled back the ‘Cadillac’ tax on high-valued health insurance plans from the version offered by the Senate Finance Committee, but he’s made up some the difference with a Medicare tax increase on high-wage earners,” said Tax Foundation Senior Economist Gerald Prante, who analyzed both Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) and CBO scores of the bill. “Like the Senate Finance Committee plan and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bill, Reid’s proposal includes cuts to Medicare spending and penalties on individuals who do not purchase insurance and on employers who do not offer insurance for workers. The gross price tag of Reid’s bill is about $200 billion less than the House plan.”
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Obama v. Ryan on controlling federal Medicare spending

Softdude, everybody that see’s the numerous post that you blog on all msnbc blogs that have anything to do politics see’s that you are just a democrat pundit in sheeps skin. You better wake up to reality that this country is BROKE. The insurance industry stands to make billions on the Obama Health Care Law. Take a look at his donor list. You will see that the insurance industry big boys account for 14% of Obama’s reelection monies. At what point do you believe that people should start taking care of themselves instead of relying on others. Is it really right to take from some to give to others ? If you believe this nonsense then let me know where you live and I will come over and just take what I want. Your democrats have opened the flood gates of socialism years ago and now we/you are going to pay the price. Your democratic/socialistic ideas do work in some countries but very few. And every one of those countries do not have a military to defend themselves and of the ones that do, their military accounts for such a small number that they would not even be able to defend themselves. Socialism will never work in our society. So lets bash capitalism. Yeah lets go after those guys. Why should they have something I want. I want it too mentality. Your democrats have ruined this country. Our financial situation is due to the frand/dodd amendment which gives everybody with the american dream a home. Well that worked well. Stop living in a utopia state of mind and you might be able to start seeing a reality.
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Medicare Cuts and How it Effects Seniors: Healthcare Cuts Target The Elderly

This new Healthcare bill targets seniors. People who have worked their entire life and contributed with taxes now face an uncertain future concerning health care. The family of the elderly will be saddled with dept from long-term care for senior family members. Once implemented, this plan will cause economic and emotional hardship for millions of Americans, Healthcare needs reform, but not at the expense of our most cherished class of citizen, the elderly.
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AARP Listens to Members; Drops Falsely

In response to its members’ and many Americans’ frustration with political rhetoric and spin, AARP commissioned experts from the Brookings Institution, Heritage Foundation, National Academy of Social Insurance and Avalere Health to provide analyses of the pros and cons of the major Medicare and Social Security options on the table. Those analyses, along with fact sheets, infographics, questionnaires and events across the country, are designed to help Americans have their say about the future of the programs.
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Maryland Federal Judge Dismisses Challenge To Medicare Fee Calculations

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New Online Rx System Makes UM Student 'Top Entrepreneur' Finalist by University of Maryland Press ReleasesBALTIMORE – A federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland on May 9 granted a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) motion to dismiss a physicians’ group’s challenge to the way the department and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) calculate the physician fee schedule (PFS). The judge concluded that the U.S. Congress has barred administrative and judicial review of the fee schedule under 42 U.S. Code Section 1395w-4(i)(1)(B) (Paul Fischer, M.D., et al. v. Donald Berwick, M.D., et al., No. WMN-11-2191, D. Md.; 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 65034). Full story on lexis.com
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Video: Sue Ward from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare at MD Celebration

Dr. Karen Novak, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, Baltimore, MD 21201

My professional priority is the emotional wellbeing of people over 65. This was the subject of my doctoral dissertation. Many of my clients have serious medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, COPD or cancer. I use evidence-based therapies and lots of support to help my clients cope with difficult emotions from health problems as well as issues like family discord, losses, unresolved traumas from the past, panic attacks, excessive worry, and depression. We discuss problems as often as necessary for resolution and acceptance. As backup, I have therapeutically gifted, hypoallergenic, twin maltese puppies: Zoe and WingNut.
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Healthcare Costs in Retirement by Individual States

The major factor that determines the differences between states is really just “supply vs demand”. We know that the Part B will be a constant for every individual in the US who has paid into the system and is earning under the Medicare minimum, but Part D & the MediGap Policies are sold by private insurance companies that control the prices with Medicare setting some standards.
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Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Retrieval Not Available for Multiple Payers

Please read the following bulletin from NGS regarding the payers listed below: Due to a system problem, the Part A 5010 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files for retrieval on 06/01/2012, for some customers are not available at this time. We are in the process of identifying those impacted and working with our system maintainer to correct this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Payers affected are: CPID 5598 Pennsylvania Medicare CPID 5554 Maryland Medicare CPID 3677 J12 Mutual of Omaha DE,MD,NJ,PA,DC CPID 1522 DC Medicare CPID 5912 Delaware Medicare CPID 5503 New Jersey Medicare Please be aware of this payer processing issue. Further notification will be sent as it is received. If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.
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Study: Hospital Observation Stays Increase 25 Percent In 3 Years

The researchers analyzed medical records and hospital claims for 29 million people in traditional Medicare from 2007 to 2009. They found that observation stays increased 25 percent to about one million in 2009.  They also found that observation patients remained in the hospital longer, with 45,000 patients in 2009 staying at least 72 hours– an 88 percent hike since 2007—and well past Medicare’s recommended 24 to 48 hours.
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CMS’ Dashboards put you in the driver’s seat

Want to know the percentage of people who have a Medicare Advantage plan compared to all people with Medicare in Maryland from 2007 to 2011? Or perhaps the top 10 Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes for services provided in 2008? You can find answers to these types of questions using the newly launched Medicare Enrollment Dashboard and Part B Physician/Supplier Dashboard. They expand our current dashboard program that already includes the Part D Prescription Drug Benefit data set and the Medicare Inpatient Hospital data set.
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Mathematica Policy Research

Disability  Early Childhood  Education   Family Support     Health      International      Labor         Nutrition   
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Medicalmal Practice Lawyer Reviews

May 17th, 2012 On May 9, 2012, a Maryland federal court judge determined that Congress precluded the courts from reviewing the method by which Medicare determines how … medicalmalpracticelawyers.com/…/maryland-federal-judge-co… What do you think about this?
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Northrop Grumman’s New Maryland Facility to Support Social Security and Medicare

The new offices allow the company to expand its support to both agencies, and to upgrade and enhance their Information Technology (IT) services to assist in their mission to serve the American public. “We’re opening our new Baltimore facility …
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